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Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I create....

It's here! It's here! The 2nd annual Where Bloggers Create party, hosted by Karen Valentine @ My Desert Cottage. Karen has gone to a lot of work to host this little shin-dig so be sure & stop by her blog & thank her for her hospitality.

I'm so happy I could play along today. I wasn't able to attend last year's party as my studio was beyond a mess....it was a disaster! I started re-doing my studio in May of '08...I was using all flea market furniture & everything needed a coat of white paint. But I was keeping the grands full time that summer & it was slow-going. Then my son had his accident in July of '08 & it was a whole year before I could even think about my studio (his accident is explained in my profile). Anyway, by then, bags were piled up on top of other bags (a whole year's worth!) & the task was overwhelming. So I let another six months slip by before I tackled the project again. But this winter, I was determined to have my dream studio & began again. It's been a tough year though & I had a hard time meeting the deadline for today's party. But meet the deadline I did! Just barely!!! I do still have a few things to paint (although nothing major except a bow-front cabinet..mostly just jewelry boxes & the like) but I'm not gonna let that stop me from playing along today.

Anyway, I am very pleased & proud to welcome you into my studio. I just love it! This is the view as you walk in the door. I can't provide you w/ a panoramic view but I am gonna try to swing you around the room so you can see it as well as possible.

What are you waiting for? Come on in!

Click on any picture & then click again to enlarge for details.

As you can see, my work table is very, very large. It's an old drop-leaf that I've had for at least 10 years. Fully extended it's 12 feet long but it also has 3 removable leaves in it so when it's broke down & all the leaves are removed & lowered, it's only about 2 feet by 4 feet. I kept it on my front porch for years before I had the idea to use it in my studio. You'll see more of it later in the post.

Thsi inspiration board (it's just to the left of my work table) was one of my most recent projects. I am soo happy w/ it! I took an old frame I've had forever, painted it white, backed it w/ a board I decoupaged w/ sheet music & had hubby staple chicken wire on top. It has mementos, vintage flash cards & assorted doo-dads on it.

And more treasures on the shelves underneath. I painted the shelves too. I painted nearly everything in the room, in fact. So that's one of the many excuses I have as to why it took me 2 years to finish the room.

There is some stuff from blogging friends that you might recognize.

This art doo-hickey thingamabobber was something I bought at a local antique mall.

Love it's quote!

A treasured old photo of my kids.

My Alice tag book holds a high place of honor on my inspiration board.

I added a few sheet music titles that have special meaning.

The one above alludes to this vintage print of a little girl blowing bubbles. My goal w/ my studio was to decorate it in a manner that would indulge, encourage & inspire the little girl inside me. It's why I painted it pink. But I didn't want a harsh, garish pink. I wanted something lighter...I love this shade! I'd tell you the name of it but I can't find the paint chip. It's a little darker than in this photo but not much.

Thsi is an old photo of my mom, my sisters & I. I'm the taller, prettier one. ;o) I remember that day so well. My father had taken us shopping for cowgirl hats, boots & outfits...he really dudded us up, didn't he?

The card catalog box was a recent estate sale find...I use it to store my paper scraps in.

A crown I created out of vintage earrings & a cheap foam crown from Michael's.

I draped the hutch topper, on my work table w/ an old wedding veil & used some of my collection of sheet music as a backdrop.

My workspace w/ works in progress. Hubby installed a roll of brown craft paper under the table & then ran it under a yardstick. I can glue, glitter, ink, whatever I want & then just tear the paper off & throw it away. That was definitely one of his smarter ideas. I'm on the lookout for a vintage yardstick to replace the ugly Ace hardware one but it seems all you artists keep cutting them up to use in your projects so they're kinda hard to come by. LOL

At one end of the table, I keep this printer's tray, full of baubles & beads. Would you believe I bought the printer's tray @ a garage sale for only a dollar? It takes up a lot of space on the table but if I need more room while working, I stack stuff on top. It's great being able to see all my bling out in one place w/out having to dig through drawers & jewelry boxes. Most of my collection is in my bedroom though cause I wear vintage jewelry almost every day.

I love my window valance of old frames. Wish it was a better picture of it but I had to close the blinds & then it was too dark & I over-exposed it trying to correct it. Sorry! A photographer I'm not! I sooo want to take classes this summer. Anyway, I hung an assortment of coat hooks over the windows & then hung frames from the hooks.

One of my many birdcages around the house. This one is an old Hendryx w/ stand...another sheet music cover & tweet birds reside within.

Thsi mosaic topped shelf is actually a wine rack. It still needs to be converted to a bookcase...for now it holds magazines & Somersets.

The "slipcover" on my desk chair is just a throw I have tucked in & gathered up in back. I love the color of this room. It's a wonderful shade of pink that is very close to pink depression glass but it is soo hard to photograph!
My friend Tia @ Domestic Underground made the tattered rose on the back of the chair ...love it!

My printer sits on an old, tin pie safe from 1909...I keep all my puter papers & plain cardstock in it. Although I want to move the printer to the closet after I clean out the closet. This is where I should make a confession, probably. Anything I couldn't find a place for, got put inside the closet or the armoire you'll see in a minute. I'll share those storage areas w/ you after they're all cleaned up. ;o)

My blog on my monitor.

This is one of my favorite views in the studio...it shows the little kids' table & bench w/ my bench & table. Awwwww! It gives me a warm & fuzzy. My bench seat lifts up & I store sheet music inside. Excuse the black cords...they're running to the lights I was using to try & counteract the rosy glow of the room.

This is the armoire I was talking about. It was one of the first projects I began in my studio. Like I said, I can't show you pictures of the contents because it is packed full of crap but you can see the inside in this post.

The antique sign is from a business in Ft Worth...it went out of business many, many years ago though.

On top of the armoire.

Love the basket full of trims & flowers. It's quite large so it holds a lot. The lace draped bookcase will be replaced w/ a bow front cabinet (destined to hold my hats ala Karla) as soon as I paint it white. But I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you. It seems to take me forever to do the paint jobs. I don't see how y'all whip them out so quick!

I still need to paint the little end table on the left so pretend it's white. The dresser holds all my stamps, crepe paper, etc.

My grandson says my doll parts "creep" him out. Good! Sometimes little boys creep me out, so we're even. LOL

This next picture shows the room's truest shade of pink, I think. Although the room gets a lot of light, the pink casts such a rosy glow that it's hard to photograph, even in good light.

I knew as soon as I bought this big, wire basket that it would hold my wallpaper rolls; some vintage, some not.

"The best & most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt w/ the heart." How true!

This is the crown I made @ last fall's Paper Cowgirl art event. I love it!

Get a load of this! When I was uploading the pictures of the crown, I remembered that I wanted to get a picture of me in my crown, in my studio for this blog party. But I'd had 2 grands all day, wsa trying to get pictures of my studio and finishing up swaps for Paper Cowgirl .... I had nooo make-up on & looked really, really tired. Hubby offered to stand in for me so I took him up on it. LOL Isn't he a goober?

Back to the studio...love this little curio. I plan on backing it w/ wallpaper but haven't gotten around to it yet. It was cheap, gold plastic before I painted it but it was only $5. I got my money's worth, huh?

Do the doll parts creep you out too? They kinda speak to me & I like that. Wonder what that says about me. ;o)

My play room...don't you love it?

OK, this has been fun, hasn't it but honestly, it was a whole lotta work too. Can you imagine how Karen must feel? Whew!!! Better her than me! LOL Sorry Karen but I'm only half-kidding...I can only imagine the amount of work you put into this fabulous party & I thank you for your hospitality!

Now I'm off to see some of your creative spaces but there's a whole lot of participants in today's party & I still have to finish a couple of Paper Cowgirl details. It'll probably be next week before I get around to seeing some most of y'all. But I can't wait to see the incredible spaces that nurture your creative side.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Cami... what a romantic space. I think my favorite things are that wonderful bulletin board with the chicken wire! I want to steal that idea, and I love your screen. And your hubby wearing that crown was priceless! I like how you are going to back that cabinet in wallpaper. I am doing that in a breakfront I have, but I can't find the right paper (have been using left overs and hoping one would work). Just love your space.


Sheila :-)

Alison said...

Cami what a wonderful creative space. You have so many beautiful supplies

Connie said...

How absolutely darling, sugar!! I just love your creative space and kiss hubby from this old lady for being such a good sport. My hubby would have done it under major protest, but he WOULD have done it. He's adorable!

I don't think you've disappointed me one bit. Just fantastic!!!!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Cami, what a beautiful romantic space to work in. I love all of your goodies around the room. All the details are just incredible.. I enjoyed my visit to your creative space.. hugs ~lynne~

zandra said...

Wow, love all the nooks and crannies! Such a treasure creative space! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

Leann said...

Well... I'm JEALOUS! There I've said it! There are so many beautiful creative spaces out there and yours iright at the top Cami. I know you love Karla's, but I think that yours is right up there with her studio.

Wish I could come and play!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

It is a wonderful room. I love your inspiration board...it is the best I have seen. And your hubs...well, he deserves his favorite dessert I think....great!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Hey Cami,
What an awesome tour! You have a wonderful space girl, I'm jealous. I gotta tell you, a man who poses with a crown is keeper! The doll parts DO NOT creep me out. My feeling is that if there isn't something in your studio that creeps some people out it's not a real artists studio. LOL My own studio has some creepy things in it. Love the inspiration board, great job. & the picture of you & your sisters in Cowgirl hats, you are a paper cowgirl! See you soon. Lisa

Rebecca said...

HI Cami
What a simply gorgeous studio you have created and isn't it a good feeling to get it put together and cleaned... it just makes you want to sit in it and look around!
Love all your treasures and I have to admit I don't get the doll heads. I see them a lot, they were at Round Top too, what I want to know is where have all the bodies gone? :)
Many Blessings

Dorthe said...

Dear Cami,
this is a very beautifull tour in your gorgeus place of creating.
So full of beauties, and yummy things. I would love to stay for a day or two, to go through all this lovelyness.
You have to tell your husbond he is a dear man,-he looks wonderfull in the gorgeus crown. Good luck, and wonderfull time with the paper cowgirls and say hi to Lisa.
Hugs, Dorthe

lala said...

This is an absolutely beautiful space to create in!! I am lovin all of your stuff and the pretty treasures you have on display. I clicked on your armoire post - great idea to hang ziplock bags on the doors.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

What a fabulous romantic space to put your creative brain to work. No wonder you do such wonderful work. With all that eye candy to inspire you. I love everything. You are one lucky girl.
Hugs, Pat

Terri said...

No wonder you are so good! This is lovely and well worth waiting the two years it took to get it just right!

Yeah, the doll parts kinda creep me out.

Anonymous said...

I adore your valance made of frames! Your studio is beautiful and inspiring!

Leanne said...

Wow. First, your husband is a positive genius! That craft paper roll idea is brilliant.

Second, I'm going to add you to my Google Reader. I can't explain it but the entire post I just had this sort of resonance with what you posted. Perhaps it was the quote you posted about invention coming out of junk. Loved that :) Gonna have to do something with that :)

Right, off to look at your messy closet.

Which reminds me -- so is mine. Should we have a "Clean Up Your Closet Event" six months from now? *grin*

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Well you did it girl. No one would ever know you busted your butt to get this done. It looks like you spent time letting it evolve and evolve it has done. It is beautiful. I love youe frame valances and the part about the creepy dolls and creepy boys gave me a much needed chuckle.
I love it all- thanks for sharing

cindy said...

Its very beautiful and romantic. Love your hubby wearing your crown that you made in PC last fall, (I remember that! and is that hand-writing familiar?) :) What a great place to create. Its wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful space. I love your inspiration board, your wonderful furniture. Thanks for a great tour!

stefanie said...

oh, I love it..all of it, I can't pick a favorite, because its all soooooo beautiful!

debi said...

Beautiful!! All of it! You have so many pretty things in there, and everything is displayed so nicely.
What a good sport your hubby was to pose in your crown!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Despite all the hard times you had to go through you accomplished to create a magical & romantic studio Cami, compliments! So nice to party together with you today!
I'd love to come over in real life and play with all your treasures!
xoxo~ Carola

Chris said...

Love all your vintage items especially the hanging picture frames so original!
Best wishes,

Christine Edwards said...

Cami, I'm not at all surprised that you have created this beautiful, sweet room for yourself. I really think this space reflects you and your creativity. Lots of little touches and details that make such a great impact. So glad you shared. Have a great time at Paper Cowgirls!

The French Bear said...

I love your room!!! So much to look at, love the brown paper....your hubby is cute to help out!!! I love the comments from your grandson about the body parts, ha ha, love your comment even more!!! The chair, the egg vases, the frames....everything is wonderful!!!
Beautiful studio!!
Margaret B

Penny said...

You have such a beautiful creative space.
thank you so much for giving us this peek into your creative life.

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Cammi!Where do I start??? Your room is GORGEOUS!! It really seems like a wonderful reflection of you. I see we have the same love of old empty picture frames!! LOL!! The memory board with the chicken wire is fab. I love that idea! and last but not least... Your husband wins the Good Sport of the Year award!!! I love it!!! Tell him he is an awesome guy! Thank you Cami for helping to make this years party such a success!
My Desert Cottage

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous space, Cami! Creative and beautiful - I'd have trouble leaving this room! :)

Oh, and definitely "Best" in the Hubby Division.


Our Back Porch said...

O*M*G, Cami! I would never want to come out of there! It is just awesome! Thanks for sharing. Come by and visit the place where I create.

Creative Blessings,

Claudia said...

Cami - your space is beautiful. I'd like to drop by and look at everything up close, its so fascinating. All your work paid off - you have created a wonderful space to create in. Love, love it.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

I adore all of your storage solutions.


Cami, first things first. What a delightful hubby you have. He looks divine in his (your) crown...so royal! It's funny that the doll head behind him appears to be laughing about the queenly king! Laughter aside, your studio is seriously gorgeous! Love all your inventive storage makeovers and solutions. Love how you have included childhood photos ~ now that's perfect inspiration for maintaining a childlike imagination. Look forward to seeing you and your creations at Paper Cowgirl!!! ~ Angela

Jenny said...

Cami, what a delightful post...start to finish.

It is people like you that make me wish I could create magic sometimes with found objects and design rather than just a jumble of words on paper!

I don't know if I would be able to make anything in that space. I would be so busy admiring what I had already done I might not be able to move forward.

Really lovely.

Thank you for sharing.

Cathee said...

LOVELY!! your space is inviting and cozy ,filled with treasures!REALLY love the paper roll idea.. (me yelling down the hall)OH HUBBY???? can you look at this idea...ooops he is watching the US OPEN ..maybe later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Altered Muse said...

Hi Cami, its Pam, The Altered Muse. I love, love, love your creative space. So much to see and get inspiration from. Thanks for letting me peek. Pam

kluless said...

Your room is wonderful. I love all the vintage "fix-up", special little touches and especially all the cute little baby shoes. Thank you so much for sharing!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

I LOVE your creative space and what a good sport your hubby is!!!

LOL I love doll parts and I have LOTS of them although mine are much smaller than yours!

This is such a fun party! I am enjoying seeing everyone's creative place!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Cami, what an absolutely adorable room! I'd love to come play in there! Everything looks great ~ like it has been used and organized that way forever. I'm loving all your sweet collections, too ~ especially the baby shoes!!! And the spare body parts! My granddaughter thinks those are scary, too! :0)

Just a quick reminder ~ the WEDDING BLOG PARTY is coming up this Friday, June 25th! Hope to see you there! It just wouldn't be a party without you! :0)

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Robin said...

Cami, Your space is amazing! Worth the wait! I love the table and bench in the corner, and the picture of the little girl blowing bubbles!The picture of you and your sisters with you mom is just darling! I could so glue things up in your space. ~Robin~

Amy. said...

Very Pretty. I grew up in a bedroom with a white canopy bed, The bedspread was pink gingham and the walls were about the same color as your walls. I like that you have used flea market furniture and have repurposed and painted them. Isn't paint great? No worry about it taking you so long to get to the painted end results....it is the beauty and enjoyment of the finished product that matters!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I could feel very at home in that room!!

Terri said...

Charming area to create anything you wish... and your husband is a riot...reminds me of mine...thanks for sharing your wonderfully space.

donnaj said...

love seeing your space-i've been reading your blog for awhile, so it's nice to see where you create-and what a trooper your husband is to wear your crown! :) i'm in nrh-so we're practically neighbors :)

BLISS angels said...

HI Cami . your hubby is a keeper and he looked so good in that crown but now on to the reason I came... your room ... so cute and sweet I love it the bulletin board I may borrow that idea I hope you will not mind... I wanted to search through your teasures. If you get time pop over and see me the kettle is always on for tea. Hugs ~Wendy at blissangels

Jillayne said...

Your space is beautiful and there is so much to see! I think your husband is a great sport - too funny! I especially liked the doll parts and your grandson's reaction, that was hilarious. Thnks so much for teh tour!

C'est Magnifique said...

Oh jeez... I am SO envious of your room, it's absolutely beautiful, stunning, romantic, cozy, warm... I could go on!! LOL! I want to come over and hang out with you there and create art!! I am also absolutely in LOVE with those frame window valances! How clever, I think I may have to copy that!!

Thanks for visiting my studio!


Recycled Rita said...

What a wonderful space! And your hubby is a real trooper!
Thanks for sharing! karen...

Jeanne said...

Cami, what a wonderful creative space you have! So man things to look at, I'll have to go back and study the photos more carefully. Love your picture frame valance - how clever!!! And DH was such a good sport to model the crown for you - what a hoot!

Jeanne said...

Cami, what a wonderful creative space you have! So man things to look at, I'll have to go back and study the photos more carefully. Love your picture frame valance - how clever!!! And DH was such a good sport to model the crown for you - what a hoot!

Debby said...

Hi Cami, what a beautiful, romantic studio to have to play in. I love everything about it, amazing. You have so many beautiful things to share with us. I was laughing when I saw hubby in his crown, too funny!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Jane said...

Hi Cami,
I so enjoyed seeing where you create all of your wonderful projects. The room is just perfect!! There was so much to love in that room but my favorite was the valances out of old frames!
After seeing so many studios with inspiration boards I was inspired to start one of my own. That's the newest addition to my studio. Drop by for a visit!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love everything about this studio. A few of my favorites are the quote about junk, the lovely vintage rose you added to your chair, your hubby wearing the crown, and that cute curio. Of course, these are just a few of the things I loved about your studio. So beautiful, so well appointed, and so full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

NanaNay said...

I love your space and what a sweet, fun hubby you have. Mine just closes the door to my room that is always an organizational work in progress.

Thespa said...

I love your space! Every detail is enchanting, even that wonderful gentleman in your crown, LOL. Thanks for sharing your creative space. Love your blog and I'm linking up to you. Have a great summer!

Vintiqiuties Workshop

My Arts Desire said...

Oh Cami! Wild screams with profuse clapping...yeeee haw you hit it out of the park, girl!!! A million gorgeous and creative details... wouldn't know where to begin. One really cool practical thing I saw on the first photo {enlarged, of course to take in all the detail} was the roll of paper. How great is that?! This is one of those posts I will return to again and again. Way to see your dream room come true through sheer will, determination and TONS of hard work. Just beautiful! Xo, Sue

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love a playful room to create! I see so many beautiful things...especially the dolls and feminine decor! You have a cute hubby, too! heehee! Hope you'll visit me soon! ♥

Lori said...

Cami, you have such a feminine, romantic, creative room. There's so much inspiration there! I am inspired by you and plan on 'copying' some of your storage ideas. Hope you don't mind. I think those frames above your windows are quirky and fun. Love how you've added so many touches in every nook and cranny. Thanks for sharing!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Well - I was going to visit a few PC blogs to put blogs with faces for manana and now I've been here half and hour!!! Girl you have been busy - I love all your swap stuff - it's fabulous but how could it not be working in that incredible studio of yours. Loved every inch of it! See you in Wax! xoxo Nancy

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

You have a wonderful studio and a plethora of treasures! Your husband's idea with the craft paper is very clever. Thank you so much for sharing. Connie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

First, I have to say what a champ your hubby was to model that crown for us! : ) I love your room and I think it looks great. I love everything in here. You really put a lot of thought and hard work into it, too!

Halle said...

Love the chicken wire...esp since it's in the same room with such feminine flair!

luluslovlies said...

Oh My I so love your room and everything in it! My kids especially all my boys would say the same thing about my dolls and doll parts, I love them and still have both. dolls around and parts also. We aren't askew, they are. lol I love the bulletin board with sheet music and chicken wire. You Hubby is the Best for wearing that crown. Whata guy!! Many people don't keep doll heads or some of the parts as they are a pain to re-string once the elastic is shot. So that just means they are cool enough to be nice and vintage. Thanks for sharing, I love it! XOXO

Angela Weimer said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour. You have such a great space flled with such wonderful inspirations and creations. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela
ps, love the pic of your Dh with the crown.

Fleur de Bee said...

Oh my goodness what beautiful treasures and such a beautiful space!!! I am so impressed you got him to wear that thing! Actually my husband would have too I will admit!

So nice to meet you and view another like-minded artist. I can't wait to follow you in your adventures here!

xoxo Molly

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

First - I miss you!! SO MUCH!
Secondly - your studio is amazing. I declare, there is such a difference between a studio that looks like yours and my crack house.
Someday maybe mine will look more like yours.
Nah-h-h-h-h-h, prob'ly not. LOL

We simply must get on each other's email lists AND i'm going to be following your blog;)

you're a doll and again, i adore your studio AND your doll parts!!!

Anonymous said...

Your studio is so charming. Love all your creative touches, even the chicken wire. I really enjoyed the tour. Thanks for your visit and very nice comment.

Rochelle said...

I just love every little thing about your creative space! It is just too darn cute for words!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You obviously have a hubby that's one in a million! I really like your space and your doll parts absolutely don't creep me out. The best part tho' is your frame valance - I love it!! Thanks for inviting us to visit.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Cami,
Your studio if fabuous...I love all the pretty laces and the baby shoes. If I could visit in person, I would look around for hours.

Yes, I am still visiting the participants in the 'Where Bloggers Create' event...and having a great time! Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

. said...

Love the space, so many things to look at and to discover... All the doll parts reminds me of the Toy story movies, but all with a touch of romance and style : ) And all thumbs up for your hubby for sporting the crown for you, what a champ!! Really lovley space.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection of stuff! One would look around your room 100 times and still see something new each time. That's fun!! I love your benches and furniture you use for storage, I will never look at my plastic storage the same again. I am new to the blogging world (2 wks!) but maybe I can take part in the party next year! Thank you for sharing~ Sherry F.

Creative Grammie said...

You have such wonderful things in your work space. It's romantic and feminine looking in there.

Diane said...

What fun to prowl through all of your treasures in this really fun creative space. Thanks for letting me peek in. Diane