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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A give-away for De-Lurk Day

Hi y'all! Jan is hosting a "Blogland De-Lurk Day" on Friday Nov 21 st & I'm participating. The goal is to encourage lurkers to stop & say "Hi!". Someone (can't remember who now...sorry) thought of having a give-away on her blog for de-lurk day & I'm copying her w/ a give-away of my own.

I've had this pansy painting for years now & although I like it, it's spent most of that time stuck in a closet. Every time I find a spot for it, one of my cherished rose or cherub pictures needs a home & it gets replaced by a more favored piece. I thought it might be time to give it to someone who won't treat it like the unwanted step-child. ;o)

As you can see, it's absolutely beautiful, it's just not me. Course I'll want it back as soon as I get rid of it but Oh Well! *grins* It's an unsigned 9" by 12" done on board. I just glued a ribbon on to the back to hang it from...you can frame it, of course.

Look at the quality of work! Hard to believe that I don't just love this, huh? Well fickle I'm not...the rose will always be the one for me!

I know many of y'all are pansy lovers so come back on Friday, Nov 21st & leave a comment on that day's post & I'll throw your name into the hat.


Jan and Tom's Place said...


About a week ago, I found I had to change the date of de-lurk day...to FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21st...and posted an update that you must have missed. Please stop by and get the updated button for the event.

I had said that I was planning to have a give-away, or maybe 2, for the de-lurkers who left comments on my blog that day. I'm also thinking I may offer a give-away to my regular visitors, too!

See you Friday...the 21st!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Oh, and the painting is beautiful!

HoneyB said...

:o) yeah, I don't see you as a pansy girl either. :-D