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Thursday, April 1, 2010

By the Dozen swap

WOW! Have I ever gotten lucky w/ swap partners! Jane @ Mamie Jane's was my partner for the By The Dozen egg exchange (hosted by Christine @ A Work in Progress) & she was extremely generous to me. So much so, that she couldn't close the carton & packed it, wrapped up like this. How cute!!! And almost everything stayed in place...I hope the one I sent her, did as well.

And I LOVE how she decorated the carton! Using a vintage hankie to cover the top & adding a handle....and the color scheme is so bright & cheery. It just screams Spring doesn't it?

She stuck w/ the same wonderful color scheme through-out the whole carton ...loved that!

She was very, very clever & used one of the egg compartments as a pin cushion..using a bit of the left-over hankie.

Just look at all the goodies! Wellllll....almost all the goodies. The chocolate never made it into the photo shoot. LOL She sent an old rummy card w/ a C, metal plate thingamajig, wooden spool of red thread, lace wrapped clothespin & lots of other neat treasures!

The Family magnet is made out of an old piano key (I think) & the button pin is too cute.

I have a thing for fleur des lis so love the medallion & isn't the clothespin charming? And how thoughtful of her to send my name, spelled out in little scrabble tiles! Thank you Jane!

Sweet decoupaged egg.

And she sent a beautiful soldered charm! It's made out of glass "bubbles"...should have taken a picture of the sides of it but as a beginner, I think I can safely say that it took a bit of skill to solder. Here's one side....

And here's the other. Too cute, huh?

Wonderful old key adorned w/ jewelry & thread.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this ball of twine note holder...how clever!!!! Jane made use of a large spool of twine as part of her Easter decor & it's awesome....go see!

This is the egg carton I made for Jane. I used the image I have for my Easter header...I thought it was appropriate.

Jane, your egg carton was probably in total disarray when you opened it but this is what it was supposed to look like. ;o)

I copied Lisa @ Tarnished & Tattered & made a pocket for the inside of the lid out of wide ribbon. I tucked lace bits & images inside the pocket & filled the compartments w/ vintage seam binding, old buttons, dried roses, a porcelain thimble, etc.

I included the cherub charm I shared in my last post. Funny that we each sent a soldered charm, huh? Told you we had very similiar tastes. I just wish I had half her style. If you haven't been to her blog you should really check it out. She's very vintage but gives it all a fresh & modern vibe.

I made another "charm" out of a bottle cap...embellished w/ glitter & a rhinestone J.

I had a hard time giving up the tiny flower frog, I recently found @ an estate sale, but it fit in the compartment just perfect so off it went.

And I always like to include, in all my swaps, at least one treasure that makes my heart go, "noooo, I want that!!!!". I think it's good therapy for me & that way, every swapper gets a little piece of my heart. LOL For the last swap it was the rhinestone cross, for this one, it is this tiny cherub....take good care of it Jane! ;o)

I'll say it again, partners like Jane make swapping a lot of fun! Thanks for being my partner Jane!


Connie said...

That is one of the sweetest swaps I've ever seen, sweetpea!!!! Oooooh, how creative and delightful. It must have been something to have received it! WOW.........

Karen said...

LOVE IT ALL! This swapping habit could become quite dangerous. I love it all! I want to do it all. this egg carton is just the cleverest idea! And all the yummy things that go inside! HOW FUN! Love the little Cupid you sent and loved the lace on the outside of the carton. The pocket inside is just too flippin' cute!
Now I have to go to Jane's and see her pictures!
Am I repeating myself? LOVE IT ALL!
Have a great day! Happy Easter!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Fabulous on both sides. Jane is a sweetie and did such a wonderful job and included so many lovely little treasures. Your carton for her was beautiful and filled with such sweet things. Fun, fun, fun! I'd say you were both very lucky. Many blessings, Tammy

Linda said...

Such a fun swap! Both of you sent such charming goodies!

Jane said...

Hi Cami,
So glad you liked the egg carton! You took some fabulous pictures of it.
I just got home from work and I plan on posting later today (or this evening).
Thank you again for the wonderful goodies you sent me. It's like you knew me forever! I love old flower frogs so I was jumping up and down when I saw that in my carton. The soldered piece was beautiful, the old cdv, the buttons, the vintage earrings, the lace....I loved it all!!
This was only my 2nd swap and I really enjoyed it.
Have a wonderful Easter.

jennifer said...

The egg carton was a wonderful idea for a swap! You both did so well gifting each other. Each carton was lovely!

Diane said...

What a fun Swap perfect using the carton for Easter I sure do love it.
Hugs, Diane

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

What fabulous treasure boxes! You both got lucky! How wonderful to receieve such a package to explore all the little treasures! I love it!

vintage girl at heart said...

You girls are so talented and sweet.. I have enjoyed reading both of your blogs today and looking at these wonderful egg cartons full of goodies!
What a Happy start to Easter!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Just came over from Jane's blog and love the egg carton you sent her! She did a great job on hers to you, also! Great idea and I love all the little things you both tucked into these cartons.

Romeo said...

Cami, I'd say you both did great! Beautiful fun stuff was at this swap!!!

Happy Easter!!

Romeo and "her"

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What fun for both of you! You did a fabulous job! I am so impressed!

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Wow girl, you did get a good swap parnter! Such springy colors too. And I love the one you did Cami, it turned out amamzing. When I made mine I only had a little one to fill. That's a lot of goodies there!! Lisa

A Cottage Muse said...

Wow...I want to do this swap next year! Both the gift crates were filled with beautiful, thoughtful treasures. Both lucky, sweet girls!

NicNacManiac said...

I am lovin what both of you did to your cartons! The lace looks fabulous and all of the very personal goodies inside are just too precious!! Happy Easter to both of you!! xOxO Nerina

Cozy Little House said...

I came over to say you completely out did yourself with that carton you sent Jane! (If that's possible.)

Dorthe said...

Hi Cami,
thanks for visiting my giveaway,dear.
I so love your swaps, in eggs carton ,to see what a normal day thing can turn into,and become beautifull, and full of goodies is wow.Such a joy to open up .
xo Dorthe

Sherry from Alabama said...

Ooops! I'm early for Pink Saturday but wanted to wish you a blessed Easter while I'm here.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Christine Edwards said...

Cami, the egg cartons turned out so fabulous! I love Jane's color scheme of Aqua, Red and White...perfect for spring. You included so many gorgeous vintagey things for Jane...I bet she was over the moon! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks so much for participating.

Catharina Maria said...

Wish you a happy Pink Easter weekend !
♥♥ Rini the Netherlands

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Cami,
I'm in total awe. I just came from Jane's and you have totally blown me away with what you spoiled her with! I loved the way you decorated the egg carton and totally adore all those goodies you gifted her with...simply amazing!
Happy Easter and enjoy playing with your equally beautiful goodies from Jane!!!