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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Redecorated the top of my fridge...

While piddling & puttering the other night, I had an idea. Wouldn't my old, tin pie safe (an ebay find from years ago) look great on top of my fridge? It's been a printer stand for awhile now & it works great for that but it never gets the attention it deserves. It goes completely unnoticed under the printer! So I pull out the measuring tape & measure to make sure it will fit, unload the printer & the scads of printer paper stored inside, hauled a nightstand out of teh garage & up the stairs to set the printer on (last thing I needed was another project in need of paint but I was on a mission), cleared off my fridge, wiped it down (YUCK!!!! Been way over-do for that!) & went to town decorating it. (why do all my ideas involve a lot of work? Why do I have to be so industrious in my head? LOL)

Can't show you the before as I always start projects & forget to take before pictures as I'm very easily side-tracked & don't want to break the momentum. I wouldn't have shared the before pictures w/ you anyway...they were that bad. ;o)

Please overlook my popcorn ceilings...I hate them! But doesn't my fridge look nice?

The pie tin barely fit...it only cleared the ceiling w/ a couple of inches to spare.

It's from 1904....love it & will never, ever part w/ it!

Not only does it look great...it stores lots of dishes inside.

My grandmother's sugar bowl is safe & sound in here.

Love these ruffly pedestal bowls!

It shares the space w/ an apothecary jar, filled w/ a doily made by one grandmother & hand-written recipes from both.

This cherub print is from an art book from 1913. There were several prints in teh book...I should scan them some day & share them w/ y'all.

And this cabinet card is of a "fat" lady in the circus....Jolly Josie Jolly. As offensive as it is, it serves as a daily reminder that I need to watch my weight.

While going through my silver stash to decorate with, I came across a couple of old silver trays. One is Swedish & is engraved Nojafaltet's Hederspris. Hederspris translates to special...maybe it was a restaurant tray pointing out the special of the day. ??? But it dates to 1941 & has incredible patina. The second tray is almost as good a find as the first...it's an award tray, given in 1961 for Interior Decorating.

How can I completely forget about such great things??? It's been years since I bought them...why are they still in a box? *rolls eyes* Don't answer that question! I already know it's cause I have too much stuff. *sigh*


Dorthe said...

you redocorated beautifully, I love how it looks,all.
The pie tin is absolutely gorgeus, and so are the storing inside,with the beautifull sucker bowl. And the jar with recipies,-and lace, is a wonderfull ephemera filled thing.
Congratulations with your new wiev,on the freezer.
Happy evening to you, and hugs,

mary pernula said...

Love what you did! HUGS MARY

Terri Steffes said...

Ooo! I love it! I hope I can get inspired to do mine as well. Love it!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

oooh....I would keep the door open to see all the pretties!!

Lisa said...

Great job girl! I love it when utilitarian things like a fridge are turned into a place of beauty. The vignette you created is beautiful! The fat lady cabinet card is TDF! I love weird cards. I was looking thru my collection of them yesterday & I have some funky pictures. I think I might have the worlds ugliest woman. I should post her. Just worried someone might comment 'that's my great grandmother'! Lisa

Alisa Noble said...

Oh my word, Cami! I've never seen the top of a fridge look so gorgeous!
Feel free to come over and redo mine.... which happens to be storage for liquor. Such a nice sight. I'm sure people who visit think we're alchoholics.

Sandy said...

What a beautiful display! I love the pie safe, what a wonderful find but my favorite is the jar with the lace and family recipes in it, such a sweet personal touch.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Cami!!!!

Girl, You are hilarious. You need to send me a copy of Jolly...she would be perfect on my fridge too. The only thing is...she won't stop me from eating and I'll look like her eventually ;)

I LOVE your tin pie safe!!! It's much better up on the fridge holding all those pretty and sentimental things from the Grandmas than holding a printer!!!!

Your night without the hubs sounded (& looked) wonderful...I love me some Melissa Etheridge!!!!

Hope you doing okay...I miss you :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Cami, I've never seen the top of a fridge so beautifully decorated. Everything looks great and love the sweet family treasures.

Your nite alone with wine and yummy grazing food, chick music included, sounds divine to me.

Best wishes for a beautiful day! :) Tammy

Karen said...

Hey Cami. Does your Grandmothers sugar bowl state the pattern on the bottom. It is looking suspiciously familiar . . . let me know.
I love the pie safe. But I'd leave the door open! Too pretty to keep closed.
And (rolling my eyes too) you found stuff still in a box that you'd forgotten about. We are all, every single one of us GUILTY of this. It's called BRAIN OVERLOAD - what with keeping the house, laundry, raising the kids, yardwork, schoolwork and maybe even a job outside the house too. We are not WonderWoman. (Don't you wish sometimes?) Gosh, just think of all we could get done in a day . . . but it's the outfit that has me cringing . . .
LOL! Have a great day!

Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...


Thanks for sharing the "big" picture! I love it and hopefully it will inspire me to eat less! Your new fridge deco is great and I have popcorn ceilings too. But I actually like them. Don't know why, but I just do!

Charlene said...

We need to compare our Grandmothers dish patterns. VERY SIMILAR! HUGS! Charlene

Debbie Kay said...

Now I am inspired to re-decorate the top of my refrigerator. I love what you did. Thanks for the push.

Debbie Kay