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Friday, December 3, 2010

My beautiful, vintage tree & Day 3 matchboxes...

Good morning! Hope you're into vintage ornaments as this posts features my tree & it is picture heavy! Your scrolling finger is gonna get a work-out... Sorry! But I deleted dozens of photos after uploading them so it could be worse. LOL I'll keep the verbage to a minimum though & if you're not interested in vintage ornaments, just skip down to the Day 3 matchboxes...my feelings won't be hurt, I promise!

Anyway, I love, love, love, love, love my tree! It's literally dripping w/ ornaments...most are vintage Shiny Brites, many are the Merck's Family Old World Christmas (high quality reproductions), given to me by my children over the years & some are cheaper, vintage style ornaments used as fillers. I use no garlands, bows or assorted doo-dads....just hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of ornaments w/ a handful of clip-on glass birds. For years, I've wanted bubble lights to complete the vintage look (my grandmother had them on her tree) but haven't been able to find any @ a price I wanted to pay. Last weekend at the cattle barns flea, I scored 6 complete sets for $25! Now all it's missing is tinsel (ain't gonna happen on a fake flocked tree though!) & high enough ceilings so that I can put the tree in an urn. I'd fill the urn up w/ overflow ornaments...if I only had ceilings high enough. *sigh* So it's not perfect but it's pretty dang close. And it looks better w/ the more ornaments on it so I can add more & more & more. And then some more! I can't see me EVER having my tree any other way.

click on picture & then click again to enlarge for details

My tree skirt is a beautiful beaded, vintage skirt....LOVE it! I've had it for years but never put it under the tree until now. If the dogs pull off so much as one sequin though, it'll have to be pulled up. Underneath the tree skirt is a vintage quilt made of all polyester squares (think leisure suits .... UGLY!) but backed w/ a luxurious beautiful green velvet.

The crowning glory of my tree is a crown. LOL I have a collection of vintage toppers too but I display them in other places.

This the view in the mirror behind the tree.

And the obligatory night-time shot. All Christmas trees are beautiful at night though...I think mine looks best in the light of the day, with the sun glinting off all the ornaments.
And now on to the matchboxes...today's lovely Day 3 matchbox was made by Kelly @ Cherry Kingdom ...isn't it gorgeous? And what a magical shade of blue!

Inisde is a snowman pin & a teensy-tiny paper doll. Thank you Kelly!

Inside the Day 3 box I made is a little doily, dressed up some w/ glitter, book page & a Noel star.

Here's to a very merry Christmas!


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

WOWZA ! I love your tree...all the ornaments are fabulous !
The matchboxes are still amazing be though you'd think by now I'd be expecting them to be as great as they are.
I don't think I got photos of the ones I made so I have to find them and copy the photos ya'll show.
thanks for letting me know you got #10 ...

Charlene said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Cami your tree is divine!!!! I finally have mine up but, the Santa train is not under it yet. That is todays project. I think that this is my favorite matchbox so far!!!! I too love the blue color & the image on the outside. Thanks for sharing. HUGS!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Cami, Cami, Cami - you do have the most beautiful tree and you could have put up lots more pictures in my book. And the #3 matchbox is amazing and rats I didn't get one like that nor did I get one you made which I love! It's just fabulous here on your blog - everything is so pretty and sparkly! Have a wonderful weekend to my Paper Cowgirl buddy. xoxo Nancy

Erica said...

WOW!!!! Your matchboxes are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Both would be given prime spots on my tree.

I love your Christmas tree. I do my tree in mostly glass and vintage ornaments, too! Love the tree skirt, too. But my cats would have that so covered in fur, AND, would try to eat all those sequins!
Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I love the vintage ornaments you shared with us that you collect. The matchboxes are really fun to see. I love what you created for yours as well.

Peace said...

Your tree is magnificent, I love a tree as full as it can be with memories! I remember one year we had a blue flocked real tree...I don't know how we afforded it! I remember the trail of blue flocking it left through the house when my mom took it down too, LOL! That matchbox is almost the same shade of blue, just as gorgeous. :O)

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow, love love love your tree and all your gorgeous ornaments!!
...and matchbox #3 is sooo beautiful!
Thank you for you sweet comment on my blog :) in answer to your question Barney is a cross breed (Shih-tzu / Bichon frise mix)
I'm hoping my matchboxes arrive today, as I love seeing all these amazing boxes everyday whilst blog-hopping! So Hoping postie braves it through the snow today!
Jan x

Auntie Cake said...

I am just sitting down to treat myself to a delicious hour of perusing blogs and I had the BEST time looking at all your pics of your Christmas tree! Wow! Is that baby BEAUTIFUL! You have a wonderful collection of ornaments, you must have been collecting for a very long time, they are wonderful. My kids would be so jealous, they want a big old fashioned tree but unfortunately I don't have the ornaments.

I am also in love with your matchbox swap. I have missed out on so much in blogland lately, so many wonderful things going on. Thanks for sharing, I have three matchboxes just waiting for me to create with them, I think I am going to do that today!

Have a wonderful Christmas season! We had a beautiful snowfall the last two days, and I am going to stay tucked away today. Unfortunately, I am also hosting this boutique, all my creations will stay tucked away with me as driving is impossible!

Christine Edwards said...

Your tree turned out so incredibly fantastic! I decorate my tree similarly (all glass ornaments), but mine are mostly newer pieces. Love the mix of new and vintage. We're getting our tree next weekend, so I can pull everything out and decorate.

What a great matchbox you got for Day 3 (yep, I believe). "Snowman xing" pin is cute, as well as that tiny little paper doll. I'm amazed at how creative everyone has gotten with their gifts.

kluless said...

Your tree and ornament collection are simply stunning. It must take you DAYS to decorate it! Just beautiful.