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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alice tags are done & in the mail!

Hi y'all! I wanted to share picture of the tags I sent for Karla's Alice in Wonderland Tag Book Swap. I'm really happy w/ the way mine turned out....I think they represent my style very well. They have a romantic, vintagey vibe going on & that suits me perfectly. Hope it suits all the recipients too! I actually made 8 tags not 6, as Lisa & I want to make sure we each receive one of each other's & I want to make sure I have one of my own.

I used blue parchment paper as my tag, distressing it w/ white paint on the edges; then adding distess ink & a metallic gold ink. None of these details show up in the pics however. :o(

I added a flourish stamp, crepe paper ruffle, chocolate ribbon & a rhinestone border then backed a flat chandelier prism w/ pages from an old book & layered an image of Alice between.

They're really much prettier in person.... you know how hard it is to photograph something under glass! (The prisms aren't actually glass, they're acrylic but the difficulty in photographing them is the same.)

Loved making these tags but you know what really compelled me to sign up for the swap...receiving the cover artwork by Karla. I have lonnnngggg admired her work (you'll see how long in a future blog post) & I will be just thrilled to have it! And to see my work, in a tag book w/ her's, will just tickle me pink!!!!


tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Oh I am so stressed out about the Alice tags. I'm still not done & now I see yours & they are amazing & now I'm even more STRESSED!! UGG I am working on mine today for sure. Glad you left a comment. Were you really having trouble with my site, or just busy! Yes, bobble lessons soon. Lisa

Dorthe said...

Your Alice tags are wonderfull, --must be great to be a part of this ....

Alison Gibbs said...

Your tags are beautiful

Katy ~ said...

Cami, these are beautiful! Love them!

The Muse said...

these are better than the tags i saw in boutiques this christmas, ms cami...you should be more than delighted with these artistic visions!

FredaB said...


Your tags are just beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen flat prisms before. I too am in the swap and I sure would love to get one of yours.



cindy said...

These are absolutely amazing! Cam, you rock!

yapping cat

Linda said...

These are SO charming!

Anonymous said...

These are stunning, beautiful work and such treasures to keep. nice crafting
hugs June xxx

Sassy said...

I ♥ these Alice tags...they are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! Someone will be a very lucky recipient of these...

Romeo said...


I am loving your seasonal banner!!! That is so sweet!!!

And your tags look delicious - oh don't worry you said they are in the mail so I won't be able to nibble on the fringe. But they still look yummy! Mom said she loves the Alice theme and the tags are perfect. But what does she know - I still say they are yummy!!



Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Cami~ I love your tags, they are awsome. Alice is soooo sweet under that glass or acrylic. You did good girl.
Hugs, Pat

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Hi Cami,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Your Alice tags are wonderful!!

I hope I can do justice to decorating my cake . . . I can't do it to a real one, LOL, don't know what makes me think I can do it to a fake one! LOL


T's Daily Treasures said...

I popped over from Karen' blog since you won her lovely giveaway. Congrats! Your tags are lovely as are the other items you have created. Many blessings, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful idea!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Cami, these are the prettiest tags I think I've ever seen! Love the chandy prisms you used. I have done some of these with the real glass prisms, but mine sorta "clouded" up when I used the glue on them. Yours are just adorable!!!

Angelic Accents

Marilyn said...

Hi Cami...This was a really fun swap, wasn't it? I'm so excited to let you know that I received one of your beautiful tags in my Alice tag book and I absolutely love it! Thank you;)