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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Paper Romance projects

I almost forgot to share w/ y'all a few of the projects, I completed from Teresa McFayden's Paper Romance EZine. There are a couple more I want to do from the ezine, that aren't just for Valentine's so they got put on the back burner...one is super cool. Can't wait to share it w/ y'all!

You know what I like best about Teresa's Ezines? (other than the wonderful projects of course!) That they are open all the time....once you sign up, the ezine is open from then on. LOVE that I can work on the projects at my own pace & that I can still participate in any that I missed out on. I had so much fun w/ these projects that I turned right around & signed up for her last year's Valentine eZine, love letters. Lots more fun stuff!

This sampler was designed by Amy Powers, one of the teachers from the ezine. I worked on it while I stayed w/ my daughter in the hospital, after her recent surgery. I pretty much stuck to Amy's design except for the mounting. I mounted mine onto a taffeta (it doesn't look shiny in the picture but it is!) circle & left it in the embroidery hoop. I edged the hoop w/ lace & tied a bow at top.

My embroidery skills are pretty rusty...the french knots are not as neat as I'd like.

This beautiful door banner is designed by Holly Abston...love her work! I kept to her design almost completely...it's perfect as is!

My handwriting is horrible (it's illegible even to myself sometimes!) so I not only copied her design, I copied her handwriting. LOL

This Amour "mobile" ( I made mine one-sided) was designed by Teresa McFayden herself. Many of the ribbons were dyed w/ kool-aid....too fun! But I'm a smart grandma who only buys the clear kool-aid so I had to buy a stash for dyeing. My ribbons are all the cheap polyester stuff though so they didn't take much of the red ...pink was about as good as they got. (By the way, after seeing all the dye on my hands just from squeezing out the kool-aid, I'm VERY glad that I only buy the clear stuff. No telling what all that dye does to your insides!)

I LOVE Ezines....I've already signed up for Casandra's Pretty Spring Things & I haven't even done any of the projects from her Sugar & Spice ezine. LOL But I have that on my agenda for this week-end & will post about it next week.

Tonight, I'm whipping out tags for Karla's Alice in Wonderland tag book swap...I have my design all figured out & I'm ready to put them all together. I know, I know...I make a couple of tags & all of the sudden I think I'm an expert & sign up to play w/ the big dogs. *gulp*


The Muse said...

your creations, so sweet...are just the ethereal visions i had in mind when i was creating ...
the work Famine to Feast.

i just picture your decorative ribbons, lace and romance...all filling the banquet hall!

your paper romance has swept me away!

Charlene said...

Sooooooo very glad to see that I have a partner in crime that buys EZines & doesn't have time to do them... But, love the stuff you shared with us today from the Valentine one. I would love to see your ALICE when completed. I heard you Joanna & Lisa talking about them & have seen a bunch of others talking about participating in the swap. HAVE FUN! Thanks for stopping by today & leaving such a sweet comment. I am looking forward to being at Adorn Me & out of the quiet house. Will just leave hubby to deal with the quiet. Today has been one week :( HUGS! Charlene

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Love them all, Cami, but my fav is the PINK heart sampler. So much work and you did a great job! My french knots are not great, either!

Leann said...

Love what you did from the e-zine. I signed up for the Christmas one and never got around to even starting one project!I'm joining Karla's Alice tag swap. That's how I felt about it too - big GULP!


Romeo said...

Hi Cami!

I LOVE all your creations!! I am especially fond of the last one that you used Kool-Aid as dye! Would never have thought to use that!!! I have to try that!

And eZines? You know I haven't had much luck finding those. Obviously, I'm not looking in the right places. I am going to check out the links you provided, bet I find a few great ones now!

Many thanks for sharing your creations - gorgeous!

Deborah, mom of Romeo

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I think you did a beautiful job with the PR ezine's projects. And the sampler is wonderful! Many Blessings!

Barbara said...

ai am ot familiar with Ezines, but then I am not very creative, but I will look into this. Your projects are beautiful.


Katy ~ said...

Awwww....I am swept away...

cindy said...

You did an amazing job on each one! Looks like it was allot of fun.

yapping cat