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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Wicked Tea was awesome in every way!

First off, I gotta warn y'all about the amount of pictures in this post...there's a lot! So grab a cup of whatever, take a potty break & prepare yourself to be wow'ed...by the many talents behind Paper Cowgirl's A Wicked Tea.

I'm unable to copy & paste website addys (think it's a stupid trojan that I can't get rid of) so I'm not gonna embed links to blogs in this post. But you can google any blog name that you are interested in.

First up, the decor...oh my goodness, was it over the top fabulous! Ann Denise from Whim & Fancy Designs is known as being teh crepe paper queen but after this event, I think she earned the title, Queen of Everything. She not only taught a wonderful class but handled the decor & the food!

click on any picture & then click again to enlarge for details

I took this next shot before the cupcakes were brought out. But she transformed a chandelier into a cupcake stand...pretty clever, huh? (and one you will probably see me copy at some point LOL)

Candy bar...full of devilishly good treats. And party favors made by Ann Denise.

The breakfast station...AD made fruit salad, coffee & scones. She also made us a wonderful lunch w/ pasta salad, broccoli salad, chicken wraps & corn chowder. We ate good!!! ;)

Rose petal scones...they were fabulous!

And the teachers were as fabulous as the food...from left to right, you have Lisa from Tarnished & Tattered, Ann Denise from Whim & Fancy Designs, Cindy from Yapping Cat Studio ( Cindy is the backbone of Paper Cowgirl) & Lesley from Flatwoods Folk Art.

Here is one of the students (Grace came all the way from NY for the retreat!) in front of The Pink Cottage...the venue the Wicked Tea was held in. Quaint, quaint, quaint!

And the students...well let's just say there was a lot of snorting going on! LOL I knew most of them from previous Paper Cowgirl retreats but made a few new, cherished friends.

My table (the loudest table LOL)...from left to right; it's Jennie from The Pretty Pekingese, me, Grace from Grace in the Pink City & Jan, from Just Me Jan. I knew Jan already but we all clicked from the get-go...I couldn't have asked for better tablemates.

And now on to the projects. First up is Lisa's Coven Book class.

I strayed a bit from her class example, using a black bow & pearls instead of the tiny, old book of poems she provided us. That book is wayyyy cool & I just couldn't bring myself to glue it down. Plus, the hint of glam suits me & my style.

She showed us an awesome technique of using liquid resin (I think that's what it was... I may have to email Lisa & ask her)...it looks so cool "dripping" down the book.

I also went w/ a different image than Lisa provided....using one of a witche's tea party that I found in our goodie bags. How appropriate, huh?

And I realllly strayed from Ann Denise's class example. She taught us how to make noisemakers out of paper clay. Her's was really, really cute but it was painted in bright colors & I'm trying to stick w/ black & white for Halloween. So I used rhinestone buttons for eyes, gave it all a coat of crackle & then went over it w/ a watered-down burnt umber paint, wiping it off so it only stayed in the cracks.

I know it looks like a cross between an alien cat & a pig but I don't care...I love it! I added a pipe cleaner tiara & turned her into a Princess.

I glittered the back of her head to add more dimension.

And I wrapped the stick part w/ a strand of sequins & glittered the ball end. I LOVE my Princess Boo Kitty! I even wore the witche's hat I made & carried my Boo Kitty w/ me trick or treating. I drove everybody nuts waving the "wand" & chanting "Hocus Pocus, Dominocus!"

Lesley taught the Wicked Crone Necklace class....I loved it! Loved the class & I LOVE my necklace. I have worn it often since the Wicked Tea & have received many compliments on it. I'd like to make a couple more & am ordering more molds from Lesley.

Thanks so much to all the teachers for making it such a wonderful day. And a special thank you to Cindy, our head cowgirl. ...you're the best Cindy!


Grace said...

Awww!!! U do love me! lol This was such a great post. We did have a wonderful table I wish we all lived closer and have crafting nights! Your puddy cat came out gorgeous!!! Miss u Grace xoxoxo

Jenny said...

Gosh, would it be cliched to say this was a wicked cool party. Wow. My daughter would adore this.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Wow...that looks like you had so much fun and the crafts are amazing!!

Erica said...

Hi Cami! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Now I can read yours! Your photos of the day are great! (I even spy the one I took of your tablemates :)

It was a great day and I enjoyed meeting you and all the fabulous ladies! I hope to see you again soon!

Resin Angels said...

Gosh it all looks like heaven!!!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

You guys did have a great table, lets just say I heard a lot of giggling going on. LOL You finished project looks great. Good idea to follow your instincts. I think that's what these workshops are all about. You get the techniques & then you use your knowledge & inspiration. Hope to see you soon. Maybe in May??? Lisa

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Cami you got some great pictures of the event! I thought it was such a fun event, having it at the pink cottage was perfect! I loved hearing your groups laughter from the next room and running in and checking out your creativity from time to time! Your hat was amazing and I covet that pin you made Cindy, too too adorable!!! I am ready for another PC event, think Cindy could throw us a Gobbling Good Time for Thanksgiving???? Loved reading your post and seeing your pics!

Charlene said...

GREAT post my friend! Sorry I missed it. I would have wanted to be at YOUR table! I am dying to see you. Let's get together. HUGS!

Debbie Kay said...

Not a fan of Halloween but definitely a fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing, looks like a good time was had by all!!

Debbie Kay

Debra@Common Ground said...

It all looks like so much fun. What a great bunch of gals with a ton of creativity! Great photos!

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Cami! Love all the projects you made at the Wicked Tea Party! They turned out bootifully. So wishing I could have attended a fabulous event like that. Looks like you all had a wonderful time creating!

Leann said...

What fun! Love how the cottage was transformed - so much thought and effort.

The cat is puurrrfect!


Sandy Michelle said...

I saw some pix on Grace's blog and i was blown away by all the decor and fabulous projects. What fun!

Sandy xox

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cami, this looks like such a fun time! I'm so glad you got to go and enjoy it. Those are some amazing crafts, too! I agree with Grace... love your cat!


Sheila :-)

Jamie said...

We had so much fun that day!!!! I am so glad I got to see and be a part of it:) Everything was perfect. Your necklace is WONDERFUL!! I have worn mine many times too:) I can't wait until all of the Paper Cowgirls get together again:) Love, Jamie