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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paper Cowgirl swaps

The grands have gone back home now but I've been a whirlwind of activity ever since....spiffing up my studio for the Where Bloggers Create party and mega-crafting for the Paper Cowgirl swaps. But I thought I'd come up for some air & share w/ y'all what I've created so far.

I've never made an ATC before but thought they sounded like fun so I signed up for the swap. We had to make 21 (22 counting me), which really sounds a lot harder than it was. Do them all assembly style & it doesn't take much longer to knock out 20, than it would to knock out 6. I'm not usually known for my originality but I'm pretty happy w/ my design. Welllll, actually, it's mine & my grandson, Connor's design as I enlisted some hired help to get them done. We glued an old book page onto card stock, burned the edges of some rose paper (Connor sooo wanted to help w/ that part but no way!) & added a border of that; sewed a layer of netting on top (it's a coarse net that reminds me of chicken wire), added a sepia toned picture of an old west cowgirl, text, pearls & tad bit of bling (the rhinestone I used in the upper left corner doesn't show up very well in the photo). I LOVE it! Wish I'd gotten a better shot of it...it's looks wayy better in person.

I thought about glittering around the edges of the cowgirl to make her "pop" some but while hunting for the glitter glue, I found a crackle medium I bought & never used. It's by Ranger & it's called Crackle Accents. It's a one step crackle process that leaves a glossy, cracked surface...isn't it cool?

I also had to make 16 blossoms. Yep, 16 of them! I just wrapped tulle in a figure 8 around & around & around; fanned it all out, then added a lace scrap, crocheted flower & a pearl center. Then I added a tattered silk crepe backing, turned it upside down & sprayed it heavily w/ spray starch, leaving it to dry upside down. The silk crepe firmed up nicely & it formed a "cup" shape around the flower.

Tonight I'll be glittering up these paper boots to present the ATCs in....all 21 of them. Making the boots was harder & more labor intensive than making the ATCs! But we were told to spare nothing w/ the presentation of them. Hope they pass the muster! Last year, AnnDenise wore pink, glittered cowboy boots to the art event.... I sooooo wanted to copy her & wear a pair myself this year. But there's no sense in advertising the fact that I am a copycat (not at an art event!) so I better not. ;o) I couldn't resist doing a mini, paper rendition though.

I still need to create a Rodeo Queen sash out of this satin & lace & turn the pillbox hat into something Joanna will adore. I saved the funnest projects for last...aren't I smart?

I can't wait to show y'all what I'm doing to some old cowboy boots I'm wearing to Paper Cowgirl next week. (Next week? EEEEEK!) They won't be as cool as AnnDenise's (it's hard to top pink glitter) but they'll be designed by me. *crossing my fingers I don't screw them up*

I'll be back on Saturday w/ pictures of my studio for Karen's Where Bloggers Create party...see y'all then!


Connie said...

Camiiiiiii!!! That little flower is soooo caaauuuute, sweetpea. I'm making one for me. Got lots of old lace around this place....

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cami, this is darling! You always have something fun going on at your house. So neat!


Sheila :-)