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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way!

Hi y'all! Check out the shadow box eggs that my grandson, Connor & I made! We started w/ one of those paper mache egg "boxes" from Germany....only this one had 2 tops & no bottom. ??? Anyway, I covered the inside back of mine w/ wrinkled tissue paper, then inked it...kissing it in spots w/ mica flakes.
click on any picture & then click again to enlarge for details

The outside of the egg is covered in glitter but it doesn't show up well in the pics. I rimmed mine w/ a crepe paper ruffle & then added a piece of grungy, coffee dyed pink ribbon & lace. For the bases, I used a glittered up tart tin but had some technical difficulties in glueing the egg on. So I wound a ring of tulle on the tart tin & glued the egg to the tulle. It's pretty solid now!

For the inside, I made a bunny out of chenille stems.

And added a banner.

This is Connor's egg...didn't he do a good job? Hard to believe that my all-boy, race car-loving, football-playing grandson can design & create something so lovely, huh? The only decision I made for him was to use the tart tin base & I talked him into rimming it w/ tulle. Which he later agreed was a nice touch.

I have to share what he said while we were making them (and I quote) "I think I'm gonna interject some color in mine since all your artwork is old & crusty looking." LOL He says that like it's a bad thing! *grins* I reminded him that my style is old, crusty & sparkly. ;)

He chose vintage wallpaper to line the back of the inside.

Adding a dolled up a tree w/ easter eggs & a porcelain boy bunny, offering an egg. It's appropriate since he is making this shadowbox egg has a gift for his mom.

Love the trim he picked out to use!

I'd also like to share the mini-Easter baskets all the grands made for their mom. We started off w/ nut cups...some chose a neutral & some chose silver. For this project, Connor said he was going to go w/ my "old & crusty style". I told him not to forget "sparkly". ;) From left to right it's Connor's (he did nail "my" style...the only thing I would have changed would be to omit the pink gems), Caeden's, Caralyn's & Coleson's.

Caralyn chose a sugar bunny to decorate her's with & Coleson wanted a fuzzy chick.

Love Caeden's idea of hiding an egg under the grass...so creative!

Shilah's favorite candy is jelly bellys so we'll add a few to each basket before giving them to her...won't she be thrilled when the Easter bunny comes to see her again, after all these years?


Cindy said...

This is so cute! You did a fantastic job. And LOVE the re-do on the Cottage. Fabulous.



How darn cute, Love the eggs....what a nice fun project to do with kids. HUGS MARY

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Some major cuteness! Great job! i know it was fun creating with your grandson. That's so neat!


Sheila :-)

just me jan said...

Cami...You and Connor did a FANFREAKINGTASTIC job on your eggs...I'm lovin' them! And won't their momma be thrilled on Easter morn! Such memories you're creating for those youngsters!
just me...lovin' your "crusty" ways...jan

Leann said...

Hi Cami

Great projects! Love the German Eggs...where did you get you bunny "head image" for the pipecleaner bunny?

Enjoy the weekend


Dorthe said...

Oh Camy-your grands made so sweet eggs for their mom- she will just love them all-- and I had to smile big reading what your big grandson told you ,about your art--;)) they say such funny things.....
Well I love your old.........sparckly egg.

Dorthe said...

And Camy--it would have been GORGEUS if I could have joined you all, in Karla`s home, for fun happines-and creative joy....
thank`s for wanting me to be there- sweet.I know you will enjoy it much.