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Monday, November 17, 2008

Golightly's Antiques

Here we are! This is my favorite antique shop...the one featured in the winter 08 edition of Creative Homes, that I spoke of in this post. It's located in an old house that has been converted into a business. I would have loved to see the house in it's heyday! If you are ever in the Fort Worth area & want a fun shopping trip, then stop in & spend a couple of hours...the ambience is incredible! Golightlys is located @ 5505 Davis Boulevard, North Richland Hills, Texas. Fort Worth & Dallas are both comprised of lots of little "suburbias" & North Richland Hills is one of them so if you're in Fort Worth, you're close enough.

The tearoom is closed so I didn't get pics of it but to be honest, it's pretty far down the list on "my favorite tea rooms" anyway.

They're very proud of the article & showcase it on their counter.

Let's pour a cup of coffee before we make the tour. Today they're sampling Butter Toffee...yummm!

Most of the shop is now in sepia tones...even though every room is a different dealer's.

I may have to go back & get this little sconce.

I love the opened "chest" (I think it may actually be a large silverware box) as the centerpiece on this table! (click on picture to enlarge for details)

I love the toile plates w/ the white plates & the bronze chargers & I have all those components although my brown & white transferware plates aren't nearly this nice. I'll upgrade to nicer ones when I find some more affordable than $18 a plate!

They had these "Time for Christmas" clocks all over the shop...in all sizes. I have some clock face print-outs that I think I will use to mimic these & make a faux clock. I'll share the clock face images w/ y'all another day.

Most of the rooms have wonderful glazed walls .

Of course these little shoes reminded me of Dawn's wonderful pincushions.

I'm also thinking about going back for this iron piece. ( I think it was a porch support). I've been looking for a leaded glass window or a long, rectangular iron "something" to hang over my sofa but this is probably more shabby than I want & I'd really like a more substantial piece. It was only $30 though so I may get it, make do w/it until I find a nicer replacement & then use it elsewhere.
This is why I never buy my vintage ornaments from antique stores! $20 for 5 ornies....I'm not paying that much!

I love how they decorate the shop as rooms & don't try to stuff everything, they have to sell, in.

Look at the ingenious way they have of covering those ugly flourescent fixtures!

OMGosh! I love this French (?) piece!

Look how they stenciled chandeliers onto the walls & then bejeweled them w/ rhinestones.

In this room, they also glazed pages from books & antique photos onto the walls. I would love to do this but am scared I would change my mind later...how would you ever get that stuff off? I have that iron cherub wreath on my front porch but I bought it from eBay.

I saved the best for last. ;o) This is the room that Lynn Rodriquez (the woman from Creative Homes) has.... I adore it! Maybe one day I could do my bedroom in these sepia tones. It's so restful!

I ALMOST bought that birdcage & may still! And I'm also trying to tell myself that I neither need, nor have a place for, that gate but I don't seem to be listening. ;o)

Love the brown & white toile quilt.

Isn't this settee wonderful? And not a bad price I guess... although out of my budget @ $380.

And look at the fabric on those chairs! How chic!!!!

Hope you enjoyed "tiking" w/ me...I'll share my few purchases another day.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful store! I just love the way they used that old porch support! What a creative idea! You should definately get that birdcage. That would be neat to have. Oh, and that settee was fabulous! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Miss Janice said...

I love all the toile stuff too! Also, don't you love it when you go into a store and they have a beverage waiting for you to sip? It's just so nice! Thank you for that tour:)

HoneyB said...

That stenciled chandelier is so cool!

MizSmoochieLips said...

Ooooh fun!! Thanks for taking me 'tikin' with you and pointing out all the pretty things I might have missed!

Dawnie said...

I love the purple settee. Around here i think something like that would be priced well above 1000 or just below. for me at 380 I would have RAN for it.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Oh...how fun it would be to shop through this store...for real!! It's gorgeous and filled with ideas!

tardevil said...

Oh my words...this has to be one of my favorite posts E-VER! Same for the tablescapes. I haven't posted it yet, but I collect brown & white plates. I love some brown. That settee was awesome & I love the chest in that room. I think you should get both of those things you like (b/c if I were there, I would! LOL!), and I also liked the framed chicken wire/or grate (can't tell) in one of your last photos. Thanks for taking me shopping with you! LOVE the tables the best.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I just found your blog and also did a post on this shop. What a gorgeous place to shop.