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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy birthday Cutie Rudy!

Our Rudy is 2 years old today! I can't believe it's been that long already! He is such a sweet, gentle-natured dog (never one sign of aggression...not a single growl or nip!) but a model he is not! I made him a birthday hat last year but never got a pic because he was so uncooperative. He yawns, licks his lips, looks away or simply lays down...all the while, w/ the saddest hang-dog, "why you doing this to me?" look on his face.

But this year I was determined & 50 pictures later ...I have a couple of decent pics of a very unhappy dog. *grins*

Here's the hat I made him last year. I plan on making coordinating ones for Baby & Sonny.

Here he is completely fed up w/ the whole picture taking process. LOL But I'll make it up to him w/ cake & a steak dinner tonight...complete w/ mashed potatoes & peas.

Speaking of Sonny, he is 8 mos old already! Talk about time flying! He soo LOVED the recent snows we've had here in Texas!

And 2 closer buds you'll never see than Rudy & Sonny....we call them Frick & Frack. They haven't gotten into a single fight! Not one! Although our chi, Baby & Sonny have tassled on many occasions. Baby sometimes attacks for no reason ...Rudy has always put up w/ it but Sonny tazzes out when she does. But never any tussles between the boys.

You know what's cuter than a shih tzu? Two shihts! ;) Here's the boys playing King of the Pot. They wrestle & bump each other & literally try to push the other out of the big whiskey barrel, that is empty for the winter. I spend a lot of time watching them chase each other & play...they're so much fun!

Hope everyone spent Valentine's with a loved one, even if it wasn't w/ a sweetheart. Hubby & I fondued....shrimp, chicken, scallops, mushrooms & onions but we did it in a jazzed-up pinot grigio instead of the typical oil. FANTASTIC! We also served buttered egg noodles w/ parmesan slivers, garlic toast & a salad...what a fun meal!

Before you go, I'd like to share the Valentine cake balls I made for the family. A photographer I'm not but I'm very proud of this shot. Beautiful & delish!

I made the grands' cake balls into cake pops.

Hubby made me chocolate strawberries. We served them w/ a chocolate wine called Dark Obsession. I'm obsessed all right!

But the sweetest Valentine's of all were the ones the kids made for their mom, last week when we were cooped up on a snow day. I piled the table high w/ supplies & gave them tips before they began (like layering, edging images w/ glitter glue, etc) but all the cards were designed by the kids themselves. I'm so proud!
This one is Connor's....


Caralyn's.....(cannot wait for her to get a bit older....I see a budding artist here y'all! She's only 5 years old & look at the instinct for layering!)

And sweet Coleson's.....he include a piece of candy w/ his Valentine.

One of these days maybe I'll do a blog post that doesn't have a cajillion pictures in it but probably not. I never have the time to blog as much as I want & I always have so much to share. Oh well.....until next time!


Grace said...

I love the cards how cute. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Grace xoox

Annie Joy said...

Happy Birthday to Rudy -- he really is a cutie! Our Mr. Malone, a rescued Shih Tzu, is also (according to the vet) about two years old. He is also very sweet natured, but does have a mind of his own, like Rudy. He likes to do thing in his own time frame, it's almost as if he thinks that anything he does has to be his idea! Loved the Valentines also! Annie

Terri said...

The dog photos are do adorable!! I have two three year old dogs. My Truman behaves a lot like Rudy!

Leann said...

What a fun time together with your Grands! I love seeing how children create - their love shines through.

What cute photo of Rudy - I agree getting a pet to sit still when you want them to is a chore.

Enjoy your weekend!