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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trim a Tree Thursday

Hello & welcome to another Trim a Tree Thursday.... hosted by Brett, over @ The Southern Hostess! What? You're done trimming until next Christmas? But why? There are so many other holidays! ;o)

I jump at any chance for a celebration or any excuse for holiday decor (plus I have alll this stuff that needs to be used ) & I'm also very seasonal so my home is usually dolled up, at least a little bit, for all holidays & all seasons. After Christmas, I don't put away my snow stuff (this year I didn't even put most of it out & next year, I will save all of it for after Christmas), I use it to give a wintry holiday feel to my decor.

I'm still trying to put my house back in order (all my Christmas decorations are down though) so today I'm sharing pictures of what I did to my mantel last year for January.

These wire snowmen will get blinged up before they make their appearance this year.

I sometimes decorate stacked cake plates. There's a group of women on gardenweb's holidays forum that make an art out of it & I learned it from lurking over there. For this one, I used some pine sprigs, a few ornaments & my snowbabies.

That's about as much winter as I'm going to see here in Texas. All right, I'm exaggerating... we get cold, then hot & sometimes even get a bit of snow & ice. But it always warms up quickly. We rarely have more than a week at a time below 40°. Monday there was ice on my windshield & tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the upper 70's, then there's another cold front moving in on Saturday. That's Texas!

I wonder how many are playing on Trim a Tree Thursday past the holidays...come w/ me to Brett's to find out.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I found you at Ginger's place, so i thought I'd drop by for a visit. And I'm so glad I did. I love your spirit for decorating and I LOVE that stacked plate idea, now I have to go through my cabintes to see if I have anything to make that. I'm going to add myself to yor followers list, I want to keep up with you and your greta ideas.


Miss Janice said...

Hello, I'm having fun reading you last few posts. I love the stacked trays--so cute! I think you did an awesome job with that cake it looks delish:-) Love that New Year's tablescape and how clever of you to use the watch as a napkin ring--I'll have to remember that one next year. Happy New Year to you!

Stacey said...

Very pretty. I like the sheet music on the wall. That's creative and beautiful.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm going to have to try that idea with the decorated cake plates. Very clever! Thanks for sharing!


Sheila :-)

brettinsky said...

You are listed! Thanks for still joining! I am sure we won't have as many people playing along now after Christmas. But I am like you, I decorate for every holiday!

I love those wire snowmen, can't wait to see them all blinged out! And as I have told you before-the cake plates are great! Such a great idea!

HoneyB said...

I love the little snowbabies! Its always beautiful in your home Vinty!

Susan said...

Love your stacked plates! I lurk over at gardenweb too :)

Ginger said...

Hi Cami:
Everything looks so nice when it's decorated. Not too much longer and we can decorate for Valentine's day. Then Easter, lol.
I like the idea of the stacked cake plates. Also I notice you have some plates in a wrought iron hanger next to the mantle, they look black and white in the picture. I have that same plate rack in my guest bedroom....love plates.
Can you send some of your warm Texas weather to me?

Ginger said...

Oh...I forgot to say, I'm glad Chris came by to see you...she is a sweetheart.

Kathleen said...

One of the women from Holidays here...:)

Ginger left out St. Patrick's Day, one of my fave holidays!

Love your snowbabies!

The Muse said...

is that reall or faux? above the fp mantle (iron work and music ? sheets? )
either way, very cool!

Knittings Nice! said...

Oh ...those snow babies are so cute....loving the decor, its so nice to carry on with the winter theme decorations. I think decor used well just brings one house to life.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I love to stack my cake stands, and you did it beautifully. laurie

Shelia said...

Hi Cami! I guess you could continue on and trim a Valentine's Tree! I love all the pretties on your mantle.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

tam said...

Hi Cami! I love the scroll workabove the mantel-very cool idea!
Come over to my blog I have something for you to pick up!

Violet said...

Very inspiring! I put away all of our Christmas decor and now the house feels so blah. Your winter decorating ideas are just what I need!

Sassy said...

I ♥ the piano music on the wall...I really enjoy your blog!