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Friday, October 15, 2010

And they're off!

Whew!!! I finally got my 25 advent matchboxes for the Countdown Til Christmas swap @ A Swap For All Seasons, in the mail.... right smack dab on the deadline! It's been really busy around here (we'll talk more about that later) & I procrastinated as usual. *rolls eyes* But they're done & on time! *patting myself on the back*

I had originally planned on decorating all 25 matchboxes all in one style but then I couldn't decide on what, so I decided to do several. Each had to be numbered & had to have a hanger, other than that, I could do whatever I wanted. I wrapped them all in sheet music paper (actually hubby did...thank you Dear!) & used ribbons, lace, pearlescent flowers, stickles, beads, holly, cupcake toppers, buttons & vintage wrapping paper to doll them up some. I wound up making 9 different designs....here's four.

And here's the other five.

This one is special....it's the hostess gift for Linda & I only made one of it's style. I used a sweet, glittered bird & nested it in a bed of tinsel.

I had also planned on filling all the boxes w/ the same item but chose not to. (at the last minute of course!) But I made a tiny, little sumthin' sumthin' to go inside each one. I won't share the contents now, so as not to spoil the surprise for any of the swappers who might read my blog, but I'll share each number I gave, as I share the one I receive.

This swap was quite an endeavor but you won't hear me complaining. As I know how much work Linda is going to have to do to send them all out & I know how much fun they'll be to receive. An advent matchbox swap...what fun, fun, fun! I have a mini-aluminum tree that I'll place in my studio, hang them all from & eagerly await opening each one.



wonderful!!!! they look awesome. HUGS MARY

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a great idea.... You did a great job on them.

Warm blessings,