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Friday, July 22, 2011

BirdSong tags...

Taking a break from the grands to share the BirdSong tags I made for Karla's tag book swap. I made all 7 of mine the same so I'm just sharing pictures of one. I used a technique Lisa, from Tarnished & Tattered, recently shared. She taught us how to use deli tissue sheets as transparent overlays. I printed a Bird Beauty sheet music cover on the deli tissue, then layered it over an image of a bird on cardstock. I glittered up the words Bird Beauty (although it doesn't show in the pic) & I trimmed them out w/ lace.... adding a bead adorned twig like I made for Karla's journal page. (you can see the journal page I made here)

My grandson Connor (he's 13) wanted to play along so he made this BirdSong tag...all by himself! The only suggestion/direction I gave him was to print the sweet picture he chose to use (it's one I took of a mama dove & her babies) in sepia instead of in color. Everything else was totally his ideas & his design! I'm even prouder of his tag than I am of mine....didn't he do a great job? He gave it to me to add to my tag book when I receive it. I've said it before but I'll say it again....grands are the greatest!!!

I know I haven't had much time for blogging...my summer days w/ the grands are full of kiddie flicks, bowling, coloring, parks & ice cream...lots & lots of ice cream! I'm taking lots of pictures to capture the fun we had & I'll do a mega-post on it @ the end of the summer. But until then, here's a fun picture of my Fab 5, enjoying their afternoon ice cream.

Hope you're managing to stay cool...temps have been in the 100's here in Texas for almost a month!


kluless said...

Oh, your tag is beautiful! Maybe I will be lucky enough to get one of yours in my little book. It is wonderful that your grandson wanted to play along. It's easy to see he got some of your talent!

Laurie said...

I love your tag! I really want to try Lisa's technique, too, but I don't know where to find those deli sheets around here. (Are they a TX thing?) I hope it cools off because I really, really wanna go to Canton!!

Dorthe said...

Love your beautiful tag,-and the one from your grandson :)
I have been away from blogging, too-as my little family have been here for hollyday.
They just left to go home again-and I feel kind of sad and misses them !

juliejayne said...

Cami, one of your tags was in my bird tag book from Karla's swap. Thank you so much! The lace is exquisite! The bird is beautiful and the paper technique is like no others in my book! Thanks again, take care,
Julie Jones www.juliejayne.blogspot.com

Debbie Kay said...

Hope your doing ok, miss you in blogland