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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Bewitching Hour!

If y'all haven't been to Joli Paquet, you need to rush right over. They have the most marvelous seasonal tuts (free!) & they offer kits as well... it couldn't be any easier to craft your own Halloween "masterpieces". And their music is sure to get you into the spirit of things...love it!

When I saw The Bewitching Hour tut, given by Jeanne from Dream, Create, Inspire, I fell in love. So much so, that my usual procrastination was put off (get it? *grins*)...I jumped on the project right away. I did improvise some & used what I had on hand. I didn't mount it on metal or a tart pan....I just used the card stock & stuck it under a "cloche" (it's actually a thrifted candle basin that I glued a glass doorknob on). Everything looks better & more important under glass, don't you think?

Unless you're trying to photograph it..then it looks way better w/out the glass.

There! Now you can see all the details w/out the glare & blur. I glittered her hat up a bit & used shredded sheet music to cover the tab I taped her onto the plate with. (Just like the metal "tab" in the tut)

And I really improvised w/ the clock. Instead of buying the suggested cogs & clock faces, I flattened out a bottle cap, then printed off a clock face & glued it on. Turned out pretty well!

Here's the clock face image I used, if you're interested in going that route. I resized it w/ Irfanview (free download on my sidebar under "blogging helpers") & printed it out @ 1" & it fit perfectly.

What a fun project! Gotta love Joli Paquet...they have an awesome team of instructors & it's free!


Lady Katherine said...

I do love this! I planning a table setting for my daughter Birthday the day I get to come home from the hospital. I going to set everything up before I go. I been hunting a witch hat. But this may just work Thanks for the info. and your turned out great!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Cami, Oh, this is just the cutest! And thanks for the heads up on your sidebar. I'm going to see about it. Have a great weekend!

cindy said...

I know, right? And free!!!! :D Loved this, lookit you already kicking it out! You did a fantastic job!

yapping cat

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

How fun is this girl...Oh I love what you did here...I'll go for sure to see it all...Thanks..Hope you have a great weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Yours turned out so cute!!! I love how you used a bottle cap. I was thinking about making one too. I'm just waiting to feel better. And you are right, everything does look better under glass.

Household 6 said...

Well looky-choo go, girl! By the way, I LOVE your idea about glueing a glass knobby doodad onto an upside down candle doohickey. I can so do that! And p.s. I must have been chanelling you today because I also pulled out one of my glass whatchamadingers to put my thingamabob in. LOL. Are you following what I'm sayin' here?

Queenie said...

That's so cute...I just love your idea for making a mini clock face too! You are so sweet to share all of your wonderful ideas!
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Big hugs,

Katy ~ said...

Cami, this is ADORABLE!! And thank you so much for being a blogger who shares her time and talents. You are a gem,

michelle said...

Darling! I agree, everything looks better under glass! I love the bottle capidea, truly ingenious!

Charlene said...

Hey Cami how are you? Love this witch! I am going to hop over there to check her out. Soooooo very cute. Where did you put the cute little assembelage you made at Art Group? Talk to ya soon I hope.