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Monday, October 5, 2009

Junkin' Monday

Last week was another good thrifting week for me...nothing I couldn't live w/out but I still managed to bring a lot home. ;o) And I had a really, really good day at the Cattle Barns yesterday but I'll take pics & post those finds next week. We also stopped at an estate sale while on the way to the grocery store (hubby was like "WHAT? We just left the flea market!" & I told him "you should neevr pass by an estate sale on Sunday w/out stopping. They're always half off on Sundays!" Would you believe he took longer & spent more than I did?! But we each got some great deals & were happy we made the stop. It's very cloudy here now & there's not enough light to take pics so I'll share those finds next week too.

Here's the thrift finds from the week though.

Love the frames w/ the wire backs...they'll be great w/ an altered bottle wired on. Or maybe just a plain bottle w/ a fresh flower. The mosaic birdhouse was only $3.75 & I'll glitter up the farme or something...I like it's detail.

Pearl "tiara" ($1.75!) & fringed napkins.

The brass towel bars will get a coat of white & will look great displaying vintage tea towels. Shadowbox & cat stamps.

More napkins & placemats....I have a tablesetting fetish. I need help! *grins*

Thse are prize ribbons from an Arabian horse show here in Ft Worth...they were cheap, cheap so couldn't resist them. They're not vintage so I think I'll remake them into something else by inserting a new button & ribbons.

Table toppers.

I know what you're thinking....I bought it for the wire basket. Sometimes you have to look beyond the ugly to see the beauty. ;o) The books are old church hymnals....I always snag them when I see them . The wicker placemats will either get a white-wash or I will try dyeing them....maybe a light blue.

Bought this old dresser for $25. Excuse my messy, messy garage! I used to get embarassed about my overflowing, junk-filled garage...until I saw pics of your garages & realized it goes w/ teh junkin' territory. LOL

The mirror was $20 & the INDULGE sign was only a $1 cause it's broken...it's an easy fix though.

Got this dress out of the Halloween section for $3.99.

I'll use it as a cutter...look at this great lace detail! It was a Scott McClintock dress so I'll also use the label in a project.

Beautiful lace!

LOVE this wedding dress. I also got it out of the Halloween section but I had to pay $20 for it. The only flaws it has is a small tear in the right sleeve & a few missing buttons so I had to have it.

Got this wingback curbside in somebody's trash. My daughter's next door neighbor actually. *grins* I was dropping off a grand & told her, "I'm gonna get that chair next door" & she surprised me by saying "go for it" . I said "OK...come help me load it" & she refused. ???? Guess I was pushing my luck! ;o) I think I may try dabbing it w/ a neutral furniture dye before I do anything else w/ it...I've seen that work for some people & since this chair is relatively clean, it may be the easiest fix. It's very sturdy & comfortable but I don't know where I'll put it...maybe I should put wheels on it & use it as an office chair?

Happy Junkin'! Visit Marcela & Clara @ Cottage Charm & Family Inspiration for more great finds!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hey CAmi! You always manage to amaze us with your finds!! Wonderful chair (don't worry, our kids will never help us get something out of the trash)...I like the idea of the bottles in the frames, I might have to copy that!...and the dresser...WOW!!!! Great junkin' week for you girl!!!

The White Farmhouse said...

I am looking for a dresser like that for my 2 year old. What a great find! I always say "One person's trash is my next treasure!"

Thank you for your comment on my desk and "birds". Steal away my new friend!

Uncanny Festoon said...

Ohh la la you lucky girl..what finds!

tara said...

Cami you found some amazing stuff girl!! and no you should never pass up an estate sale on a sunday, they just want to be done!! :) The dresser was a steal, what are you going to do with it? Great finds!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wow, Cami! You absolutely rule when it comes to thriftin! I would leave that dresser exactly as it is... LOVE the color, and I can see it with some of your wonderful collections on it. That was a great find, but that chair! Can't believe you found it in the TRASH! You go, girl! It's a goodie. And I am not about to help you with a tablescaping addiction when I have the same one! ;-)

Enjoyed seeing your goodies...


Sheila :-)

Household 6 said...

Alright, I believe the next time I'm in Texas, you are going to drag me around to all your great junking haunts! You find the best stuff.
And that Indulge sign is HUGE! I love it!

philben5 said...

Love the frames with wire in them. Gives me a great idea!
thanks for stopping.

Jill said...

I love to hear all your plans--creative! My favorite are the church hymnals-I always buy those too. The font is so beautiful and the text can be cut out for projects and inspiration!

Pat & Ron Harris said...

Thank you so much for visiting Junkblossoms! I just read your blog entry and wow! You found some great finds. I love the indulge sign. Wouldn't something like that be fun in front of a mirror permanently? I also love the plate idea for my whatchamacallits. lol. Thank, Pat

Lori said...

CAMI!!!! i really need to come junkin' with you girl!!! you really find the most amazing things...and i have to tell you, the prices are fantastic ( i am a little jealous about that )...LOVE the little tiara, that is so cute...and the dresser is so pretty...

ps: i am still cracking up picturing your corset lady with her mustache....i hope you will be back to work on your journal soon...i can't wait to see!!!

Collected Treasures said...

great junkin week.....love, love, love the dresser and frames....xojana

Katy ~ said...

Cami, Cami, Cami, (shaking my head in amazement), grins. Love the napkins, I would've snatched them up, too.

Shelia said...

Hi Cami! Oh, what treasures you found! That dresser is precious! Not bad looking just as it is! Now you know I'm loving all those napkins.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Another great week for you Cami...love the frames with the wire I see many things you can do with those...May you have a great week my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Cami, great goodies. Love your little white frames and that dresser. Oh, I just have a weakness for them! So nice to have a husband that indulges us in our vintage shopping! It takes some of the guilt off of us, when they buy too!!
p.s. Great garage!!

Barbara said...

Cami, Wow what great finds, love all the old linens you found. Happy hunting.

Anonymous said...
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TxScrapAddict said...

Hi ya Cami! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Had a great time hangin, shoppin, craftin and laughin with ya on Saturday!

nana rosie said...

Hi I just HAD to tell you.....I stinking LOVE your BLOG!!!
I so want to be like you, when I grow UP!! I spend far tooooo much just looking at EVERY Little thing BEAUTIFUL work!
A fan, Rosie T AKA rosycheeks

Kim said...

Holy Moley!! You made out!!! That dresser is amazing! And, only $25! I love the color, just perfect. And, I think that those horse ribbons are great finds. You will made them super cute.