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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bet y'all thought I was done w/ Birdsong posts, huh?

I dang sure should be...it was over a month ago! But things have just been so hectic around here with Mother's Day, Connor's birthday, Memorial Day, Stacie's birthday, out of school parties & trying to get ready for Paper Cowgirl. But before I jaunt off to Waxahachie for another fabuous artsy weekend, I just have to share the wonderful projects & swaps from BirdSong.

I'm not going to take the time to link up to everybody...sorry! That's the reason why I have delayed in this post for so long...it takes sooo long to link up to everyone. So you'll just have to forgive me. ;)

This is the awesome crepe paper tree I made in Carol Spinski's class. She's providing an online tut soon so do look her up!

One of the lampshades I made in Deb Dusenberry's class.

LOVE my nest banner, taught by Karla. (she says it was her first time teaching....true to form, she's already a master @ it!) Doesn't it look good on my hutch? I decorated the whole hutch w/ BirdSong stuff. It'll be that way through summer so I'll share it later.

And the woven pouch from a class taught by Lisa McIlvain. I copied Lisa's original design somewhat & used it for a "gift bag" for silhouettes I made for Mom for Mother's Day.

One of my favorite part of these art retreats is the swaps. LOVE doing them & always sign up for more than I should. This frilly paper bird was crafted by Lisa Stanton. Too cute!

This one was made by Karla herself.


Sherry hosted the swap & made us a pair...a Mr & Mrs Dandy.

This adorable bonnet-bedecked bird was made by Laurie...she included the cute bird flashcard in her packaging of it.

This one was made by Gail...

And last but certainly not least (cause it's one of my favorites!), this one by Sharon.

If you recall, I also signed up for a matchbox swap....Nicki crafted this wonderful box for me out of lovely, hand-dyed velvet.

And filled it with all these goodies! I ADORE the vintage French trims & the page from an old French beauty book.

I wish I had the time to share pics of all the wonderful, talented ladies I had so much fun with but alas, I don't. But I do need to share this photo of Karla & I. Knowing my feelings towards her, she created this frame for it & sent it to me. I can't tell you how touched by her thoughtfulness I am. I have told her many, many times that she is my idol (said it here plenty of times too! LOL) & it's this kind of sweet generosity of spirit (coupled w/ her immense talent as an artist and as a decorator) that put her up there on that pedestal.

And I'm gonna see Karla again this weekend...I'm taking her dress form class @ Paper Cowgirl! I'm so excited!!!!! I'll be back later w/ pictures of my projects for the 3rd annual Paper Cowgirls Art Retreat....the best little art retreat in Texas! Yee haw!!!!


Laurie said...

Wonderful post, Cami! I personally will never get tired of posting about Birdsong!! 'Love that photo of you and Karla at the end! I wish I was going to Paper Cowgirls, too -- have a blast! I know you will!!

Dorthe said...

Cami, such a beautiful lot you created there, in Karla`s wonderful home- I love it all ,and all the cute birds ,too.You must be happy to be going to the next fantatic meeting at Paper Cowgirls.I just saw some of the wonderful things Lisa, are packing up :)
I wish you a happy and beautiful week-end.

Grace said...

You are too cute! I love your post and love everything you made in the classes and the swaps look amazing! Have fun!! Grace xoox