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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's not just New Year's Eve...it's my baby's birthday!

My youngest child, Dustin turns 25 today! And he shares a birthday w/ his Aunt Beav. We have more birthdays in December than any other month! It's crazy but it sure makes for a busy, family-filled season! I do have to confess to something though. We "lied" to Dustin about what day his birthday was on until he was about 4. We knew that once he was old enough, we would never see another new year's eve party so we just celebrated his birthday on a different day, the first couple of years. I know, I know...we were horrible parents but we were young & didn't know better. ;o)

Dustin has always been my problem child (this won't come as a surprise to him *grins*) & my pregnancy w/ him was no exception. I was diagnosed w/ full placenta previa about 4 mos into the pregnancy & was confined to bed rest. Then I was hospitalized a full 6 weeks before his scheduled c-section. Much of that time, I was unable to even get up & use the toilet! I honestly nearly went crazy! I was unable to see my older 2 children (back then little kids were not allowed in the rooms) except on Christmas day when I insisted upon being wheeled down to the waiting room in a wheelchair. I was so bored & so lonely, as everybody still had jobs they had to go to & I missed my kids so much.

But it was all worth it! Dustin was born healthy, beautiful & incredibly smart & advanced. He was pulling himself up onto furniture & standing up before he was 5 mos old! People think I am lying but so help me, it's true! He could ride a bike @ 3...w/ no training wheels because he took them off himself! It was so comical to see that tiny, little boy riding a bike & jumping ramps. He was like a circus act...the neighbors used to stand in the street to watch!

This is a picture of he & I shortly after he was born. Look at how he is practically sitting up on his own & he wasn't more than a couple mos old.

And he was soo pretty! Far too pretty to be a boy & his big brother Clifton never let him forget it! ;o)

Here he is as a teenager, proud of his catch!

Here he is w/ his dad & nephew, Connor @ about age 19.

I wouldn't call him pretty any more but he sure is a good-looking young man, isn't he?

I love you Dustin ...you have always lit up my life ( and @ times my temper!) & I am proud of the man you are becoming. Happy Birthday!!!

And Beav, you'd be the best little sister a girl could ask for if you weren't so beautiful! I mean seriously, you're annoying enough. I love you Sis....Happy Birthday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! Hubby & I were right...we never saw another New Year's party. We're back to celebrating Dustin's birthday on a different day (he & I will do lunch though) but hubby & I are farrr too old to want to brave the public on New Year's Eve. We'll do dinner & a table instead. ;o)

May the coming year bring each one of you blessings!


~Vanessa~ said...

He is so handsome! Great job mom and Happy Birthday to Dustin!

Susan said...

We have a few December birthdays too!
(makes the month of December even crazier!)

Happy New Year....see you in 2009~

Bobbi Jo said...

I can't believe you are old enough to have a son 25. You look awesome! Your son is very handsome. Wish him and your sister a Wonderful Birthday! I also would like to wish you and your family a very happy New Year. Hugs, Bobbi Jo-AZ

salmagundi said...

Happy Birthday to Dustin!! What a nice looking young man! You have reason to be proud. I have my pansy painting hanging on my blog today. Stop by if you have time. Happy New Years to you and yours. Sally

laurie said...

Happy Birthday Dustin, you good-looking guy! My birthday was celebrated on the wrong day for 12 years! What a shock when I found out that really wasn't the right day. So, now I have 2 birth dates-the real one and the one I celebrated for so many years. Dustin hasn't thought of doing that, huh? It doesn't make me older to have 2 birth dates, but it does some times get me double gifts and double wishes! Have a wonderful 2009. laurie

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just got the biggest kick out of your little story about lying to your son about his birthday! That is hilarious!!!!

Melissa Miller said...

He is a very handsome young man.
Hope your New Year is blessed!

tardevil said...

Love the photo w/ you & him just after he was born! Your sister looks about 30 - one day could you share her beauty secrets? ;O) No fair! Hope he had a wonderful birthday & hope you'll have a happy New Year! Hope your grandbaby is doing better! LOL! Tardevil

Linda said...

What a good-looking guy, Cami! And you were gorgeous then and still gorgeous now.

HoneyB said...

How did I miss this one? lol. Happy belated birthday to Dustin!