"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some good junkin'!

Wow, what a good day I had! A couple of weeks ago, I headed out to the cattle barns flea & scored some great stuff! Who doesn't love a good junkin' day? Look at it all! Lots & lots of lace (which I neglected to photograph individually), rust, bling & ephemera....all my favorite stuff!

Scored another old dictionary & I bought this set of earrings for the farthings & shillings hanging from them.

Rusty doorknobs & doorplates, pearls & a wonderfully patina'ed base to something. I'm seeing a baby doll head on top of it. ;)

I don't know what this ring is from...maybe an old lamp but I'm envisioning it as a mobile w/ tags & junk hanging from it. Tiny crocheted rosettes, old spoons, lace....

tri-fold dressing mirror & beautiful old roses oil painting...

And buttons! I scored several jars of buttons!!!

My friend Junker Val, doesn't have a booth @ the cattle barns anymore so I made a quick stop @ Lone Star Antiques to see what goodies she had for me. She had some wonderful green stamps...I've been wanting some for my collages. I tell you what though....I licked so many of those stamps as a kid that my mouth puckers up just looking @ them. Blech! My grands didn't believe me when I told them how bad they tasted so they had to give them a lick & each made a face. I'm sure the taste hasn't improved any in 40 years. LOL And of course they had to use some on birthday cards they made for their Grouchy.

I also scored some lace from Val, as well as a wonderful 1920's French paperback...translated to English, it's titled The Princess of Cleves. But my best find was the old Ft Worth phone book from the year I was born!

It has my parent's number in it!!!!!!!

As well as my grandparents, my aunt & my uncle.

The ads are very cool...

and will provide me w/ a plethora of backgrounds for my art.

but I was shocked to see this. I just can't believe this was going on in my lifetime. I mean I know I'm old & all but gosh....

And I have to share this picture, I just this minute took of my Sonny Boy. I've been teaching him to sit-up & of course he gets a treat when he does. I'm sitting @ the puter, working on this blog post & I glance down @ my feet to find Sonny sitting up...waiting for me to notice & reward him. He held that pose while I took his picture & gave him a treat. I think he's got this lesson learned. ;)

I know, I know....he needs a grooming...but isn't he the cutest? Even if he is a bit scruffy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

BirdSong tags...

Taking a break from the grands to share the BirdSong tags I made for Karla's tag book swap. I made all 7 of mine the same so I'm just sharing pictures of one. I used a technique Lisa, from Tarnished & Tattered, recently shared. She taught us how to use deli tissue sheets as transparent overlays. I printed a Bird Beauty sheet music cover on the deli tissue, then layered it over an image of a bird on cardstock. I glittered up the words Bird Beauty (although it doesn't show in the pic) & I trimmed them out w/ lace.... adding a bead adorned twig like I made for Karla's journal page. (you can see the journal page I made here)

My grandson Connor (he's 13) wanted to play along so he made this BirdSong tag...all by himself! The only suggestion/direction I gave him was to print the sweet picture he chose to use (it's one I took of a mama dove & her babies) in sepia instead of in color. Everything else was totally his ideas & his design! I'm even prouder of his tag than I am of mine....didn't he do a great job? He gave it to me to add to my tag book when I receive it. I've said it before but I'll say it again....grands are the greatest!!!

I know I haven't had much time for blogging...my summer days w/ the grands are full of kiddie flicks, bowling, coloring, parks & ice cream...lots & lots of ice cream! I'm taking lots of pictures to capture the fun we had & I'll do a mega-post on it @ the end of the summer. But until then, here's a fun picture of my Fab 5, enjoying their afternoon ice cream.

Hope you're managing to stay cool...temps have been in the 100's here in Texas for almost a month!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where all the art happens....

Actually, that's a total & complete lie. My studio is only clean enough to create in about half the time...the other half, I pull everything downstairs (translation...dig through piles & bags of stuff looking for what I need) & use our dining room table. *blushes* But I wanted something catchy for the title of this post.... it is after all the blogging event of the season...the 2011 Where Bloggers Create party hosted by Karen Valentine @ My Desert Cottage!

click on any picture & then click again to enlarge for details

Welcome to my studio! Not many major changes since the last year... I had sure hoped to have more of my goals accomplished. But I'm very fortunate to have the wonderful space that I do so I won't complain. I'm gonna swing you around the room & try to provide as much of a panaromic view as I can, then I'll move on to the more detailed close-ups.

The first thing you see when you enter the room is my worktable....all 8 ft of it! And as you can see....I don't leave much workspace left. I love the printer's trays I keep on each end though...they're so easy to dig through to find jewels & trinkets & I can still stack stuff on top as I'm working. Please overlook the junk underneath the table...I utilize every inch of this place for storage. I should probably try to skirt the table somehow.

I'm fixing to clean out my junk room & move the computer into there. I love the arrangement of my studio for just me, but it's definitely a one-person studio. I'd like to move the computer desk & printer into another room & move my work table out away from the wall so that both sides could be sat at. That way, I could have crafting days w/ my friends!

This craft armoire is a major workhorse! We once lived in a house and our bedroom had no closets. It was a huge room & I just filled it up w/ old armoires. I converted this one into a craft closet. I'll show you the inside later in the post...but brace yourself, I didn't clean it. ;)

The dresser holds my stamps & crepe papers etc. By the way, everything in this room was bought cheap, cheap, cheap & then painted by me. I got the dresser for $20 (half off day @ GW) & then painted it white. Still need to paint the little $5 end table at the end of it. The shelf above the dresser I paid $5 for.

I found the frame to my inspiration board in someone's trash. It was rickety & wobbly but once it was backed w/ a sheet of sheet music-covered plywood & then covered in chicken wire, it's not only sturdy but beautiful!

You can't see it in this picture but hubby installed a roll of brown craft paper under the lip of the table. I just pull it up & cover the table; glitter, glue, whatever & then tear it off. (you can see it in the above picture of my worktable). I've had this old table for almost 15 years. It has 3 leaves in it & is also a drop-leaf so it breaks down into a table about 2 feet wide by 3 feet long. It's been all over the house, including the front porch, before finding it's true home in my studio. I bought it at the cattle barns flea for $50 & is the only piece I haven't painted or don't have plans to paint.

One of the sets of printers trays at one end.

Wonderful bling!

You'll notice that I have a thing for dolls. I always have. I played w/ Barbies until I was 14 years old!

The vintage stamp in this picture was hubby's grandfather's. The baby boy on the right is my father.

Glass box of goodies on my worktable, within easy reach.

Ballerinas dancing in fairy dust!

The Tickled Pink sign was painted by Karla Nathan. I bought it while @ BirdSong. I bought 2 of her paintings actually...I'll share the other one soon.

This rose painting was a Paper Cowgirl project.

More printers trays full of wonderful bling! The top one is actually an old drawer out of something.

Love this Hendryx birdcage!

Like I said, every inch of space must be utilized for storage.... so I use my unused frames as a window valance. I hung lace curtains w/ upholstery nails & then hung an asstortment of coat hooks to hang the frames from.

Most everything has to have storage capacity as well as being beautiful but I do allow a few "just for shows".

One of the projects I did manage to finish since the last party was to convert this mosaic topped wine shelf into a bookshelf. Although anybody who knows me, knows that when I say that, I mean that I got hubby to do it. Although I did the painting....the painting is always my job.

You might have noticed all the wedding veils I have draped across things. I buy them cheap, may or may not cut them up & Caralyn often plays dress-up in them. Just noticed my Monster energy drink...it's not beer!

These shelves are stashed full of old dominoes, jars of buttons & seam bindings that I hand dyed as well as hand dyed tags. I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet though. But I did them all with vegetables or fruits. It's also home to my collection of vintage, porcelain ballerinas.

This little table & bench was bought when Connor was just a baby. He's 13 now!!!! *sniff sniff*
It also has a pair of chairs to go with but the grands use them as stepstools around the house. Doherty's Antiques was an antique store in Fort Worth in the 50's.

Love me some lace! And this large 2-tiered stand holds a lot!

Doesn't it just make you wanna riffle your fingers through it it?

Another workhorse in my studio is this bench...it was another $20 GW find, that I painted white of course.

Inside the bench is all my sheet music.

I didn't get a full-on shot of the armoire. It was really dark wood but I painted it white & then covered the doors w/ a couple panels of vintagey wallpaper.

OK...are you ready for what that beautiful armoire looks like on the inside? I hope you'll still respect me after this. ;)

EEEKS! It'll look better after I move it to where the puter desk is...I promise! I've already bought more turntables & some clear plastic shoe boxes. When I empty it to move it, I'll put it all back right. I can't promise pretty....I need it to hide all my uglies. But I do promose that it will be neat.

For a while. *grins*

Another change to my studio since last year is this bow-front cabinet. It used to be in my dining room but I replaced it w/ a hutch. I painted it white (of course I did!) & backed it w/ sheet music. It looks just as pretty empty as it does full! I do keep all my pretties in here....buttons, millinery, glitters, laces, etc. The sash on my wire mannequin was made by Ann Denise Andersen & the skirt is a vintage bridal petticoat I wore to the Paper Cowgirl prom. The mannequin is also wearing wedding veil.

Candy dish full of charlottes & porcelain doll parts. And the glass jar is full of wonderful old doorknobs & doorplates.

I got this big wire basket @ a garage sale for $10. It's old & I'm pretty sure it was used to store basketballs & so forth...I seem to recall them from school, way back in the day. It now houses my rolls of wallpaper...some vintage, most not.

I painted my studio this wonder shade of ballet slipper pink not just because I think it's beautiful but because I want to nurture, encourage & inspire the little girl in me. Because after all, grandmothers are just antique little girls. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your tour of my studio! I had really hoped to have the puter moved & the armoire in it's place & the worktable pulled out into the center of the room prior to today's party but I just couldn't manage it. So for those of you who saw my studio last year, I apologize for it being much the same. But hey...the bow-front cabinet was worth a peek wasn't it?

Be sure & stop by Karen's to see the list of all the participants. Holy shih tzu! There's a lot!!!