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Monday, April 5, 2010

Fondued bunnies...

Hi y'all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Our's was good but low-key. It's the first time, since my daughter's divorce, that we didn't have the older grands for Easter & it was a bit of an adjustment. Thank goodness Noah is old enough to hunt eggs. ;o) Because of my back & shoulder problems, we agreed to let my son & his wife host Easter so I don't have pics of the Easter table to share (we kept it really simple & ordered pizza for everybody) but so many of you commented on my last post about the fondued chocolate bunnies we did one year, that I thought I'd share pics of that table w/ y'all.

As I mentioned in my previous post, one year (was '07) I used real chocolate bunnies in my Easter decor & then fondued them after Easter. Here's how they looked adorning my mantel. I jazzed them up some w/ some pearl chokers, rhinestone button eyes & butterfly pins.

The one on the left is real, the one on the right is faux.

Another real chocolate bunny. Wish I had taken close-ups so you could see how cute the jeweled details are but my photography skills were really, really bad then & my camera wasn't much better.

And here's our chocolate dinner we had after the holiday. We stuck w/ the theme for the whole dinner & had Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter and Bittersweet Chocolate w/ chocolate martinis & I can't remember what all else. I remember the martinis & the ravioli though because they were both excellent...try the recipe!

I used a pink satin bedspread as a tablecloth & ran a velvet, chocolate brown runner down teh center (to be honest, it's placemats disguised as a runner...I'll employ just about anything that has the right colors).

LOVE the vintage sheet music cover I framed...most of my covers are older but this one is from teh 50's.

This poor bunny is fixin' to be dessert...he even looks wild eyed & frightened, doesn't he? LOL Of course we removed the rhinestone eyes before melting him though.

For dipping, we served angel food bits, strawberrys, marshmallows & orange slices...was a fun, delicious table theme!

It just occured to me that I didn't host Easter last year either. I certainly hope my kids don't think a precedent as been set! Cause we're back to the elaborate dinner w/ the fou'ed fou'ed up table next year y'all!!!!


Jenny said...

OK, that bunny looks just plain frightening out of his ears!

Great decorating pictures.

How nice that you had someone else to take care of the festivities this year while you are laid up!

Leann said...

Oh Cami

Sorry to hear that you're still not 100%. But glad to hear that you had a wonderful low-key Easter. And your fondue idea is perfect!

Enjoy and feel better!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your fondued bunnies are soooo sweet. I love everything you did. Hope you are going to be well enough to make it Fri. night. So glad you liked my wisteria. Wish you could see and smell it in person. You take care of yourself and get WELL!
Hugs, Pat

Knitty said...

I hear the bunny quoting the wicked witch, screaming "I'm melting!" arrrggghhhhh! Poor, delicious bunny. :D

Miss Janice said...

Lord have mercy, that bunny got fondued! Love it:) Thank you sooo much for praying for my friend...obviously, we are very concerned for her!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well for the holiday, but wasn't it kind of nice to have low key one? I love that idea...