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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A dance recital & boxes 13, 14 & 15...

Last Saturday was Miss Caralyn's first dance recital...what fun! I took her a bouquet of flowers (every dancer needs a bouquet on the day of their performance, don't you think?) & while she was too nervous to appreciate them before her performance, she wouldn't let go of them afterwards. *grins*

Here she is in her dance outfit & holding her bouquet. They tap-danced to Frosty the Snowman...wish I could share the video but it's too long for blogger. But she did just great...I was soo proud of her! I look forward to watching her dance & dance & dance over the years! All grandkids are great but there's just something special about a girl, you know? ;)

Now on to the boxes...Day 13's box was crafted by Kim @ Blackberry Crows Prims.

And inside is a tiny gold bell. Thank you Kim!

My Day 13 gift was another bottle cap charm.

Day 14's box was crafted by Sherry @ If I Could Set My Soul Free.

With a beautiful beaded felt poinsettia inside...thank you Sherry!

My Day 14 gift was a crepe paper rosette ornament.

And today's Day 15 box was crafted by Michelle @ Faerie Dust Dreams.

Inisde is an adorable bottle cap magnet. Thank you Michelle!

My Day 15 gift was a another one of the chandlier prisms/tag danglies.

I know I've been sporadic in my matchbox postings but hubby made it in early from his business trip & we've been enjoying one another. I was able to really get a lot done while he was gone (he's been gone since Thanksgiving weekend) but it wasn't much fun doing it by myself. He should be home through the first of the year though so we should have plenty of time to annoy one another. LOL Hope everyone is having a joyful, relaxed Christmas!


Charlene said...

I know Twinkle Toes was so very glad her "Honey" was there! And the flowers were so soweet & so Cami! You are the most generous sweet soul my friend. HUGS! Charlene

huzazi said...

I want to follow u....couldnt.