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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trim a Tree Thursday

Hello & welcome to another Trin a Tree Thursday! Hosted by Brett over @ The Southern Hostess . Don't let the name fool you though...it's not all about trimming trees. It's just seasonal decor, from any holiday, in any form.

Today I'm sharing pictures of this year's winter look. I hate how bare my house looks after the Christmas decor is down so I leave a lot of festive silver, white & snowy accents up until the first of February, when my Valentine's decor comes out. I don't do every room up for winter ...just the main living area downstairs.

Love my mantel this year. Last year, I thought it had an unfinished look but not this year...I love it! The staples that I have kept there since Spring, (the crocheted-edge mantel scarf, the curio, the rose sheet music, apothecary jar, dried rose & cherub dish) make it really easy to update the look for teh change of seasons & take it to the max w/out having to work too hard or spend too much time on it.

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

I loaded up an ironstone urn w/ ornaments & a Friendly Village plate then hung a glittery "Let it Snow" message from it.

I used an old key & an old cameo necklace as a "bow" on this vintage crystal apothecary jar.

That same dried rose has been there from Spring, through Summer, then Fall & Halloween & on through Thanksgiving & Christmas. I just add seasonal accents to make it work. Here I've used a faux pine sprig underneath it. I loaded up all my teeny tiny white brush trees into the cherub dish.

Remember these wire snowmen from last year ? Look how good they look now that they are blinged up! I coated them w/ iridescent glitter, added embroidery floss smiles, rhinestone button eyes & pipe cleaner tiaras. I also tied a cream velvet ribbon as a scarf but it was too stark so I dabbed it w/ coffee to age it. Aren't they too, too cute? There's a close-up view of them in my post below.

I moved all my Dept 56 snowbabies to the curio cabinet & added some glitter trees.

This is my bombe chest w/ antique mantel topper. One of thse days, I will try to get a full shot of the bombe. It is so neat...it has clawfoot legs & real wormholes in the wood! I stocked it's shelf w/ tablesetting supplies...silverware, napkin rings, crystal plates & butter domes.

Love this little vignette! Although the hankie is not supposed to be there. I just stuck it there to see how it looked, didn't like it & forgot to remove it.

I treasure this heart Connor made me one year & I leave it out always! That teeny-tiny cloche fits perfectly over a mini-cupcake. Noah will be getting his first cupcake @ Easter. ;o) Coleson was so cute when I gave him his @ 6 mos. I lifted off that cloche & his hand shot for that cupcake. *grins*

Mother of pearl napkin rings.

My Staffordshire dogs. I love them...I really, really love them....I do! I've always wanted some & hubby surprised me w/ them a couple of years ago but I have such a hard time fitting them in w/ my decor so they usually spend at least half the year, in a closet. Poor things! They don't even fit in well w/ my collection of dog figurines because of their Oriental look.

My coffee table is simple but still interesting, I think. I layered 2 ironstone platters w/ scraps of lace & pine sprigs, then topped it w/ a snowbaby under a cloche.

I used more of my Friendly Village dishes in this vignette. With some snowbabies & some brush trees, it just screams "winter", doesn't it?

Didn't do much to winterize my china cabinet, just swagged some pine garland over the top & added some brush trees to the inside.

I'm really pleased w/ my winter decor this year...it has a much more polished, pulled-togther look than last year's, don't you think? Next week, I'll share photos of my Valentine decor from last year & then the next week, I'll share this year's.

Hopefully, this week more bloggers will have learned that Brett's blog party isn't just about Christmas & will share some of their wintry or Valentine's decor. Let's go see who's playing today!


prof en retraite said...

Ohhhhh! Everything is so beautiful, wintry and cottagey!! I love your winter look! Wish I could do something like that. I'm afraid that at my house the cats would have knocked half of it off and scooted it under the fridge!! Just gorgeous!!!...Debbie

Shelia said...

Good morning! OH, everything is so beautiful and dreamy, but cottagey at the same time! You really know how to arrange your pretties. Now for those dogs! I collect Staffordshire dogs and if you tire of them - just let me know! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

brettinsky said...

This looks great! The mantle is my favorite. And what a treasure that little heart is!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I just love to come see all of your great ideas! You find the most unique ways to display your treasures. laurie

Kathleen Ellis said...

Very pretty, Cami! You have some beautiful pieces...I am curious about the figurine of the couple...looks as though he is holding her in his arms as if to walk over the threshold...can you do a closeup of that sometime, please!
Have a beautiful day!

salmagundi said...

You are so inspiring! I put my Christmas stuff away the day after Christmas, and I still have done nothing to replace it. Guess I'm in a minimalist mood this year, which really is not me. After seeing your winter look, maybe I'll get around and do something. Sally

tardevil said...

Love all your winter decor! As always, everything is beautiful!

HoneyB said...

Its beautiful Vinty! I can't wait to see what it looks like for Valentine's Day!

ceekay said...

Fantastic! I enjoyed seeing everything! Anxious for your Valentine's decor. I could use some fresh ideas!

Lisa said...

I love your winter look, especially your lil note saying you are the best...how sweet is that!

The Muse said...

HANDS DOWN....the little "note" is the BEST ! :)


Love your blog quote so true...did you make that up?
xoxoxo Laura

Queenie~ said...

Be STill My Heart....I love everything in your home! It's all so beautiful...such a special touch you add on every shelf and everywhere. I think a layered look is so pretty and you have placed everything perfectly....without looking cluttered at all...and that's hard to do sometimes. What a neat idea with the plate and compote...I have never seen a plate set inside of a milk glass compote. I love that. Your room is perfect and I can only imagine the fun you had decorating it for winter. It was such a pleasure stopping over here...thanks!

tam said...

Oh Cami-everything looks amazing-great job! Love the cameo idea and the dogs are to die for! ~Tam!:D

Ginger said...

It all looks so nice, makes me feel lazy that I haven't done anything with decorating, since Christmas.

cheryls fascinatingfinds said...

Hi Cami, I see you are one of my followers and I thank you. My 27 year old also was burned by standing to close to a campfire with gas on his clothes which he was unaware of. Its one of those experiences that will be your worst. Im glad your son is getting better and mine has. On a brighter note You have a great blog and I love your pictures

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh girl.. everything is beautiful.. if I had to pick a favorite I don't believe I could.. it's all wonderful. Puts me in the mood to "totally" start over.. if only the lottery would hit my numbers.. but that would be tough since I don't play the lottery. lol Have a super evening.
hugs ~lynne~

Envoy-ette said...

You are right, this year is more "pulled together", although I liked the sheet music on the wall earlier! Your blinged up snowmen are adorable! What a joy it must be to sit down and relax in your winter room!

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Wow! You have been extremely busy. It looks beautiful! Wintery and warm at the same time. If you get the chance, I have something for you over on my blog. :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Look at all of your fun things, Cami! Where do I start? I think I'll start with the Staffordshire dogs... love them! And I love how you have everything layered. Very fun! A cottage dream! :-)



~Vanessa~ said...

Just precious!

Hugs ~

Linda said...

Vinty I love that bombe chest!! Where did you get it, or did you inherit it?

All your goodies are gorgeous and beautifully displayed. You are SO talented! :o)

Knitty said...

Everything looks great. Since I am dealing with too cold weather, winter has lost its appeal with me. I'd much rather look at your version. :)

FancyHorse said...

I love putting snow babies with the miniature trees and the Friendly Village china! It all looks marvelous together!

You are so talented; everything looks great!

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ann said...

As far as Im concerned YOU are the vinyette queen.This is all lovely...Ann

Liz said...

Cami's Little Shop of Vintage! : ) Everything looks wonderful!

I personally think those precious little Staffordshire dogs belong out all the time! They are kind of like a little black dress. They class up any room, just like you can wear a black dress to just about any event. See what I'm saying? : ) I have a couple that I love.


Liz said...

Cami's Little Shop of Vintage! : ) Everything looks wonderful!

I personally think those precious little Staffordshire dogs belong out all the time! They are kind of like a little black dress. They class up any room, just like you can wear a black dress to just about any event. See what I'm saying? : ) I have a couple that I love.


Angie said...

So pretty! I love it all.