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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A special necklace & Day 16 matchbox...

Today I'm sharing a necklace I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas... I love it! (So does she by the way) I think I'm gonna have to make one like it for myself. My birthday is Sunday (the big 50!) so I think I deserve it. ;)

I used a vintage rhinestone button as the centerpiece & hung a chandlier prism from it. For the chain, I used vintage rosary beads & a pearl & aurora borealis strand from an old bracelet. The diamond-shaped accent pieces came off a huge, gaudy earring from the 80's!

I loved creating this necklace & had it together in less than 45 minutes (and that's counting the time it took to gather all the materials). I didn't like stringing beads in my first foray into jewelry making but this was just attaching jump rings...even I can do that! LOVE it!

And I LOVE Day 16's box! It's shaped like a house...how creative, huh? It was crafted by the talented Marcia @ Vintage French Hen. Too, too cute!

And inside is one of my favorite gifts from the swap...a stamped piece of muslin "ribbon". What a great idea! Wish I had thought of it! Thank you Marcia!

Inisde my Day 16 box was another mini-"garland".

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Dorthe said...

Dear Cami, your necklace for your sister, is gorgeus, and you surely deserves one ,too- having birthday in a few dayes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,dear, I hope you have a wonderfull time, .
Hugs, Dorthe