"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

Friday, April 29, 2011

She was not afraid!

I 'm away on my Birdsong retreat but I wanted to share a necklace I made for myself, in anticipation of the trip. I guess it's no secret that I am intimidated by all the talent that will be there. I don't understand why I am so insecure about my artwork....I'm not typically an insecure person, trust me! In fact, I fall much closer into the egotistical, arrogant category. ;) But early on in life, I developed an insecurity that my art wasn't good enough. And over time, gave it up. Decades passed & I didn't do much & somehow, a little girl who was passionate & fearless about her art, grew into a woman who never drew anything more than a heart shape...or wings.

I want to channel that fearless little girl & encourage her to come forth again. Wish me luck!

I created this pendant out of a matchbox. It was an idea I saw in Somerset's Jewelry Affaire but they soldered the boxes. I filled mine w/ resin instead. I used a childhood photo of myself & the text She Was Not Afraid, blinging it out of course. Wish the look on my face showed clearer. I am challenging the world & all comers! LOL

I finished off the back w/ a Waverly rose & Rangers Glossy Accent for durability.

Little fearless girl....come out, come out wherever you are!


Miranda Chop said...

This is such a wonderful idea, Cami! You are such a cutie patootie in this picture, too! YOU are not afraid. : ) Have a great time on your retreat!

kluless said...

Oh, I love this post and your little pendant. It turned out beautiful and I hope you are wearing it there! I would feel exactly the same way which might be why I have never attended ANY kind of art event. I am sending you courage!!

Jenny said...

I love this!

Cheryl said...

Now you're a fearless big girl...you'll do great! Your necklace is beautiful.

KayteeJane said...

I love that pendant! Love how you used a pic of yourself and your choice of wording if perfect. I too suffer sometimes from insecurity about my ideas and artwork. Thanks so much for sharing. You have inspired me to do something similar with an old picture of myself to give myself encouragement and inspiration. Thanks!

Laurie said...

I loved seeing that around your neck at Birdsong but didn't realize you made it! You are a very talented lady -- I know this for sure because I sat next to you all weekend and watched you work! That is awesome -- I really want to try it!