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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Paper Cowgirl Retreat...Camp Whimsy

This may be my longest post yet so y'all may want to grab a cup of coffee (& maybe even a sleeping bag) before you start in. ;o) The Paper Cowgirl "Camp Whimsy" was an absolute blast! I cannot tell you how much fun it was. They treated us like Princesses & we have the crowns to prove it! ;o) The instructors were all very, very generous w/ their talents, supplies & knowledge... they were just as generous w/ their friendship too. And Cindy @ Yapping Cat Studio is just as fun as I thought she would be! I didn't get to meet Tina, as she was recently diagnosed w/ cancer & wasn't up to attending...say a prayer for her please! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer & miraculous recoverys!

I was really impressed w/ the other cowgirls' talents too... there were so many great ideas flying around! This is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. We had a fabulous lunch (from the Doves Nest), fantastic comraderie, great shopping ( at the Dove's Nest, the Crafty Scrapper & the instructors' boothes) & fun projects...what else can you ask for? Cupcakes, you say? Well we had those too! ;o) Beautiful, yummy cupcakes!

Just look at what awaited us at our tables when we arrived that morning! Bag of goodies, princess wand, bookmark & journal. In the blue tote are the supplies for our first class....the cupcake painting class, taught by Sandra .

And of course the centerpiece was darling!

They thought of everything!

After the cupcake class, we shopped at the instructors' booth a bit. They had a very nice display.

Chantal's fabric cuffs kits.

Look how beautiful they are when completed!

Thsi cupcake fairy was tooo sweet!

Sandra's talent is AMAZING!

Loved the tussie mussies but the aqua color wouldn't work for me so I guess I'll have to make my own.

Then on to shopping @ the Dove's Nest, next door.

I didn't get a picture of Cindy's whole booth but I did snap a few of her stuff. LOVE this glittered skull.

And how cute are these frames!

That's what you call a chic jack o' lantern!

And I have been kicking myself for not buying these bobby pins! My first thought, when seeing this kind of stuff, is "Why, I can do that!". But knowing me, I may never get around to it & I surely couldn't do it for any cheaper than she's asking.

The rest of the store was cute but pricey. I bought a few things but nothing vintage. I rarely buy vintage @ antique shops, in fact....their prices always make me think, "Why I only paid $3.99 for that & it's worth $30!" Not saying they charge too much...just saying, I like the thrill of the hunt & I'm willing to be patient.

I did steal some ideas though. ;o) LOVE this bottle cap necklace.

And I adore this chandelier.

Lovely altered bottle.

And I may not get to it this year, but I'm making this witches hat!

After shopping @ the Dove's Nest, it was time for Joanna's crown class. Look what awaited us when we returned to our tables. The bag was just full of beautiful supplies.

And inside the floral bag was a beautiful jeweled frame.

After the crown class, it was time for cupcakes (dived into mine & forgot to get a pic) & then I shopped a bit @ the Crafty Scrapper....saw this cute garland.

Then on to Chantal's fabric cuff class. I forgot to get a picture of the boxes that awaited us, upon our arrival back to the tables (it was so cool...every time we took a break & left the tables....more treats were snuck in) but she was soo generous w/ teh supplies that I can probably make @ least 2 more cuffs out of it. This is a picture, I took at home, of the supplies I didn't use.

Was too busy crafting & laughing to get many pictures of the class but did get this one.

My cupcake "painting" It's really paper scraps that you layer w/ a bit of paint. Very neat technique! And I loved the beeswax finish she taught us...I just layered mine on too thick.

My crown...my family has laughed their butts off but I just love it!

And my unfinished cuff. I'll show it completed, as well as better pictures of my other projects, for Natasha Burn's It's All About Me party on the 22nd. I've decided that this retreat, spent w/ these talented women, is the best thing I've done for myself, in wayyy too long! So it'll be perfect for the All About Me party.

Just look at all the treats that they sent home w/ us! Ring pop, candy bracelet, gourmet cookies (yummy!), chocolate, fairy wings & rose soap...I'm telling ya, they treated us like princesses & spoiled us rotten!

This tiny little bird is too tweet!

Beautiful lined notebook. I write down ideas & plans when I go through my magazines each season...this will become my official idea book.

Our Cowgirl badges that we received after completing each class. I never was a girl scout so I'm real proud of these badges.

This tag that Sandra created for us is adorable!

TOLD you it was gonna be a long post! *grins* But I'm almost done....here's the finds I got @ the instructor's booth. Sweet fabric cuff that Joanne @ Sweet Finds made...looks like she designed it just for me!

Adorable crepe paper ruffles ...I'd have bought all she had but I didn't want to be greedy.

I also bought the kit to make this cuff of Chantal's but I've misplaced it. I know it made it home w/ me so it's gotta be here somewhere.

I didn't care about being greedy about these little trinkets...I snatched them right up!

Bought a few things from the Crafty Scrapper too....I got some of the cards used in the garland above but I don't know if I'll make the garland as I have no place to hang it. Also, teeny, tiny watch faces & a "Count Your Blessings" stamp.

And all this great trim. Their selection of trims is incredible...I could have spent a fortune!

And from the Dove's Nest, I purchased a Queen & Diva pin from Cindy's booth (why oh why didn't I get those bobby pins!)

And from other booths...glittery words & a fabulous, HUGE peace sign ring. It swallows my finger but I love it.

And I collect regional cookbooks as souveniers. I know my projects are my souveniers from this time but I couldn't resist. Besides, I hear it's a really good one.

And the sweetest little crown. It's already found a home on a pumpkin....I'll share pics next week when I post my Halloween decor.

Whew! Now is that a mega-post or what!?!?!?


Household 6 said...

Cami, daaaaaaaang :)
I have a bunch of those little plastic trick or treat pumpkins, I should so totally paint mine and add a little glitter too! Cool idea! Looks like it was a BLAST!

Katy ~ said...

My face is hurting from smiling so much through your post! Oh my what a perfect day for you!

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Cami how beautiful everything is here. I just adore that precious crown with the pearls. ~Lovely!

Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
~Melissa :)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That is a mega post full of glitter, inspiration and goodies so how can we complaint??? Your projects are gorgeous!!!! Good job, Cami!!!

TxScrapAddict said...

Wow oh wow what a haul!! (it was fun helping you "find" some of it!!) what a great time!

Lori said...

Cami, yes that was a mega post...but your pictures are so fantastic, i almost feel like i was right there with you...that looks like it was such a fun event...i bet you had a blast...all of the class projects are wonderful...but my favorite would have been the crown...and i think yours is just gorgeous!!!

Ruby Grace's said...

Wow...what fun you had! Great Stuff. Thanks also for the post last week on Lone Star Mall and the kind words and picture from Ruby Grace's. I think the wedding dress is awesome also. We had some long 50's prom dresses that sold to teenage girls for prom. They wanted to wear vintage and not have the same dress all the other girls wore. The dresses were tiny and one girl said she would cut out a rib if necessary. Thanks again for the post and for shopping with us and Lone Star. I stayed up there until 11:00 last night helping the owners redo some stuff. Check it out soon.

ceekay said...

Mercy girl....you did have a great time didn't you. What eye candy and so many ideas. How fun!

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Cami, I sat down this morning with a cup of coffee to check out your blog and soooo glad I did!! You did a fabulous job of capturing the day and posting on it! The only thing you forgot to include was your fabulous cowboy boots! You looked adorable!! I enjoyed meeting you so much and thanks to your previous post, have a day at Lone Star planned with my junking buddy and partner in crime Gigi!

Dawn said...

Where to start?! It was all so wonderful. I found some little pink bird candle holders just like those in my attic! Love the vintage halloween art on your header. So cute!

Kim said...

Ooooohhhhh....it looks just wonderful! How I wish that Virginia was closer to Texas! I just love your cupcake painting, I think that it turned out really well. The whole event looks like a feast of creativity.

Sandy Michelle said...

It was a post of mega eye candy girl! Looks like you had a great time and you learned a lot. I would have been broke if I was near those displays! I love all your treasures!


cindy said...

Cami! I'm so glad you had a great time! We were glad to do it, is always fun to spoil someone! I hated that y'all could not meet Tee (Tina) as she is a hoot and teaches an awesome class herself! But in June for sure! I'm gonna give ya a shout later on lunch...we have to decide where.
yapping cat

Anonymous said...

O how much fun was that - I would love to do something like this sometime-I think maybe I could get a little creative with having all those fantastic artsy people around me!


Queenie said...

Oh Cami...this was the funnest post! I am so glad that you did this for yourself...what an amazing retreat! I loved seeing all of the crafty ideas, and your crown is gorgeous...you deserve it sweetie.
Big hugs,

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhhh my goodness !! that is just the most fun ever ! I adore your crown btw ~
I want to go !!

Claudia said...

Hi Cami - I've been catching up on your posts - what a fabulous retreat! We don't have anything like that around here unfortunately. You made such wonderful things - love the cupcake painting and your crown! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!