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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dorothy is in the house!

My Dorothy tag book arrived a couple of weeks ago but I've been remiss in posting about it...partly because I have a confession to make. I was late getting my tags to Karla (long story) & she had already mailed them out when I realized it. Anyway, I didn't know how to handle it.... should I just shrug it off & hope she didn't remember me signing up?

Nahhh, not really my style, I'm a confronter by nature. ;) So I emailed her, admitting my over-sight & apologized profusely...never expecting her to send me a tag book. But you know what she did? She gathered up the leftover tags that she couldn't understand why she had (hmmmm...wonder if my tags not being there threw off her accounting? *blushes*), made another glittered shoe, added one of her own tags & told me she was happy to oblige my tardiness. Now that is true graciousness!

Thank you so much for your understanding Karla...you really are the best! And look how cute she packaged the book...wrapped in actual pages from a vintage copy of The Wizard of Oz.

I've already hung my book from my inspiration board, right next to my Alice tag book.

Look at the wonderful cover Karla made! It has so many details.....

with beautiful drawings by Karla herself...

...and a Toto, who slips in & out of the basket...

...and a red glittered shoe. Isn't it adorable?

There is some incredible talent in this book!

LOVE the tin man!

This tag was made by Karla & it is gorgeous! LOVE it!!!

And how clever is this tag....w/ the house tag on the witch's legs tag that slides into the There's No Place Like Home tag. So cute!!!

And this Toto is just too sweet!

This is the tag I made. I used some of the techniques I learned from Karla & Beth's Romantic Gothic ezine (they have a new one for Christmas too ...check it out!) & wrote "Follow your dreams" on the back of each tag. I kept one for myself but Karla sent one of mine back in my book so I have an extra. Leave a comment on this post if you'd like to win the extra tag....that's all just leave a comment & I'll draw a name next week sometime.

Speaking of give-aways, my friend Lesley Venable @ Flatwoods Folk Art just opened a new etsy shoppe (you can find her button on my sidebar ...it's called A Vintage Season) & she's having a FABULOUS give-away to celebrate. And I do mean fabulous...the prizes are a Santos head on a stand & an Infant of Prague. Go grab her shoppe button & sign up here. Good luck y'all...or should I say "me". ;)


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Cami ~
That is so very
sweet of Karla !!
It is just darling ~


FredaB said...

I would love to win one of yours and I can add it to my book. I must say that Karla puts so much of herself into everything she does in these swaps. She is a wonderful gal.

Looking at your book mine is completely different from yours. there is such great talent in all of them.



Charlene said...

They all look amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing my friend! HUGS!