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Friday, July 8, 2011

A songbird for Karla....

I'm working on the tags for Karla's BirdSong tag book swap & it occured to me that I never shared the journal page I made for Karla. There was a journal swap for BirdSong ....I was too intimidated to sign up but the pages were so wonderful that Karla expressed regret that she had not signed up for teh swap herself. So Laurie & Beth thought it would be a wonderful memento if we made a BirdSong journal as a surprise. It was for Karla so of course I had to brave up & contribute.

And I'm glad I did....I'm pretty proud of my page! I used a tattered photo frame, scrap of lace & a sweet, vintage image of a songbird...layering them all on an old book page, packed w/ cardboard & sheet music.

I let the bird sing from atop a bead-adorned twig.

And I used the same quote I used on my stands for the Frilly Paper Bird swap...another BirdSong swap. "A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

You can see all of the pages plus the beautiful cover that Beth did here.

I'm also busy spiffing up my studio for the Where Bloggers Create party...are you coming? They're always such fun & it may be the one time all year that my studio is clean. So I'll be sure & take lots of pictures to document the occasion. LOL


Laurie said...

That's a great way to look at it -- documenting the one time the studio is clean, LOL! I adore the page you made for Karla!

QueenBe said...

Love ehat you have done with the tattered paper frame. Excellent!

kluless said...

This is beautiful and you need to STOP feeling intimidated - your artwork is wonderful! Yes, I am re-arranging and cleaning up and wishing I had made more changes and improvement since the last Where Bloggers Create. It is such a FUN blog party. I'll see you there!

FredaB said...

Beautiful page you made for Karla.
I just mailed mine to Karla today.

Will anxiously await getting them back. Maybe I will get one of yours.

I will definitely drop in for the bloggers create.



Tami Hacker said...

Love your page for Karla - it is beautiful!

I've always looked at shadow boxes thinking they could be used for something different. Thanks for your inspiration on using them to store items for artwork. What a clever & practical idea!