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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2 of the advent match box swap!

Day 2's matchbox was crafted by Marie @ Spun By Me . I can't tell you how pretty all these boxes are...isn't this one sweet? Inside the vintage milk glass teacup is eggnog (spiked of course!LOL)...every day I toast to the giver of the matchbox...here's to you, Marie. Thank you!

Inside was a charming bottle cap charm.

Inisde the Day 2 box I created, I put scrabble tiles spelling out Noel.

Tomorrow I'll share some pics of my Christmas decor along w/ Day 3's matchbox...see y'all then!


Charlene said...

ADORABLE! I can't wait to see your tree with the bubble lights! HUGS!

marie said...

I'm glad you like matchbox #2! Your #2 was great - love that you put a whole word in the tiny box!!

Thanks for the toast - love eggnog!!!

Lauri Crowe said...

I got your matchbox 2 and love it. So creative. Your photo is much better than the one I took though! Thank you.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

oh both are oh so sweet !

Linda said...

Cami, your photography is so wonderful! I LOVE the toast to Marie! Her matchbox & bottle cap charm is adorable! (totally love your scrabble NOEL too!)

Christine Edwards said...

What a cute #2, and loving your vintage holiday blog decor. ;-) Spiked eggnog huh? Could use some right about now. See ya tomorrow.

Erica said...

Both are so adorable! I know I didn't get one of the boxes you made, but I'm enjoying seeing you reveal them.


Hello blog friend. You have recv'd some wonderful matchboxes. I am so amazed to the talent that is out there. MERRY CHRISTMAS