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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art exchange...ruched rose

Many of y'all are involved in the art exchange that's been going around. I was very flattered & honored to be asked by Jeanne @ Dream, Create & Inspire to play along & @ first, I wasn't sure what to do for my project. But then I decided that a ruched rose would be perfect. I had recently taken a class learning how to make them (from Jana @ Collected Treasures), it would ship well, could be finished in an evening & they're beautiful.

I strayed from Jana's instructions a bit though, by using a silk crepe instead of velvet. It was from an old dress I bought out of the Halloween section while thrifting. I used the satin from the dress for leaves & also cut up an old sweater for leaves. I wanted to use angora for the leaves but I must have gotten rid of the sweater I've outgrown & I came up empty at the thrift stores. I gave it all a tea stain before assembling. I think I'm liking the crepe!

I added a pearl button center....

These can be glued on a package, pinned on a jacket or used to adorn a journal...I just think they're beautiful! Hope the recipient loves it as much as I do.

This black velvet rose is the one I made in class. I love this technique & am eager to try lots of fabrics...maybe even some lace.

I bet you all are staying busy...I know I have been. I'm still trying to figure out my fall decor...I'll share pics when I do!


Alix said...

Oh how pretty! Love the rustic and the sublime knitted together.

cindy said...

These are beautiful! Oh...why did not I get your name rather than vice-versa! LOL. :D

yapping cat

Kim said...

Those are truly beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

maría cecilia said...

Hello Cami, very beautiful white roses and the pearl adds a lovely touch of glow... and the black one.. well, never seen a black rose in my garden!!
María Cecilia

Collected Treasures said...

you do good work......love the various fabrics and can't wait to see where else you take it....the sky IS the limit....xojana

Katy ~ said...

Beautifully done. Love the fabric you chose for this.

Charlene said...

Your ruched rose looks GREAT in that fabric!!!! I have had Mom here & haven't done much other than entertain her & have the GRANS around for her to play with. She is gone as of about 4 today & I get my life back!!!! :)

Household 6 said...

Cami! How did I miss this post!? I am in love with the cream colored one and I'm going to beat you up cuz I want one. I'm such a bully! Hehe I guess that's what I get for not signing up for the exchange, huh. Sheesh!!! Hehe, It's lovely, it is!

natalea said...

I DO love my beautiful flower! thanks so much Cami- it's lovely and I will cherish it!
xo natalea


Beautiful roses! Great work ~ Angela

Carol said...

Your silk crepe rose with the pearl in the center is absolutely stunning!

Love, love, love it!

Warmest wishes for a happy Thanksgiving sends you