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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birdsong swap gifts...

Gosh, I don't often post 5 times in one week! But I've just got so much to share!!!! I'm still away @ my Birdsong art retreat (today's the last day *sniff sniff*) but I've scheduled this post to share the swap gifts I created for the retreat. One was another matchbox swap. I LOVE box swaps! They're not intimidating to me, I have a huge stash & I'm willing to share.

I stepped out of my usual color scheme & went w/ a lovely shade of blue. I found this beautiful, pearlescent robin's egg blue paint recently & had to use it.

I used a digital image of a bird & added a ribbon & button. The letters are tweet, aren't they? LOL

In honor of Karla, I used her signature paper ruffle around the rim...adding a tiny bead "pull".

Look at all I managed to get in that little box!

We'll start out w/ the "heart item" for this swap. I love this tiny, tweet bird & nest. (Am I starting to annoy you w/ all the "tweets"? *grins* ) I created it especially for Niki, my swap partner, but my heart sure didn't want to let go of it.

And I'm very proud of this resin spoon charm I made. I wish y'all could see the resin in it better...it domes over the spoon & encases the contents in "liquid glass"!

I filled the tiny treasure chest (another vintage cracker jack toy) w/ even teensy-tiny blue rhinestones. In the background, you see vintage millinery blooms (had to include some) & polka-dotted tulle w/ a rhinestone bauble.

This big rhinestone piece was another recent flea market find... I also included a resin bottle cap charm & a tiny bottle "charm" of german glass glitter.

Lace, crocheted blossoms, tiny wasp nest (us mixed media artists appreciate weird stuff like that!) & another bit of bling...

& lastly, a birdcage stamp, playing card w/ bird image & crystals. Believe it or not, it all fit in that little bitty box.

Another fun swap I joined for Birdsong was the Frilly Paper Birdie Swap. I made 8 birds & will receive 7 back (one is for myself). I crafted mine w/ scraps of vintage wallpaper & sheet music, giving them a final coat of beeswax.

Glamming them up w/ frilly lace wings....

& a rhinestone crown.

I hung them from wired spools that read "A bird does not sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song."

And because I idolize & adore Karla, I made her this necklace as a hostess gift. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

A bit of bling, a bird & the handle from the spoon charm I made for Niki.

The fabric is a remnant from an old pillowcase. I used it instead of chain because it reminded me so much of Karla. And Karla likes bling so I added another vintage rhinestone piece.

I wired wrapped the strip of fabric onto the jump rings, for neatness.

I wound the necklace around a tag, pinned it in place & tucked it in it's envelope.

We're driving back home tomorrow. *sigh* But I will always remember the fun I had @ Karla's Cottage.


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Everything is just amazing! Every swap partner and Karla will be delighted. I'm trying not to envy you girls at Birdsong. I know you've all had a blast.

Dorthe said...

Oh, dear- you made the most wonderful things,-I love every bit of your creations- for this wonderful week-end- Karla will surely be so exited getting that beautiful necklace,-it is a wonderful art-piece- and your birds are totally sweet aswell.
I`m sure you are having the most gorgeus time .

kluless said...

Your swaps are wonderful, I bet the recipients were just thrilled and I hope your "fearless little girl" had a ball. Can't wait to read all about it!

Missouri's Lilac said...

I found your blog through the bloggerette soroity. Love the looks of your blog. This is a Beautiful matchbox. Such lovely creations!

Charlene said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time at Karla's! I'm sure you are! These retreats just fill your creative soul don't they? When you get back we must get together. I love all the treasures you shared with us.

Laurie said...

Oh, I saw Karla wearing that necklace and didn't know you made it, girl! It is gorgeous!! (see my earlier comment on your talent...) I for one loved your frilly bird from the swap, and your matchbox was TDF (that's "to die for"...)

stephanie said...

Really enjoyed meeting you at BirdSong, Cami. You are a hoot! Love the matchbox that you made, especially how you ruffled the paper on the one end. And, I certainly admired that bird spool that you created for the bird swap. Just lovely...