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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some Easter decor

Esater came so late this year (and I was so far behind) that I didn't do anything in the bedrooms or bathrooms or den...I'll do those for spring next week.

And I didn't change much on my coffee table arrangement. Just switched a couple of pieces to Easter decor & called it quits. I adore the carrot pillow on the chair in the background...it has beads on it. ;o) I got a pair of them @ TJ Maxx or Ross (can't remember which). The other one is on my sofa.

Remember the bone china bowls I found while thrifting recently? Here's one w/ a nest of shredded paper, eggs & an old postcard.

A framed piece of sheet music from the 40's that I have on my kitchen island. Last year, I featured this in a tablescape for a bunny fondue dinner. Fun... Fun! I'll share pics next week of that tablescape.
My mantel. I plan on painting the old mirror white but I haven't had it for long & I like to live w/ things for a while before changing them, to make sure that's what I want to do w/ them.

A treasured Easter photo of my kids. Still in it's tacky 80's frame! And that's exactly where it will remain! ;o)
My china cabinet in the living room. I have another stacked cake display on top but I'm not happy w/ it so I won't feature it in a photo. I store so many dishes in this china cabinet that I really should reinforce the shelves. I love this bunny on wheels!

I really love this old mantel topper/ bombe chest marriage. I've had the mantel topped for years & years & couldn't find a partner to it, to match the wood. Didn't want to paint it because the dark wood is just so beautiful. I finally found this bombe chest at auction recently. They look like they were made for each other!

A sheet of old sheet music from the 50's. I was going to frame it but it's sometimes easier to fit them into my vignettes as bases rather than framed pictures since they tend to be big.
My stacked cake plates. I wanted to feature my sugar eggs. I got them, separately, at thrift stores about 6 or 7 years ago. I'm gonna make some myself someday. Seriously....I am! You don't believe me? Neither does my husband. ;o) I've heard that you shouldn't handle them or or the oil from your skin discolors them but I don't have the heart to make them hands-off to the grands. I figured if they discolored, that I would just make a couple of my own. Anyway, after several years, and much grubby handling, they are still pristine.

I also used some chocolate egg tea-lights, faux chicks, mini-tree, a porcelain bunny & porcelain chicks & pearl necklaces in a jar. Love the vintage looking bunnys I got at Cracker Barrel last year @ 75% savings.

The inside of the large sugar egg. Cute! One of these days, I really am going to make one of my own.

Inside the itty-bitty egg . Don't ask me how I was able to get such a great shot! As my photos can attest, I am no photographer but this one turned out pretty dang good, huh?

This apothecary jar is on top of the mantel topper/ bombe chest. It has another old Easter postcard inside.

Hope you enjoyed my vignettes...would love to see yours!


HoneyB said...

Vinty I am so impressed. I feel like I am going on a tour of your home. I really love the old sheet music decos. I am a pianist and so I love it with reason! :) Maybe I will learn something about decorating from you! My house is very rarely decorated. Grumpy is more Martha Stewart like than I am...I tend to leave him to decorate (which explains all the "outdoorsy" deco in my home!)

GrannyLooHoo said...

I love your decorations Vinty--I don't know how you get the time to do it with everything you do. My decorations? Ummmm I thought about buying some Easter colored M&Ms...

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