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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yee Haww!

Time for me to mosey on down to Waxahachie & have a boot-scooting good time w/ the rest of the paper cowgirls. I am sooo excited!

I typically don't get excited about these events until I am done w/ all that I need to do. And since I am typically a procrastinator & am working right down to the wire, I don't have time for much excitement to be built up. But I've been done w/ Paper Cowgirl preparations since last Saturday & I am about to explode w/ excitement. I didn't think Thursday was ever gonna get here!

Would you believe these boots used to be red, black & white? I bought them @ a garage sale last year for a dollar. I'm not a red, black & white kind of gal but they were only a dollar! I thought that maybe I'd do something w/ them & if not, I was only out a buck. ;) After seeing some altered shoes in a Somerset publication, I got the idea to paint them (using fabric paints so they'd flex). But they looked really artificial so I hit them over & over again w/ brown shoe polish...wiping it off & letting it settle into the cracks & creases, making them appear to be old leather. Then I stuck some glittery letters on them & added rhinestone anklets & now they're "cowgirl chic"! (cross your fingers for me that the paint doesn't scuff off but I've brought a spare pair, just in case)

And isn't the purse cute? I made it last year for Paper Cowgirl. I think it used to be an old 45 record case. How many of you are old enough to remember them? I am! *blushes*

I'll be back tomorrow w/ swap pictures...come see!


Grace said...

We have been talking about you on my facebook wall! lol Have a fabulous time I will miss you girls! Are you by any chance taking a Pam Huntington cuff class? If yes or if you see her be nice! lol No leaving her anywhere she is so wonderful and sweet. Love the boots take lots of pictures. Miss you Grace xoox

Terri said...

Waaaaal, that is boot scootin' cute.

Jenny said...

You are just cool.

Dorthe said...

Well I am dear , ols enough to know the 45-- such a cute purce,
AND I LOVE THE BOOTIES- WOW -YOU ROCK- have great fun,dear-