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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cattle Barns flea...

I've been shopping the cattle barns flea for over 20 years. I'm always guaranteed to find at least one treasure @ a price I want to pay. This past weekend, I found several! If you live in the FW area & haven't been to the cattle barns flea then I have to ask...why not? LOL It's inside (no air but lots of big fans so it certainly beats the hot sun), it's dog-friendly & there's lots & lots of cool stuff! Look at all I came home with!

really old, really worn, really charming baby shoes...

And another pair! Not as old or worn but still charming.

And another pair that's really old but in really good shape!

Three vintage baby dresses were another favorite find...but you can hardly see them in this picture. I'm planning on using my collection as a valance in the grands' room...you'll get a better look at them when I do a post about it. I also scored a baby bonnet made out of a vintage hankie, some old ribbon rolls, lots of lace & vintage ball fringe.

Lots of button cards!

And OH MY GOSH! The biggest chandelier crystals you ever saw! They measure over 6 inches long & almost 4 inches across...

And they have a wonderful rosette at the top! Don't bother heading over there to get some though...I was greedy & bought every one they had. All 6 of them! And you'll never believe for how much....$3 each! These have flat backs so they'll be awesome w/ an image glued on.

I found 2 half dolls too. They're also called pin cushion dolls. I've been looking for one for a project but I didn't want to spend $40 on one. At $8 a piece, these are more my speed. As you can see though, the tiny one has a damaged hand.

And the larger one has a damaged waist. The project I have in mind though will cover up that part so she's perfect. Charlene, are you reading this? I'm willing to share my booty w/ a special friend. ;o)

Don't these thread spools just make you happy to look at them? The glass beads in front of them were a steal & will be great in many projects!

Lots of yummy lace! Yards of it!

And a HUGE cameo w/ a mirrored back....I just love it! And only $4!!!!!

OK, if that doesn't make you wanna race to the cattle barns then you must not be a bargain loving gal! But don't try to beat the crowds or you'll be disappointed. The cattle barns flea is unique in another way...the dealers arrive later than most fleas. Most booths don't even uncover until 9 or 10. And if you happen to see me (& my little shiht Rudy) shopping the booths...give us a holler. I love meeting fellow bloggers!



Cami! I adore your treasures. Almost as colorful and fun as you are! I haven't been to the flea since they started charging a fee to get in. Is that still the case, and are there just as many dealers? Looking forward to seeing what you create with these treasures...and those prisms, gee, they are huge. Of course, this is Texas, and you know what they say about that. Missing your fun, smiling company since Paper Cowgirl...Hugs, Angela

cindy said...

Fun stuff! You done good gurl! Does this happen once a month or what? Have never been, but it looks interesting. Love all that you found.


Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

You find the absolute best stuff, Cami......all what I would have scooped up as well......haven't been there in ages.....just might have to change that. Thanks for reminding me they are there :)

kluless said...

I am GREEN with envy - oh.my.gosh! So many great finds all in one place. I can just imagine what a fun day it was!!

Valarie said...

Wow, I am so jealous. I wish I could be there. You found fabulous goodies.
xxoo Valarie

Cassandra said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am so very jealous! I would love to get my hands on all that lace! Lucky you! :)

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh so many lucky finds Cami! Makes me want to go flea marketing right away! I read your son's touching story, he's amazing you can be so proud! What a great example of strenght, so encouring for others!
Carola xoxo~

My Crafty Little Page said...

Bravo! You need a standing O for that bunch of goodies. I'd love to go there someday...before you! haha xoxo Nancy

Diane said...

You did GREAT, Cami!!!!

Charlene said...

OH CAMI!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I would swoon for us to get together & create our special seceret. Would you really share????? Darn I wish we were already starting. I leave soon. :( But, we'll have so much fun creating together again. Guess we can use it as a therapy session while I'm house bound playing Nurse Cratchit. THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF ME SWEETIE! HUGS! Charlene