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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas around my house....

I know I promised to keep the photos to a minimum & there's still a lot here but you should see how many I didn't post. ;o) I didn't use any of my close-ups & I didn't even get pics of lots of stuff. Either time or lighting conditions just weren't available. You can click on any picture & enlarge to see the details though.

Do you see the frame stands that I posted about in my last Junkin' Monday post...don't they look good? It's hard to read because of teh glare but I printed out JOY for them on toile paper. Red toile was the theme for this year, I used it a lot. Under the dome is a vintage porcelain Jesus from a nativity set. I kept the rest of the set packed up.

I put thsi nativity scene inside an old glass battery case.

I made an altered spoon featuring Rudolph but I never could get a good shot of it.

Some of you might recognize both these pieces from past thrifting posts. The candelabras were brass & the frames were a cheap plastic...both got make-overs.

The Christmas day dinner table. The only table I did thsi season...just didn't have the time.

I employed the glass battery case & filled it w/ ornaments as part of teh centerpiece.

Caeden gave me the silver tray for my birthday...he bought it at teh Christmas shop @ school. I will treasure it always even though it's just an el-cheapo one.

I made tussie mussies for the kids, filled them w/ marshmallows & chocolates & hung them from the chandelier.

I found the white Santa mugs right after Christmas last year.

This vignette doesn't look much different from last year's although I used shredded sheet music instead of red bead garlands in the apothecary jars. You can get a better look at the vintage porcelain angels (except for glittery signs etc all of my Christmas decorations are vintage) inside teh jars in this post from last year .

LOVE this Santa face!

Remember the champagne bucket from my last Junkin' Monday post...here it is. Made a mighty fine display for some vintage tree toppers, didn't it?

My vintage Santa collection. I scored a couple more since this pic ws taken & I've bought a new hutch to house them all, for next year. As soon as it warms up, it's getting a coat of white paint & I'll share it w/ you all.

I did find time to make some Christmas cottages this year. I love them & plan on making many more. Next year, my mantel will be a Christmas village....full of putz houses made by me. You can click on teh picture & it'll get really big & then you can see the details of teh houses. I didn't want to take up space w/ the close-ups. I used vintage wrapping paper for the roofs on a couple. Gee, I wonder how many times I will use the word "vintage" in this post. LOL
Somebody moved that bottle brush tree (made them last year) in front of the etched Santa portrait I received in the art exchange & I didn't notice it until after the picture was taken. It's been driving me nuts...I keep wanting to move it back. Like I have the real vignette umpteenth times over the holiday season. *rolls eyes*

I knwo I said no close-ups but I had to share Rudolph w/ you though...he's so cute!

I love my tree....I just wish the ceilings were high enough to put it in an urn. I'd fill the urn w/ overflow ornaments & it would be just perfect. *sigh* Anyway, I love the flocking (my mother always had one) & how it is laden w/ornaments...most of them vintage but some are new from The Old World collection. My kids give me some every year for my birthday (they have too...I insist LOL) but I never put the new ones on the tree the year I recieve them, since my birthday is only 6 days before Christmas. I forget what I have been given & then when I unpack them the following year, it's like an early Christmas present. :o) You can see close-ups of many of the ornaments in this post from last year .

Thsi was the everyday table, although I tweaked it quite a bit since this shot was taken. I added red bead garland & a cut glass candy jar, full of red hots. Again, you can see more of my vintage Santa mugs in this post from last year .

Ok, that's it....welll that's not really it, I still have lots of photos & even some vignettes that never got photographed but I don't want to take up any more of y'alls time. It really sucks that this year's decor was my favorite & I didn't get to share much of it w/ y'all. Oh well, it'll be even better next year! ;o)


Jenny said...

Oh my heavens. Amazing. Just amazing. I love the glass battery case and the little flock (?)of deer and ... and... great photos. You are talented!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

WOW!! Cami you out did yourself no wonder you are tired and have benn MIA....looks just wonderful girl...your talent shows in all you do...Now did you know if you hold down on the ctrl key and scroll your wheel forward on your mouse it will enlarge the whole page for you??? just a trick I learned about a year ago that I do with all blogs so I can read and see them better...that way you don't have to click on each picture to enlarge but do the whole page at the same time...Thanks for sharing again all you do my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Terri and Bob said...

Cami, I totally love the doilies and the way you used them. I also love the cute cups on the cake stands. I am so glad you posted this! I am bookmarking this to refer to next year!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

So Glad you're back! All your Christmas looks amazing! Love it all!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, wow, Cami! You really have a wonderful Christmas house there!!!

I loved it all, and your tree! It's just gorgeous. I also love that glass battery case. What on earth is that? It's wonderful! And I love the things you put in it. Your vintage pink and blue ornaments on that table are SO pretty. I've decided to do a small tree in the kiddy bedroom next year with pinks and blues. I found some things on sale this year, but I've got my eye on the lookout for more! :-)

I love all of your vintage touches, and the tussie mussies are so cute! Did you copy some antique sheet music to use on them, Cami? They were some of the cutest ones I've seen.

Sending you warm hugs. We woke up to another cold day in the Sunshine State.


Sheila :-)

Mitzi said...

Loved seeing your Christmas displays.
I have really enjoyed blog browsing and seeing how different and wonderful everyone's decorations are. Happy New Year.

The Muse said...

Cami, I just know that my inner muse would visit me there...and from me, that is the highest compliment~~poetry would flow from my quill, to be sure.

How inspiring your home is...the soft touches of holiday is delightful!

Kim said...

Your home looks absolutely stunning! I could just look at those photos for hours. In fact, I'm going to bookmark the page for ideas for next year. Thanks so much for sharing.

Miss Janice said...

Am I late or what!? I'm just getting around to visiting you and see all the darling Christmas decorations! It looks like a beautifully decorated model home at Christmas...love it all!