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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BirdSong...part one!

I'm gonna start my series of BirdSong posts (yes, it's gonna take multiple posts to share everything) with what I know my readers are most eager to see...Karla Nathan's lovely farmhouse!

This is the entrance to her fabulous studio!

click on any picture & then click again to enlarge for details

Her infamous hat cabinet. We had a contest to see who could guess closest to the number of hats...I think 84 was the right answer.

Stephanie guessed closest & won one of Karla's hat's....lucky girl!

Her studio was filled with so much beauty...it was like being enveloped by loveliness!

I forgot to take a pic but there is a pice of my art hanging in Karla's studio...it's in a tag book hanging from this shelf. My art in Karla Nathan's studio....pinch me!

This headboard was painted by Karla & converted into a bench.

Sorry for the graininess in my photos...I think my hands were shaking with excitement! (this photo is living proof that I am not the only one who puts a piece of furniture where the door will hit it when opened...my family constantly complains about it. I just tell them to be more careful when opening the door. LOL)

LOVED this wall, decoupaged w/ book pages!

And Karla's house was even lovelier in person than it is in pictures. How is that possible?

This was as far as I ventured into Karla's bedroom. I already had her worried about being a stalker...didn't want to freak her out! LOL

Her charming guest bath....

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wallpapered stair risers!

A beautiful wax paper rose.

Check out how she faux-painted bricks in Sugarwings room!

The outside of Karla's house is just as charming as the inside!

This disco ball is made of thousands of sequins!

Her windowboxes were full of old china. What a great idea!

A truly fabulous firepit area is right outside the Fairy Berry Trail.

You wanna take a walk down the Fairy Berry Trail with me?

Fairy Tales do come true here!

Karla even painted a face on a tree!

I have much more to share...the goody bags (oh my! the sponsors & guests were sooooo generous!), the teachers & students, the projects & vendor night...I bought so many wonderful things on vendor night.

I had high expectations of my BirdSong retreat & I want y'all to know that Karla not only met, she exceeded every one! She hosted, decorated, made all the food, taught & was still relaxed enough that she sat in on the classes w/ us & crafted the projects too! And she is just as warm, charming, beautiful & inviting as her wonderful old farmhouse is...she is truly "the whole package". Thank you so much for a weekend of memories I will always treasure, Karla. Can't wait to see you again @ Paper Cowgirl next month!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Just over the top gorgeous, loved seeing the photos!!! xoxo Debra

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh, what fabulous photos -- you really captured the peace, charm and beauty of Karla's cottage!

kluless said...

I am speachless. I think I would have been too awestruck to manage to make anything at all. I would not have been able to stop gawking at everything and a million ideas rushing through my head. I bet you came home with loads of inspiration!!

Leann said...

Well you know that I blew them up and studied each and every one. I love her and her blog - it's so inspirational - like reading a mag! Glad that you got to go!


Beth Leintz said...

Oh you really captured all the special little spots and cute vignettes- fun to see your pictures.

alveen said...

Bet ya thought ya'd died and gone to heaven! LOL. It certainly seems you had a wonderful time. I enjoyed your photos and look forward to your next post.

(Thank you for stopping by with words of encouragement. Hugs Alveen)

FredaB said...

Thanks for the wonderful trip through Karla's land. I have been a big fan of hers for quite awhile.

I too have gone in her swaps and wouldn't miss one. Just signed up for the bird song one.



I was the one who received your extra swap card and did email a thanks but you mentioned later having trouble with blogger and not getting all your mail. Just in case "Thanks again".

Tarnished and Tattered said...

OMG, girl you must have been uploading this post all night! LOL You captured the beauty & creativity of Karla's Cottage just perfectly. What a weekend! Ready for another????? See you soon.