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Thursday, December 11, 2008

3 or More Thursday

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Hello & welcome to another 3 or More Thursday!

Today I am sharing my porcelain angel collection. I've featured 3 of them in apothecary jars, on beds of red bead garland. (since taking this picture, I've decided that the toile sugar bowl didn't add anything to the vignette so I've removed it.)

My favorite! Love her spaghetti detailing!

While thrifting this week, I bought another angel that is a mate to the pair in the jars, above. What luck! I just knew for sure when I bought her that she would be a copy of one I already had but nope...she's a little bit different. Would show you a pic of her but I spilled coffee on my camera yesterday. *weeping* Cross your fingers for me but it's not looking good. I dried it off & then turned it on & no power. After googling, I learned that it probably would have been allright if I had left it alone for 24 hours before trying it but it probably was a bit wet inside & it shorted out. *sobbing* Why oh why! didn't I google it before trying anything! I just got that camera for Christmas last year!

Wonder what collection Tam is featuring today, you wanna come w/ me & see?


Knitty said...

Your vignettes always leave me longing for more. Good luck with your camera. I fell once while mine was around my neck. Bill kept asking if I was ok but I wanted to know if my camera made it!

Neabear said...

I love the way you displayed your angels. That is so cute. Good luck with your camera. I hope it works soon. Thank you for visiting me for Three or More Thursday.