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Monday, February 21, 2011

He got what he wished for!

Our son Clifton turned 30 years old yesterday & he received a birthday gift that thrilled him to pieces. He won his very first fishing tournament w/ a 52 lb catfish! It was just one lb short of Lake Worth's record! And not only did he win the prize for biggest fish, he made it a clean sweep by winning biggest stringer category too. And that was w/out adding in the 52 lb cat! I am soo happy for him (I must admit I shed tears of joy!).

The cat was too heavy for the guy, who weighs them, to hold up....

so Clifton had to do it. ;) At 6'6" there's not a whole lot of fish too heavy for him to lift.

Here he is releasing teh big cat ....

free to swim & grow bigger & maybe next time, Clifton'll break that lake record.

Clifton with his winnings...the day was such a special one for him. And I can't think of anyone who deserves to attain their dreams more than Clifton. Most of you know about his accident & his miraculous, incredible recovery so you know what I mean.

After his tournament, we had a small family get -together to celebrate. LOVE this shot w/ Clifton & all the kids swarming him. They sure think a lot of their Uncle Clifton & Daddy Clifton (it's what his son Noah calls him...drives Clifton nuts! but he's just copying what he hears his cousins say. LOL)

Father & son w/ the banana cheesecake I made for his 30th birthday. (lucky for me, him winning the tournament took some of the sting out of it for me...but good grief, how can my babies be that old?????)

Your father & I are so proud of you, Son & we couldn't be happier for you. I hope every birthday gifts you with all that you wish for!


Jenny said...

What a great guy. Love the joyous look in his face!

52 pounds is a lot of catfish! Congratulations to him and Happy Birthday too.

sugar Creek said...

wow that's awesome! My husband fishes too but he fishes bass tournaments so I know how great that is!

Terri said...

My dad would be impressed! He caught a 36 pounder once and he said it was a bear to bring in!

Happy birthday!!


Oh my goodness! That's a story to tell indeed, Clifton (and Cami). When my Mr. fishes and shows me the catches of the day, all I can say is "Yay" and "yucky" to the freakishly big ones! Happy birthday. ~ Angela

Shelby said...

How awesome Cami! I am sure he had the best day ever! I can't believe how big the baby is!

Alisa said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!