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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wecome to another Show n Tell Friday!

I wasn't going to post any more Christmas pics but I'm so proud of the putz houses I made that I wanted to show them off, so I'm attending Cindy's Show n Tell blog party today. I bought the houses @ Goodwill (3 for $2.99! I got a BUNCH of them) but they were in dark colors & weren't decorated. (you can see a before shot of one in this post. )

I sprayed them white & then dolled them up w/ glitter, vintage wrapping paper & Christmas doo-dads. This one, I dusted w/ faux snow & trimmed out w/ mini-pompom fringe...hanging a chenille wreath over the front door. I created a Christmas diorama on the glittered cake pedestal I made...added a tiny Santa & sleigh, bottle brush trees & Rudolph.

I neglected to get a close-up of that one but here's Rudolph in front of it. I just brushed red polish on a baby deer's nose....isn't he cute?

The roof on this one is totally glittered but it doesn't show up in teh pic. I wish that I had also glittered the walls. The Santa boots & hats were intended as mini tree ornaments.... I just cut the hangers off & used them on teh house. The "frosty" branches I cut off a garland I no longer use. Sure am glad I hang onto everything! And check out the smoke coming out of the chimneys...it's just polyfill stuffing.

Instead of using vintage wrapping paper on the roof of this one, I covered it in that sparkly faux snow. I also swagged a chenille garland & made teeny, tiny metallic bows. I bought a whole herd of tiny reindeer awhile back & glittered one up to stand sentry at the front door.

Some of you may remember seeing the Halloween putz house I also made....it was featured in a previous Show n Tell post. You can see it here. I LOVE making these houses...I already have several more painted & ready to be decorated. I plan on doing one for Valentine's & several for Easter. And I want to make several more for next Christmas. This year, I'm being smart & packing up all my Christmas crafting supplies into one bin & keeping it in teh house. Having to wait until all the Christmas stuff is unpacked & put up to craft is a major hindrance....by then, the season is in full swing & I don't have time. I don't knwo why I haven't thought of it before. DUH!!!!

Also, several of you commented on the vintage battery case in my previous post. Isn't that cool? It was a $5 thrift find, several years ago. The only reason I know what it is, is because I saw one like it in a magazine. I always assumed it was for a car battery or something (hard to believe I'm married to a mechanic, huh? LOL) but recently learned that they were used for houses in rural areas (in the 20's & 30's) before electricity had been run out that far. They used several of them, kept them on racks & powered them w/ a gasoline generator. You learn something new every day!

Have a great weekend everybody! Stay warm....Texas normally has a very mild climate, even in January, but it's been down in the teens the past couple of days. BRRRRRRR!!! Wonder if my winter decorating had anything to do w/ bringing that on. ;o)


Stacey said...

Cami, those are just adorable! You did so well picking them up at the thrift store. I've seen those around and they too expensive in the specialty shops. Great work!!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Cami!

How cute!! you did a great job with all those little houses. What fun!

maría cecilia said...

Hi Cami, your little houses are totally beautiful, lovely, enchanting... of course you had to show them to us!!!
Wishing you a very happy and much blessed 2010.
Muchos cariños,
Maria Cecilia

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Those are just the cutest thing! Thank you for sharing these - just so adorable.

Charlene said...

So glad to see you posting again! We were all worried about you. Can't wait to see you! We'll need our LONG JOHNS FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Hugs! Charlene

Charlene said...

Oh got all caught up in the moment... LOVE your little houses! Those tiny boots are the best!!!! And that icy branch was JUST the right touch. Yep keep that Christmas craft box handy. You never know when that Santa bug might bite!

Tardevil said...

How cute. I missed seeing all of your Christmas decorations this year. I've been looking for little pieces similar to your deer. They only seem to have those cheap resin looking ones out now.

Gee said...

Hi Cami,

Those are so cute and pretty. I love them and thanks for sharing.

Hootin' Anni said...

Love it....from the frosty roof tops to the sparkly deer!! Beautiful.

My Show n Tell, HERE, ---it's 32 degrees out, and I have one lone iris blooming!!! Come see the rich beautiful purple!!...in the dead of winter.

Happy Friday!

QueenBe said...

Thank you for finding my blog, so that I could discover yours! And also thank you for your kind words, and I don't mind inspiring your creativity at all. We all get inspiration and ideas from somewhere, right? Love your blog. Thanks again, Carol

Susan said...


podso said...

So cute! Glad you showed them!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

These are very, very cute!

Thanks for the info about the battery, too!


Sheila :-)

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Sooo cute, Cami! I already can't wait for next Christmas! I love what you did with those sweet houses.

C'est Magnifique said...

I love your little houses! ADORABLE!!!


Katy ~ said...

Cami, I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas posts. All that glitter and sparkle wherever you look. It's like a Christmas fantastyland where all the Christmas dreams come true.

Your little houses are adorable!

Enchantment and magic everywhere.

Jenny said...

I love the way you modified those white houses. I have those, too, and the only thing I did was put glass glitter on the rooofs but this is outstanding. Thanks for the tip!

Kim said...

I just LOVE your putz houses. Putz houses have got to be one of my favorite things of all time. I especially love the one with the paper on the roof.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Those look great! I probably would have just walked by those in the thrift store and not even thought about what they could become! Great job!

Kathleen said...

Hi Cami,
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy 2010!
Your houses are just so cute..great find!

Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

Your houses are just adorable. I love the way you decorated them. It was so good to see you at our craft night.

Leann said...

So glad to see you out and about again. I know how bogged down we can get with all of the holiday prep, etc., but isn't it worth it? Your home looks like a winter wonderland! Can I steal your award free image? I've been looking for one and yours is great!

Let me know!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

woo-hoo, glad to see you are back to bloggin. :)

making houses is fun, huh? I made my first one for the Bella Christmas party. Thinking I might try your idea... and make another one for Valentine's Day or Easter.

Had fun seeing you on Friday. Looking forward to the next crafting event. (feb. 12th)

xoxo, Joanna

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

You are just brilliant! These are adorable! laurie

Cynthia K. said...

Oh, you make the little houses so adorable! Amazing bargain you found on them in the first place - good for you!

I also looked at the previous post of your Christmas decorations throughout your home. Just glorious - so many wonderful ideas and arrangements! Feast for my eyes. So that convinced me to sign up as a follower....

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Amy. said...

I so enjoyed seeing all your decor at Christmas time. Very pretty and creative.