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Friday, August 6, 2010

Well "Hi there!"

Hi y'all! It's been too long since my last post, hasn't it? I don't see how y'all do it! The blogging & the cleaning & the art & the visiting other bloggers & the grands.....I know y'all have all the same balls in the air as I & yet, you must be much better jugglers. LOL

The only true excuse I have is that I went on our first ever 3 generational trip w/ my mother & daughter last weekend! What fun! Although I didn't get any pictures as proof. It was a low-key weekend...no make-up, etc & neither my mom or myself want to be in a picture next to Shilah, who is stunning w/out make-up. I love her dearly but I could almost hate her for that. LOL We rented a lodge suite on Lake Granbury w/in walking distance of the town square.... which as you locals know is absolutely charming! We loved the set-up so much that we have booked a larger suite & are going back, w/ the whole family, @ the end of this month. I cannot wait! It's gonna be sooo much fun. The lodge has a private boat dock, beach & a pier that encircles the swimming area of the beach. It was soo nice to walk the pier at night!

Sadly, my baby mourning doves had left the nest while I was gone. I miss them! I keep my eye on the feeders, hoping to see them but let's face it...they all look alike!

I have been busy practicing photos...composition, aperture & all that other crap that I know nothing about ;o) & I really liked this shot so I wanted to share it w/ y'all.

I've also joined a couple of awesome swaps & wanted to give you a heads up about them while there's still time to enter. Linda @ A Swap For All Seasons is having an incredibly fun Christmas swap...advent matchboxes! It's a big endeavor but oh what fun it will be!

And Karla is having another tag book swap...this time it's Dorothy. I'm an even bigger fan of Oz than I am Alice so "woo hooo!" Karla does a wonderful job putting together all these tags into a "book"....I treasure my Alice tag book & it holds a high place of honor in my studio!

Temps have been in the 100's for over a week now....I hope y'all are cooler than I am! Have a great weekend!


My Crafty Little Page said...

Oh geez, Cami - it's just too hot to blog or anything else! I can't get anything done right now except buy more junk and pile it up. Yep you are a bad bad picture taker... or non picture taker, 'cause I'd love to see pictures from your girl trip. Loved your mourning doves - now there were some pictures. Amazing that you got that close. xoxo Nancy

Leann said...

Yep, how do we all get it done? We cheat and do a little of everything. Or at least that's what I do until the dust bunnies tart attacking!

Can't wait for Karla's swap - I love the Alice book!!!

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend!

Jenny said...

Cami, how fun for you! It is too hot to do anything here as well! I think we're at the point of just surviving the rest of the summer now!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

That rose is to die for!!!! Glad you had such a good time. I love Grandbury too. Used to go there a lot, but haven't been in years. Maybe I need to go see whats going on there. Only right now it's too hot to do anything except stay under the cool air.
Hope you have a good weekend. Miss you!!
Hugs, Pat

Christine Edwards said...

What a weekend the three of you must have had...how wonderful three generations all together! Sounds like a lovely place for a family get-together. I joined the matchbox swap too, so maybe we'll be "swapping" again. ;-)