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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mourning doves....

We've had a mourning dove nesting every year in teh same tree, on the same limb. I think this is the 4th year. The limb she chose is not very high...only about 5 feet off the ground so it's really easy to keep an eye on her.

Here she is the first time I noticed her this year.

But she hadn't laid any eggs yet.

The next day, she had laid one egg. This shot was taken July 4th.

She's gotten quite tame over the years & even though we get really close....she never becomes frightened.

I had the camera w/in a foot of her to get this next shot! Isn't the blue rim around her eye beautiful?

She kept her babies well hidden until last week & then revealed that she did have the usual two.

I was tickled pink when she proved she trusted me w/ them, by feeding them right in front of the camera!

Again, the camera wasn't more than 18" away when I got this next shot! It has not been cropped.

She didn't become alarmed until a neighborhood kid rode by on his bike.

LOVE this shot of mother & baby!!!

This photo was just taken yesterday. Their feathers are already filling in & it won't be long now before they leave the nest. *sniff sniff*

I sure am gonna miss my babies when they're gone...they're so much fun! I'll keep y'all updated on their growth!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Caeden!

Today is my grandson Caeden's 8th birthday! This is he & his best friend, Aidan....Caeden is on the right. We had his party Saturday @ Brunswick Lanes (a local bowling alley) but he is spending today w/ me. He requested donuts for breakfast & he wanted a coke (which I never allow) also but birthday or no birthday, no wayyyy can he have a coke & donuts for breakfast! Nice try though Caeden! LOL He's chosen Joe's Crab Shack for lunch & then we'll go shopping to spend his birthday money. It's gonna be the best day of the month!

Have to share a funny story w/ you ...I didn't have any cash this morning & didn't want to use a credit card for just a couple of donuts so I borrowed a couple of dollars from Caeden. He willingly loaned it to me but drew up an IOU & made me sign it! I told him, I couldn't believe he didn't trust me & he looked me dead in the eye & said, very seriously, "I do trust you Honey but you forget things." *grins*

I will never forget this day, 8 years ago. Caeden was born w/ severe asthma & allergies, was whisked away immediately & spent several weeks in the NICU before he could come home. It was sooo scary! He had to have breathing treatments twice a day for the first few years but has gradually tapered off them & only requires them occasionally now. And his asthma doesn't interfere w/ football or baseball so that's a blessing to the little sports nut!

I love you so much Caeden....in fact, I love you to pieces!

Friday, July 23, 2010

I've been junkin' again!

And I had a really good week! First up are my thrift store finds. So many wonderful goodies! Who needs Neiman's or Saks? Not me, that's for sure!!!!

Old dresser mirror but this one is unique cause it stands up too.

This swan & putti's dish is missing the lid but it will still make charming storage in the studio. I'm thinking I'll use it to stash a few millinery blooms.

Loved this Lefton porcelain St Francis of Assisi planter. Notice that I used the past tense? It didn't survive long. I left it on the kitchen cabinet to handwash it & hubby knocked it off & broke it. :o( The head survided though so I'll use it an art project.

Chalkware bust of a baby, mercury glass acorn, misc. bling, Lefton ashtray & another rose pot, sans lid...again it'll still be great for storage.

Picture frame w/ cherub, Laura Ashley wallpaper border & another Boopie glass to add to my collection. I have them in all sizes...love the little hobnail detail on the bottoms.

I need more china like I need another husband but these reticulated rim china plates had to come home w/ me (if John Cusack ever asks me to marry him, he'll be coming home w/ me too LOL)....& I got all 4 for $4! A nice surprise was that the floral scenes are different on each plate.

Silverplated sugar & creamer.

Royal Albert Old Country roses tin...will probably be turned into an altered doll of some sort.

Sweet, crocheted chapel.

Huge "diamond" ring.

Love the hangling lamp (at least I will after it's painted white) & I can't seem to resist a wedding veil. Especially when they're only a couple of bucks. This one is vintage & has some beautiful lace trim.

These cherub candleholders also need a coat of white paint.

LOVE these handmade fairy wings! They are really well-crafted! Love teh shirred tulle....

and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the paper roses!

This Ideal baby doll from 1966 was quickly adopted by me, even though $4.99 is a bit steep for me to pay for a worn out baby doll, but I just had to have her.

Look at her sweet, sweet expression!

Hubby & I hit a couple of garage sales last weekend too. Scored a beat-up, slightly rusty tole tray for a $1, some wodden thingamabobbers (does anyone know what they are?) & a small, vintage print of Jesus.

Old, wooden industrial bobbins...they'll get wound w/ lace.

And lots of scrapbook pages full of vintage cards...from every holiday & every occasion.

A lovely lace parasol...again, only a dollar!

And one of my favorite all-time finds....an aged, brass magnifying glass on an adjustable stand. Wish it were a better photo! I'll try to get a better one of it using it in a vignette. I paid a whopping $3 for this treasure.

Silverplated cordials....$2 for all 6.

And an old moss rose tea set....$5!!!!

Charming embroidered pillow cover w/ sweet puppies in a basket on it...this was my big buy of the week @ $8.

A trio of lace valances, vintage frames, vintage hankie,

and tiny, little critters. All of them for 50 cents.

Look at the wonderful lace from the valances! It's over 18" long. And I think I only paid $4 for all 3 valances. Yep, I'm a price dropper! But I can't help but brag about how little I pay for stuff. ;o)

And I scored lots of rolls of vintage trims...for a quarter a bolt! I know, I know...but don't hate me cause I'm thrifty. ;o)

I went thrifting again today & hopefully I can hit a couple of garage sales tomorrow before my grandson Caeden's birthday party. I'm eager to share w/ y'all the finds from this week...I scored some more wonderful treasures & hope to find even more tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In loving memory of Charlie...

We had the memorial butterfly release for Charlie a couple of weeks ago. Most of you know that Charlie was my daughter's boyfriend, who was killed in a car accident at the end of May. His family was all in Boston so that's where his funeral service was held ...Shilah attended but the grands stayed home w/ me so we needed to have a service here so that they could say their good byes to Charlie.

Shi had a wonderful idea to do a butterfly release ...we each released a butterfly & said our goodbyes as we let them go.

She chose a wonderful setting for it...look at this view!

These pavilions were built on Lake Worth during World War II by the Japanese POW's in teh area.

The kids were so excited about the butterflies. It turned what would have been a very sad, emotional event into a memory they will always cherish. I think the symbolism escaped them but it wasn't lost on me...Charlie's soul is now free!

I couldn't hear much of the children's goodbyes but I did hear Connor say, "I love you Charlie & I'm gonna miss you. Oh yeah! And I hope the Cowboys win teh Superbowl this year". Charlie was a huge Cowboys fan...it's why he moved to Texas.

I wasn't able to get many shots of the butterflies but did luck into a few.

My poor mom..one of the butterflys landed on her cheek & it kinda freaked her out. She went to brush it away & I screeched @ her..."NOOOOO! LEAVE it alone...I wanna get a picture." Sorry to screech Mom but you gotta admit that it was a good photo op! ;o) Thanks for being a good sport!

While we were there, I had the kids pose for a couple of pictures. Not the best shot of all five but you try to get 5 kids all looking at teh camera at the same time! I don't know what I did to deserve these little joys but I thank my lucky stars for them every day. Aren't grands the greatest?

My little model. He instinctively poses & changes positions....he's a natural!

The most beautiful princess in the land!

My mom & Baby Noah.

Honey's Little Brown Eyes!

Wish that I had centered this picture of Stacie & Noah better...it is too sweet!

Charlie was a wonderful man....full of laughs, fun (& smart alec remarks!) & he knew how to enjoy life. But he was also responsible, kind & could be relied upon...he was just an all-around good guy! My family continues to suffer from the loss.... please keep them in your prayers. Shi & the kids are undergoing grief counseling & hopefully it'll help them work through it.
As were were leaving the pavilion, a butterfly flew up to Shilah & landed on her nose. It was as if Charlie kissed her goodbye. The butterfly release ceremony was beautiful, touching & very moving...what a unique way to commemorate a wonderful man.

Isn't this a fabulous picture of him? Shilah took it, overlooking Lake Austin, on a trip last Spring.

"A symbol of hope a butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam and for a brief moment its glory and beauty belong to our world but then it flies again and though we wish it could have stayed...we feel lucky to have seen it."

Charlie, our family was very blessed that your glory was a part of our world...if only for a brief time. We will miss you! GOOOOOO Cowboys!