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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My first altered doll!

Are you one of those people who get the "doll parts" craze going on right now? Or does it leave you shaking your head & thinking "Holy shih tzu...what's up w/ that?" *grins*

When I first saw an old doll head, under glass, somewhere, I was instantly smitten. I just fell in love instantly & started collecting "parts" (although I have been known to dismember whole dolls LOL) before I even discovered altered dolls. But I did discover altered dolls (love the Somerset publication!) & I'm very proud to introduce my first (of many!) altered dolls.....Hunee Bunny. (I named her after me.)

I ripped the ratted, tangled hair off an old doll head & paper clayed ears & a fur coat onto her....

kissing it in spots w/ crackled paint (heavy in some spots & lighter in others) & then hit it w/coarse glitter where I didn't use crackle paint. The glitter doesn't show up very well in the pic above but you can see it better in this close-up.

I blinged her up some w/ rhinestone "buttons".....

and glittery pink "shoes"....

and used wired pearl strands for "arms".

Doesn't she have the sweetest expression? Her eyes even open & close!

*sigh* I just love her! Even though I know she leaves many of you thinking, "Holy shih tzu...what's up w/ that?" *grins*

Also, I was asked to share the image I used in creating the chenille bunny, in my shadow box egg, in a previous post but I am late in doing so...sorry Leann! Hope you can still use it! I flipped the image before printing cause I wanted him facing the other way, you can do it in paint program.

Can you believe I've already posted my Easter decor & Easter projects & it's not even Easter? I know! Me neither!!!!


Collected Treasures...for the home, heart and soul said...

Get ready, Cami....this is an addictive art!! Yours looks absolutely fabulous and I love what you did with the ears......it looks so good I thought it came that way until I bothered to "read" your post....lol
Happy Easter.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Miss Cami!!! I thought you actually purchased that somewhere!! Unbelievably adorable!! I sooo love it!! Bunny ears (and crackled ones at that!) always make everything look cuter. Hmmm....maybe I should try wearing a pair of ears!

Hope you and your family will have a glorious Easter!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

alveen said...

I'm in love, she is so cute!

just me jan said...

Rippin' the heads off dolls...hmmmm....well, we BOTH know where I stand on this issue darlin'! ROFLOL But I have to admit that you did a crackerjack job on those paperclay ears!
just me...thinkin' your creativity on this one is just too cha cha for words...jan

Cottage Panache said...

Sooo cute! I just love what you have done! Hoppity Happy Easter!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

She is just wonderful!


Look at you go! So clever and so well done. Love it!