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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A thriftin' we will go....

hi ho the dario, a thriftin' we will go!

Hi y'all! Wanted to share a few thrifting finds w/ you. Isn't it funny how you can thrift & not find anything & then one day, find a whole bunch of stuff. I had one of those "whole bunch of stuff" days recently. ;o)

I found a couple of little compartmentalized drawers (will paint them white & use them for jewelry bits in my studio), tiaras (getting to where I have to pay a bit more but I still can't resist them....I paid $10 a piece for these 2) & a wonderful old pair of girl's ballet slippers.

A pair of French revolutionary dolls (destined for an assemblage) & a vintage April angel.

I collect vintage sentiment plates...these will be nice to add to my collection.

wire basket, ollllld doily, Short & Sweet cookbook (great recipes!) & a beautiful cake stand (was only $5.99!)

an apron made out of vintage hankies, a few carrots & big bag of glass stirrers . Don't have a clue waht I will do w/ the stirrers but I think they'll be used as a project of some kind instead of for their intended purpose. *crossing my fingers that I can think of something to do w/ them so I'm not out a whole 2 bucks! grins*
A vintage bed sheet (I never pass them up!) & a beautiful (beeeeauuuutiful!) linen, baby girl's dress.

I may, or may not, have any more granddaughters but who cares, I had to have it. Look how delicate the trim on the dress is!

Speaking of trims....look at all this! $2.99 a bag!!!

Doesn't this big pile of rick rack just make you happy to look at it? It's so cheerful!

Notice the gorgeous, pink velvet ribbon w/ crochet "frame"? Love it! I also love the dotted swiss ribbon & there's several yards of it.

And on the left in this photo, you'll see some wonderful old, cream velvet ribbon. The wide white ribbon is heavy & coarsely woven...it'll be fabulous stamped w/ images or sentiments.

Isn't this satin a fabulous shade of blue? I think it might have been cut off an old robe or something.

This crochet trim is, for sure, from an old blouse.

And some gorgeous, crochet trim from a pair of pillowcases.

I also got a big bag of jewelry bits. I mean a BIIIIIGGGG bag...this is only what I think I may use. There was a whole lot of tacky holiday earrings (not saying all holiday earrings are tacky...just that these were) & other things that I will never use, but I think I'll use most of this in one project or another.

There's even some bling in the lot.

Another funny/weird thing...is how I never really see vignettes until I see them in a pic. I think my ability to see things, the way I envision them instead of how they really are, is a major hindrance in my decorating. Take the picture in the post below this one...the one of my whole collection of Baby Bens. It wasn't until I posted ..... & critiqued & wondered "will this measure up to the bar the blogging community has set?" that I realized that the answer was "No way!!!!" The vignette was just BLAH!

Now it's much better!

All I added was a couple of doilies, an old bottle wrapped w/ lace & adorned w/ a cameo ....

an apothecary jar full of nice hotel soaps ( I save them as souveniers)....

and an apothecary jar w/ an old petit point hand mirror of my mother's, a vintage jeweled pill case, a scrap of lace & a dried rose. I hung a tag w/ an image of a vintage gal, admiring her beauty in a mirror.

I guess I better go photograph all the vignettes in my house to see how they really measure up. I may not be back for a while. LOL


Leann said...

Hi Cami

Jackpot Mama - what great trims! How much fun are you going to have sorting through everything?

Thanks so much for your sweet comments this week. I really appreciate your support.

And, I love your baby ben vignette. We think a lot alike, I've been in hot pursuit of these lately.

Enjoy your day!

Linda said...

Oh my gosh...you had just great finds! I think your vignette looks wonderful! I love clocks, too!

Dorthe said...

Oh my, you realy found all a heart can wish for, so many lovely pieces. I soooo love the baby dress, the drawers, the laces, the jewelry the.......
xo Dorthe

Sarah said...

Great finds! I love the drawers and I think they will look great painted white.

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

Good stuff, and I know what you mean....it's feast or famine...wonder why that is??

Michelle Palmer said...

Such fantastic finds! LOVE your rick rack... and that sweet, sweet dress!
Thank you for sharing!
Hope your weekend is wonderful~

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

That is one great haul! Where the heck did you go? We need to go together next time. I see a bunch of stuff I would have wrestled you for. Lisa

Cindy said...

Wow, you hit pay dirt! I have had some empty thrifting days lately.I think I need to go to another state to find good stuff, lol.
Have a fab weekend!

tales from an oc cottage said...

What a haul of fabulousness!!!!

m ^..^


Jeepers, Cami! These are great finds, and I love how you have photographed them. I'm sure you are going to have many wonderful creations to show. ~ Angela

Katsui Jewelry said...

What a grand haul you made! I love all the trims and the jewelry pieces...just incredible things!

I don't see vignettes...nor do I photograph well. I can't tell you if you see vignettes because I don't see them either. I am loving your blog though.

I find I go in stages of finding a million of one things. Lately it is lace and doilies and I love lace and doilies but I have almost maxed out!


Joanna said...

yep, that's a whole bunch of stuff. I had a weekend like that! Love it.

I keep telling myself to "stop" buying things... but its just so darn fun!

Maybe I will part with some of it at PC. Maybe! LOL

Looks like you got some gooood stuff.

hugs, Joanna

Household 6 said...

Holy batman! You totally scored, and it goes without saying the lace and trim is making me squeal with envy! Much love to you, I hope all is well.