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Friday, May 1, 2009

I know y'all are sooo over Easter...

but I never got to share my Easter pictures & hope it's not too late. Also, here's the link to last year's decor...I know most of you didn't know my blog then so probably haven't seen those pics either. click here for last year's Easter decor

I finally got around to painting the old mirror over my mantel & I'm not happy w/ it. I think it needs either some distressing or additional glazing. (I'm just visible in this pic...notice the wet hair....it'll be explained later)

click on any pic to enlarge

My alltime favorite shot of my kids! All of them are grown up now & not nearly so cute!

I framed this vintage sheet music cover & "matted" it using pages from an old book.

Love this vintage style bunny dish...I got it @ Tuesday Morning last year.

Very simple centerpiece on the dining room table. It had more "oomph" from a distance because of the pearl & carrot-draped chandelier.

I got these vintage-style pottery pieces, 75% off @ Cracker Barrel a few years ago. I took a picture of the china cabinet that the pottery pieces were in but when I uploaded it, I noticed a reflection in the glass door that I would not have wanted the world to see.......me in nothing but a T & my panties! LOL I remember teh day I took the shots...I had just gotten out of the shower & was getting dressed when I noticed the lighting was perfect. So I grabbed my camera.... neglecting to put on pants first! *grins* I am so glad I caught that near-blunder!

If you enlarge this next pic, you can see my collection of sugar eggs. One is under the dome, one is in the brass box & there's a teeny-tiny one on the faux scale. I am soooo going to make my own one day!

I love the beaded net food cover! I bought a pair of them while flea'ing a few months ago.

I used mercury glass candlesticks as the base for my coffee table arrangement. A mercury glass vase was a wonderful thrift store find & is what inspired the vignette. I added a pearl monogram to an old ironstone platter, it's another idea I "stole" from Queenie . I'll just switch out the rabbit for a bird or a cherub & it'll carry me all the way through summer.

Vintage porcelain chicks on a bed or tinsel.

We didn't host Easter @ our house this year. My daughter wanted to host it @ her house & BBQ hot dogs & hamburgers. I was distraught over Gizzy's decline in health so I agreed. My mother spent the night w/ us though & we had a simple brunch that morning. Not my best table! It could be much improved upon but my heart just wasn't in it.

I also wanted to share my favorite pics of each of the grands. This is Connor w/ chipmunk cheeks full of candy. Geesh!

Caeden scored one hidden high in a tree.

This one of Caralyn needs no explanation...she's just simply beautiful!

Mischievous Coleson...he wanted to eat the candy out of every egg as soon as he found it.

And baby Noah...he reminds me so much of Clifton at that age...just fatter! *grins*

Well, you know what they say...better late than never! ;o)


Debbie Kay said...




The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cami, I love all of the Easter pics, and I want to be sure and go see the ones from last year. Easter is one of my very favorite holidays, and I have bunnies out in my house year round. But I love bunnies and chicks and things. And yours are darling, as are your kiddos!


Sheila :-0

salmagundi said...

Beautiful grandkid pictures. I especially enjoyed seeing Noah - I still pray for his good health. I assume he is doing well with no more problems. Have a great weekend. Sally

Ginger said...

I enjoyed seeing your Easter decorations, no matter how late. I wish we could leave them out all year long. I love the bunnies and the vintage dishes and decor.
Cute grandkids you have. Does everyone tell you that Caralyn looks like you? I think she does, from what I see of your profile picture.
I know how distraught you were and I don't blame you for not wanting to host a celebration. I hope you are feeling a little better now. It takes awhile to get over the death of a pet. I don't know if we ever get over it, we just go on.

Shelia said...

Oh, Cami! I never tire of Easter things! Your mantle is so pretty! And your mirror looks great to me! You have so many beautiful bunnies! Looks like the grans where having a great time.
Hope you're feeling a bit better. Nothing will take your little darlings place, but it does get better in time, I know!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I adore your Easter decor. You have some fabulous items & have the knack for displaying them. And the grand kids are such cuties (and I'm not even biased). Thanks for sharing the pics.

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Lovely pictures are lovely pictures - no matter when they are posted. I loved it all - some of the highlights to me were the filled apothecary jar, the "C" plate, the...ok, I thought they were all highlights. LOL Thanks for sharing - and you're right! Better late than never....hugs, Barb

Katy said...

I so enjoyed seeing your Easter decorations. Your home was lovely. And the grands--well they are so very precious!

Diane said...

It is never to late to share your decorations, you should now all us gals by now! Your place sure looked very whimsical. The grand kids are darling what fun.
Hugs, Diane

Kathleen said...

Hi Cami, I hope you are doing better..:(
I love all your bunnies and decos. And your grands are beautiful..I am not allowed to post mine! So you will have to take my word that they are beautiful too!
Have a great weekend..come visit when you can...

Knitty said...

I love seeing your decorated rooms and tables. I bet no one would have caught the wet hair if you didn't mention it, but the picture you deleted....well that could have become an internet sensation! :)

ceekay said...

Cami, your Easter decor is lovely. I really like your egg cups. Glad you are feeling better with your little Rudy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cami! They are such beautiful grand babies...Noah.... I can't believe he is that big already!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Cami,
Your Easter photos are beautiful of everyone. It's never too late to share them. :)

I have thought of you lately and prayed. I'm so happy to see you have a new addition to the family. Rudy is darling!

Thanks for coming by and entering my RED giveaway
~Good Luck! ~Melissa :)


I am so glad you shared your pictures, especially the little people. Aren't they God''s greatest blessing. All of your bunnies are darling. Thanks you for all of your ideas.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing you Easter decor- we were gone for 2 weeks and came back day after Easter so I never got my Easter out of the boxes!

My Mom did make some lovely sugar Easter eggs this year which I packed up very carefully to bring out next year along with other ones she made years ago!

I love you mantle- so pretty


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I could look at Easter decor year round if it was this lovely! I just love the way you display your pretty treasures. There are always surprises among your vignettes, and I always want to try to duplicate them. laurie

Angie said...

I just discovered your blog today - and I love the background to your blog.

susan said...

Thanks for dropping by! Ihope that cute Rudy is doing well and bringing lots of smiles! I will meet you at the Derby (I'll be the one in the gret hat :)!

susan said...

No I have not had a mint julep--great hat :)!

tardevil said...

Love the kids pics the best, but the your Easter decor is precious. Especially like the things from Cracker Barrel.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Your Easter decor' is stunning!! And if you ask me, bunnies are NEVER out of season! I posted some just last week myself!! Your grandkids are all so adorable.

Angelic Accents

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Wowwee, You certainly have lots of pretty things. I do like your mirror very much. I'm not sure what the mirror color was, but the white is very nice...Saying hello to the Grand kids too-they grow up so fast!

Thank you for dropping by-you made me laugh concerning your husband. Yes they do require a lot of attention!
I'm now going to scroll down to your other post, so I'll see you around.

Enjoy your day-

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Well those pictures might be just a tad late, but they made me want to decorate for Easter all over again. My goodness. It looks like a magazine spread. Just wonderfully decorated! I just took my bird's eggs down today ~~ Friday, May 7th!

Your grandchildren are absolutely precious, but I'm quite sure I don't need to tell you that! ;)