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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paper Cowgirl swap spoilers...

Today I want to share the last of my Paper Cowgirl swaps (you can see the previous ones I've created in this post). I don't want to wait until after the swap to share them w/ y'all, as by then Paper Cowgirl will be over & I'll be running behind for something else. ;o) So if you are one of my swap partners & want to be surprised, back outta this post now.

I have a different take on creating for swaps than some. I don't let the personal taste of the recipient dictate the overall look & feel of my creation. And I don't want them to try to mold their style into mine for my gifts either. Call me arrogant but I feel that I can create something myself to suit me & my own personal taste. When swapping, I want the swap I receive, to reflect their style, taste & creativity.... I think the gifts carry more memories, meaning & significance that way. Hopefully my swap partners feel the same way. And if not, maybe they'll be understanding about it. LOL

I had already signed up for the 16 blossoms swap & the 21 ATCs swap when the "I'm a Rodeo Queen Sash" swap was announced. Even though I already had a full plate, I couldn't resist signing up. I'm sooo glad I did...I had soo much fun creating the sash. I love it & hope my pardner does as well.

I cannot tell you how badly I have mannequin envy. You all have vintage (or at least vintage look-alikes) & mine is wire, ugly & hard to decorate. *sigh* But hey, I have a wonderful collection of amateur rose paintings! ;o) You can see more of them in this post.

I backed a satin scarf (was the perfect length & width...lucky!) w/ a wide piece of lace ribbon to help add weight & body, then layered a lace scrap & glittered DREAM letters.

I made a mini-mum-like decoration where it joins at the hip. Most true rodeo queens wear their sashes tucked into their pants though & let their HUGE trophy belt buckles be the star. Little known fact.... I was on the rodeo team in high school. But I was a hippie chick who just happened to love horses so I didn't fit in very well. I wish I had a copy of the picture of our group in the yearbook. Everybody's all decked out in down vests, big buckles, cowboy boots & hats & there I am in a mini-skirt & go-go boots. LOL

I made an extra blossom to decorate the sash.

And I recently scored an old, dusty shadow box full of vintage Cracker Jack toys. For a dollar! What fun! There were a couple of cowboy items so I glittered them up & used them on the sash.

Some of the best advice my mother ever gave me (& she's given me a lot! LOL) ..."always be the guy wearing the white hat."

And as if I didn't have enough swaps to make, I had to sign for the "Not Your Mama's Vintage Hat Swap". I happened to get my friend Joanna @ Sweet Finds as a partner. I know her & know her style (she's in my art group) & it's very similiar to my own so I'm pretty sure she'll be happy w/ her swap gift.

I love this pillbox...it's one of my favorite hats out of my collection. This shot shows it's wonderful taupe color & pleating better. I didn't want to add too much & cover up that pleating so I kept the altering pretty simple.

I decoupaged a styrofoam wig head w/ sheet music to present the hat on & of course, Joanna gets to keep the wig head too.

I know she loves frozen Charlottes (who doesn't?) so she'll probably love this.

I used a vintage rhondelle as a "crown".

And I FINALLY finished up glittering the 21 boots I stupidly thought would be a great, unique way to present the 21 ATCs for the ATC swap. The ATCs slip right inside the boot...cute but OMG, what was I thinking? They were soooo labor-intensive! I'm not even that happy w/ them as they really needed more attention that I had time to give 21 of them. But I am sooo done w/ them so they'll just have to go looking a bit amateurish.

Now I'm off to have my nails done. Need my hair done too but my grandson begged me to come pick him up today so I'm just going to have to go to Paper Cowgirl w/ ratty hair...gotta keep my priorities straight. ;o). Connor's 12 & his mom is letting him stay home by himself this summer. But he's been spending a lot of time w/ me since school let out; helping w/ Paper Cowgirl projects & housework. You think he'd be living it up playing video games & such at home by himself but I guess he'd rather hang out w/ his "old Honey". I feel quite flattered & loved! Grands are better than...welllll, better than anything!


Dezinaworld said...

Ohhh i could spend ages here looking at all your wonderful things. i so love all the fancy pieces as they are beautiful and girly
hugs June xxx

Queenie said...

Hey Cami!
Oh girl, your swap partners are going to be delighted with their gifts....to say the least! These are all so cute...I always love seeing your creations and what you have been gettin' into! :)

I love that post down below...you are so lucky to have a room to create in...it is very inspiring...I love it! Love the picture of your cute hubby modeling the hat for you too. That is just too cute that he wanted to do that for you to put on your blog!
Hope you have a beautiful and creative week my friend!
Big Hugs,

Leanne said...

Styrofoam head -- brilliant! That's cheaper than a vintage mannequin head. Brilliant!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Wonderful creations Cami....the sash is sooo cute with the dingle dangles.

Debra@Common Ground said...

I'M going crazy over that Rodeo Queen sash, it's just darling, love the tulle and rosette. You are just so talented. Have tons of fun at PC!!

The Muse said...

i must tell you that i head over cowgirl heels in love with that sash :)

i sure hope that you are having the most blessed summer!

Natasha Burns said...

oh wow your swap creations are FANTASTIC! loving that boot - I'd definitely be happy with it if it were me. You're being too hard on yourself!
That hat OMG is so darn cute!!

Calsidyrose said...

Your sash is so awesome!!! I adore the mini-mum idea I about fell over when we moved to Texas and I saw my first Mums a the Homecoming Game. I have Band kids, and did one Senior mum for a girl--who promptly dropped my son after Homecoming! The next one, when it comes, will be for a boy! :)

Your hat is wonderful. Your partners are going to swoon!

I can't wait to meet you. I finished my partner's sash, but had to coerce my 16-year-old daughter into doing the sewing. I hope to post some pix of my swaps before I pull out on Thursday for Waxahachie! My husband will be glad for the craft clutter to be out of the living room!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

How adorable, Cami! Love that sash! Sweet swap gifts ~ the girls will have fits! Wish I were going, too! I just won one of Laverne's pretty posey ribbon corsages and she asked me to come to Paper Cowgirl Vendor's night ~ still kind of iffy, because I may need to take my mother to her hs reunion that day if she feels like going. If not, I may head on over to Waxahachie. Wonder how much time I would need to set aside for Vendor's Night?

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Bryanna Lenan said...

Love the swaps... Joanna is going to love the hat... I wondered if she has already peeked!! You have fun at PC... I was hoping to go but it didnt work... give Joanna a hug for me and she has a hug for you from me! Have fun... it has been a rough few weeks... your in my thoughts, girl!

Christine Edwards said...

Cami, your swaps turned out great...love the rodeo sash! I think your being too hard on yourself about your ATC boots, they look super cute. Have a fantastic time!

Jenny said...

Wow. You are really talented. I love how you mix it up...definitely a knack I don't have.