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Friday, March 6, 2009

In the Pink!

For today's pink Saturday post, I am sharing a vase that I love. The vase is Noritake & has the nippon mark, which dates it to about 1949. It is beautifully handpainted, I think the signature reads T. Ikeno. I bought it @ a thrift store many years ago for $10. I saw it on the shelf, w/ it's mate (for there were 2 of them!), from clear across the store. Before I made it to them, another lady picked them both up & examined them....putting one back & keeping the other. I practically knocked her down getting to it (not really!) & always wondered why she put this one back. It's in perfect condition w/out a mark or blemish on it...maybe 10 bucks was all she had on her. Maybe she was being generous w/ her beautiful finds & left one for someone else..whatever the reason, I have always been glad that I was in the right place @ the right time. Isn't it beautiful?

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