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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My mosaic stained glass window.

Happy Rose Wednesday! Today, I want to share my mosaic stained glass window w/ y'all. It has roses on it, of course. ;o) It was commissioned by hubby from a customer of our's that does beautiful mosaic work. Her name is Tina McIntire, she was once featured on HGTV's Crafters Coast to Coast & she was recently named Fort Worth Weekly's Best of Outsider Artists. She's a hoot...she does this mosaic work in bed!

Here's the blurb about her in the FW Weekly...."Outsider Artist Critic’s choice: Tina McIntire The mosaic art that McIntire makes from antique cut glass is colorful, light-bending magic. Hang one of her mosaics in your window, and you’ll have some major-league eye candy for years to come. Her works are so eye-catching that one of her mosaics is featured on the glossy posters created as advertising for the 6th Annual Jazz by the Boulevard music and arts festival. As of this writing, that same mosaic was among a half dozen of her works on sale at Uncommon Angles at Montgomery Plaza, a local dealer of McIntire’s work."

I watched her on the Crafters Coast to Coast episode (was on in 2005) & she uses vintage wavy glass, old window frames & sometime glass beads & "stuff". I have this window hanging in the little opening of my stairwell...it looks down over the stairs. Sorry about the lighting but the stair light just shone right into the camera so I had to do w/out it.

It's sooo much prettier in person...wish I could get a better pic of it.

Doesn't she do beautiful work? Here is the HGTV episode she was on. You can see more of her work on her myspace page . And read an article about her in the Dallas Morning News. I am very proud that I own a piece of her artwork, created just for me.

Her sister did another piece for hubby of his motorcycle. It's beautiful but I still made him hang it @ the shop. ;o)

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Jan and Tom's Place said...

The stained glass window is gorgeous...and filled with roses...what could be better?

Thanks for playing along with us today!


MizSmoochieLips said...

She does that in bed?! That amuses me! It is very pretty!

You asked me about pansies? That's not me... not sure who it was.

Lady Laurie said...

Oh that is gorgeous!
Happy Rose Wednesday!

Knitty said...

That is gorgeous! We were supposed to get a stained glass window as a wedding present....33 years ago. Think I should give up on that person?

Bellini Valli said...

My dad does stained glass as a hobby so the window and each lamp I have made by him is a cherished heirloom.

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Cami,
I wanted you to know that I have gone private on my blog...you will recieve an invite by email from me. You can follow the instructions on the email and then you will have open access to my blog by signing in. Hope you will continue to stop by. Btw..gorgeous stained glass!