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Monday, March 17, 2008

Wanted to share some of last week's thrift store finds w/ y'all. I LOVE (translation= addicted to) thrift shopping. I love flea markets, garage sales, estate sales (although I hate the lines!) & thrift stores. I normally go once or twice a week & of course, I have to stop by any that I pass, while out & about. ;o) If I wasn't meant to go in the store, then God wouldn't have put me in the vicinity of it. LOL I save my husband a lot of money by thrift shopping...although he claims I spend a fortune doing so. This wasn't a bad haul for $15 so "Nyah!" to him.

I cannot resist a footed bowl & when I saw these two, bone china ones, I grabbed them. The two, tiny framed prints are by Thomas Kinkade. I'll keep the cottage one as is but I may switch out the bridge print & replace it w/ a letter C. I'll live w/ it for a while & see. (translation= I'll never do a thing w/ it)
The crystal thingie is a flower frog vase. Just insert the stems in the frog & instant arrangement...easy peasy. I think the little green plate will be very versatile in vignettes... @ only 75 cents, it was a must. Don't know why I bought the bamboo rug beater. Frankly, I've probably bought & then given away, half a dozen of them over the years. I don't know why I keep buying them & then getting rid of them...when I do things like that, it only gives credence to my husband's claims that I have a problem. *rolling my eyes* But this one looks cute hanging out w/my walking sticks so maybe I'll keep it. I don't do brass anymore (haven't since the 80's) but I think the little brass pitcher is cute. I may put it outside & let it get a verdigris patina before I use it for anything.
The candlestick lamp is just a cheap one but I can always use another accent lamp & it was only a couple of bucks. I bet I even have the perfect shade for it somewhere! Can't wait to use the chrysanthemum napkin rings in an all-white dinner table. And the little, silverplated basket will be sweet once it's polished (I spend so much time polishing silver that I don't have time to do brass!) & filled w/ Easter grass & some candy & a bunny or two.

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