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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Junkin' with a friend!

I haven't gotten a post ready about Birdsong yet (what fun!) but I wanted to share some recent junkin' finds....from guess where? Yep! The cattle barns flea again! I know y'all must get tired of hearing "I got this @ the cattle barns flea" or "this" or "this" or "that"; but the pickin's @ thrift stores have gotten so lean that I don't hardly shop anywhere else any more. Except garage sales...I still brake for garage sales. LOL

The cattle barns flea is dusty, hot & dirty...it's authentic junkin'! But it's a guaranteed $100 spent on great, old junk...at really good prices! So you get a lot of bang for your buck! My friend Jan had anxiety attacks at first; all she could think, was that she wanted to get out of that dirty, dusty place that sometimes houses cattle! Until she asked about some prices (hardly anything is marked). But the prices are good enough to win over even a neat-freak like her & now she is always twisting my arm to meet her there. *winking @ Jan* Just for the record, they clean up well the cows' mess, after the rodeo each year, before they reopen as a flea market.

This was my haul from our shopping trip a couple of weeks ago.

This was my favorite find of the day! A sweet, swwwweeeet , jointed charlotte w/ holes in the top of her head. The holes were meant for a ribbon to be strung through & a bow tied (or so the dealer said) but I'll hang a couple of jump rings from them & turn her into an adorable, shabby chic necklace. Can't you just see it?
Another tiny frozen charlotte.... the MOP mother pin I mentioned in a previous post ($3!!!!) & a wonderfully aged thimble.

I always pick up trinkets to use in my projects & lately, I've been snagging old watches & watch parts too. I bought the watch parts from Pam @ The Altered Muse (she had a booth at the cattle barns). She used to have a shop here in Ft Worth but it has closed. She is still having workshops out of her home though... I plan on taking her reliquary class sometime after Mother's Day.

25 pieces of beautifully tarnished flatware...lots of projects in store for them!

A gorgeous rhinestone belt ...wayyyy too tiny for my waist though! I'll use it as a necklace instead ....& a cheap pocket watch. The dealer charged me $2 extra for it cause it's still working. I don't care if it's working or not, I just want the case but I paid her $5 willingly.

rhinestone buckle (I'm like a magpie...I can't resist anything that sparkles!), lone earring ....

and I've been eyeing an old photograph album at the flea for a couple months. Being too cheap to pay $50 for it, I asked for his best price & was told $40. Still too cheap to buy it, Jan & I split it.

We took turns picking the cabinet cards. The subjects are good ones too...the first 5 picks were all premo. I wound up w/ 13 fabulous, large cabinet cards.

and 8 wonderful "frames" to use in my artwork. And I was too cheap to buy it. *shaking my head in wonder* Now I'm kicking myself for sharing it!!!

I shared a few of my finds from this junkin' excursion w/ swap partners...the MOP Mother pin, the french poodle pins & for a Birdsong swap, I shared the rhinestone "crown" piece above. The rhinestone necklace I kept for myself. ;)

I'll be back later w/ lots of pictures of the good times @ Birdsong. I think I'm gonna break it down into multiple posts though as I have a LOT to share!


Grace said...

OOOOOH look at all your treasures!! I love them. I was too cheap and now am mad at myself! I had gone to a flea market and they wanted $40 then went to $30 and I did not like the way the man's wife looked at me and said "whut r uuuuuu going to do with these?" I said craft she said "You a Witch or something?" whahaha I was so mad!! But I walked away and an ex friend bought it and paid $55! Wait she said she was going to let me make copies of 3 pictures and never did....Enjoy your purchases and do not have regrets! Can't wait to see what you create! Hugs Grace


Love the bits and bobs you have found. What fun you will have creating your own art work. Hugs Mary

kluless said...

Great finds and that photo album turned out to be a deal. I have the same trouble. Even when I break it down to cost of the individual items and know it's a good price I still have a hard time spending that much on "junk" all at once. Somehow when you spend a few dollars here and a few dollars there it doesn't seem like as much money - LOL!

Cheryl said...

Hi Cami,
Can't wait to read your posts about Birdsong...sounds fantastic. I wish I was close enough to go to the cow barn with you...a little cow poop would never stand in the way of a good bargain for me! And we like to collect so many of the same things...I actually have a huge jar of vintage belt buckles to use "someday".
Love your blog!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, you have some really good stuff there! I am so envious! I'm the very same way - if it sparkles, it's mine.

Missouri's Lilac said...

What an amazing haul. I love shopping flea markets, thrift stores and I also brake for Garage sales. I love the old photos. But I am a vintage photo addict! LOL.

MELANIE said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comments. I love your idea of the box swap....I thinks its such a wonderful idea. I tried a letter swap party hosted by a blog friend and both times I was matched up with people who werent interested in doing it.

The blue bird box is so sweet, that is the theme in my daughters nursery and my office.

Such beautiful items you found, I wish we had great stuff like that where I am.

Lucky 7 Design

Leann said...

You have the magic for finding such great treasures. Can't wait to hear all about Bird Song - I'm soo jealous that you got to meet Karla and be part of her wonderful weekend. Not to mention see her home and studio!!!

Have a great rest of the week!

Hope said...

Hi Cami~
Oh yummy! It was so nice to meet you. It was just an awesome weekend at Birdsong! You inspire me and I can't wait to meet up again.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cami, that is quite a haul! Don't you just love a deal? I sure do. And if it's sparkly, all the better! Can't wait to see what you do with your treasures.

I want to thank you for the prayers, too. I'm trying to pace myself as I feel that's the way to go.

Warm hugs,

Sheila :-)


Cami, I adore this post! Your finds are fabulous and enviable. Haven't been to the barn in a long time....looks like good fun! ~ Angela

Charlene said...

I am so pouting! Do you hear my little (OK! It's not little) foot stamping because AGAIN you two went without me!!!! Soon Please take me Soon! You got super treasures. That little doll with the netting skirt... be still my heart! HUGS!