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Saturday, May 31, 2008

"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet"

The quote in the title is by the novelist, Edith Wharton but it sure epitomizes my feelings about my dog. We're big on dogs around here so I thought I'd share some of my vintage dog images today for Sharing the Wealth Saturday. We have 2 chihuahuas named Baby & Sandy & a hard-headed shih tzu named Gizzy (short for Gizmo). My grandkids used to ask me who my favorite is (trying to pin me down on who my favorite grandchild is) & I'd always smile & say, "Gizzy! Didn't you know?".... so they don't ask any more. *grins*

These first two aren't really vintage but I think they'd be great project material.

For the scottie lovers!

Lovely french postcard! Pekingese cigar label
Love this old photo of a doted on pup! I need to start having birthday parties for my dogs...do any of y'all do that?

I have many, many more vintage images of dogs to share so I'll be reposting this topic several times on sharing the wealth days. Have a great weekend!

Hope to see everybody @ the show n tell tomorrow. Cerri @ http://littlepinkstudio.typepad.com/little_pink_studio/ is hosting it. It's my first time to play along in the show n tells so I'm pretty excited...they look like so much fun.


Vintage Tea said...

I just LOVE chihuahuas... every Christmas and birthday for the past 5 years I've put a picture of a chihuahua under the heading "Victoria's Birthday List"... i think it'll have to wait till i have my own home!

I loved the image... that's great fun as my dad is a cigar smoking and I can see a fun Father's Day project coming together!!

Thank you!

Victoria xx

HoneyB said...

Love the photos Vinty. I need to see one with a Beagle..hehe. Beagle's are my favorite and for the last year I've been begging for one. Grumpy still hasn't said yes yet though. I'll keep working on him though!